How to calculate a Ten Percent Discount

The discounts are one of the most used promotional strategies to achieve sales goals and increase market share. The discount creates the mental image that a product is being purchased at the best price for a limited time, which stimulates purchase intention in the short term. However, before calculating a discount and offering it with … Read more

How to calculate the 20% discount?

The discounts on the price of an item is a type of sales promotion traditional and very effective if properly planned. The immediate purpose of a commercial discount is to boost the sales of a certain product or service, a discount also allows to increase the client portfolio, make inventory management and the operating cycle … Read more

How to calculate the value of land

Calculating the value of a land is much easier than that of a home. He thinks that real estate buyers -often- do not estimate the improvements or remodeling of apartments and houses, since they may want to adapt the property to their decorative style and rhythm of life. Therefore, even if you have renovated your … Read more