16 ideas to earn money from home

Did you know that you can earn money doing crafts? The manual work from home are a form of work that can generate income without much investment. This is a profession that generally requires great dedication, manual skill and even certain artistic gifts. If you are good at crafts, here are 16 options to earn money from home doing manual work.

Best of all, manual jobs to earn money from home are ideal for those who need extra money. Among the advantages they offer are the flexibility and comfort of being able to do them from our home. With just a pinch of creativity you can come up with original and unique products.

16 ways to work from home making crafts

1. Commemorative baskets or festive decorations

What would the holidays be without those special baskets and without the decoration. Making baskets for a celebration is a manual job to do at home. Plus, it’s a pretty fun and profitable business. It consists of gathering food or gifts in a basket. Decorate it with ornamental elements according to the occasion that make it unique. Other crafts to do at home and earn money are festive decorations.

Christmas, New Years, birthdays, baby showers, births, baptisms, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, job promotions, among others, are some of the key dates to make a gift of this type.

2. Envelope

Envelope work involves inserting documents into envelopes and sealing them. It is a simple task that anyone can do. Many inserting companies hire people to do this task from their homes.

Being an easy job, the payment is usually small. For example, you pay between 5 and 10 cents for a completed envelope. However, the more envelopes you finish, the greater your profit. In this way, you can earn money from home by enveloping.

3. Craft binding

There are those who value artisan work more than mass production. The books and notebooks made to have a more personalized touch . In this way, whoever has a handmade notebook or book has a unique product in their hands. A craft binding can take hours of work, dedication, and effort, but the result will be worth it.

You can focus on the production of baby photo album binding, thesis projects, diaries, cookbooks, etc.

4. Hair accessories

When it comes to fashion, hair accessories are always on the cutting edge. From classic and elegant for ladies, juveniles with many colors for teenagers and even tiaras for babies, they are some of the models that you can make to sell. Great imagination is required to create appropriate and well finished designs.

5. Wooden boxes or organizers

Making and selling wooden boxes is another of the manual jobs from home. You can create containers for fruits and vegetables, crafts and even decorate them on request. Another of the crafts to do at home and that derives from this is to make organizers. They have always been very fashionable.

To dedicate yourself to this task, it is necessary to prepare a space in the home to store and organize the necessary elements to make the boxes or decorate them.

6. Jewelry and costume jewelery

Goldsmith jobs require a lot of talent and creativity. The key in this business is productivity, as every goldsmith’s dream is to grow their brand. Those who do this full time must specialize in an area to polish their technique to the best of their ability and offer unique and quality pieces.

A way to enter this world of jewelry making. These accessories are generally in high demand and easily sold. Costume jewelery has a close relationship with crafts. However, costume jewelery is tied to fashion and can be a bit more profitable.

The jewels or trinkets that you make can be sold in markets, on your Facebook page, on a website, online store, etc.

7. Scented candles

The candles, especially scented, sell very well. To create them you must have a room in your house or some other room conditioned for this purpose. For example, the place needs a stove or some other source of heat, tap water and a piece of furniture to decorate them. In addition, the premises must have a controlled temperature to store the products.

It is a manual job that requires some research. Therefore, we recommend that you look for tutorials or read blogs that teach how to do this type of craft.

8. Pastry

One of my favorite crafts from home! Those talented in the sweetest culinary arts can venture into the home baking business. You just need to know or learn how to prepare, cook and bake. If you feel like it, you can start now. You only require an oven, utensils and, of course, the ingredients.

One way to publicize this service can be a pastry sample at home. Here you can distribute cards and make some orders to get started.

9. Maintenance of equipment from home

One of the manual jobs to earn money that you can also do from home or in your own workshop is equipment maintenance. There are many people who do this type of activity and manage to earn good money. If you are a handyman, you can repair pots, fans, blenders, computers, and other household items.

One of the best businesses to start today is precisely cell phone repair. This is a highly lucrative market, growing by leaps and bounds every year.

10. Homemade liquid soap and artisan bar soaps

The liquid soap is one of the cleaning items has been conquering many followers. With the affordable raw materials, a good homemade liquid soap can be made.

The ideal thing whenever you want to sell a product is to produce on a scale with machines. However, if you do not yet have a large capital to invest in it, you can start by making the liquid soap manually from home. Sell ​​it to acquaintances, friends and family. Then, you can expand your production by buying special machinery.

On the other hand, handcrafted bar soaps, especially those made for certain types of skin, are very well received. You can experiment with the smells: fruity, coffee, chocolate, among others.

11. Cloth napkins

These napkins are generally used to decorate tables. On the other hand, they also serve to cover and wrap some foods, such as bread and sweets. They are much more functional and charming than paper napkins, aren’t they?

Best of all, this accessory, indispensable at mealtime, can be produced in no time. What do you need? A sewing machine and a lot of creativity to design different finishes. So if you love the idea, you can start making cloth napkins and selling them for a good value. Always a little extra money at the end of the month comes in handy.

12. Lamps

A beautiful handmade lamp adds a plus to the decoration of a house. In the electrical sector, the ceiling lamp is one of the most sought after items. You are free to create your own designs.

13. Stuff cotton stuffed animals

Many companies hire these services. They consist of stuffing stuffed animals, in addition to sewing and gluing them. It is a simple and well paid job. All it takes is skill with sewing and a sewing machine.

14. Crafts

Craftsmanship is a highly marketable activity and, in addition, it is very therapeutic. If you have skills with handicrafts and you like to create completely unique pieces and your style, this is an excellent option for you. You can make ornaments, key chains, clothing, bags or dolls. Everything is in the creativity you have to achieve your mission.

15. Fabric cushions

We all love cushions to decorate our sofa or bed. Unleash your imagination and make modern cushions. You can mix fabrics, details, drawings, colors…

16. Vases and pots

Women love planting them and they love to decorate their gardens or interiors with cute flower pots or vases. You will certainly be in high demand. You can use old pots and for vases, bottles. Decorate them, paint them and give them a nice finish. This is one of the manual jobs from home that demands the most creativity.

Crafts prices

Determining the price of your crafts is up to you alone. However, to get an idea of how much to sell your crafts for, you can calculate the costs of the materials, the processing time and difficulty, the quality of the material, the creativity, etc.

Where to sell your crafts?

You already know that you want to dedicate yourself to doing manual work. The question now is: where to sell the crafts? The good news is that there are accessible pages and online stores to sell them. Take a look at the following:

  • Facebook : Who does not know this social network? In addition to being a source of inspiration, on Facebook you can create your own store and sell your crafts online. And the best part, it’s totally free!
  • Web platforms : Etsy, DaWanda, Artesanum, among others, are the main web platforms to sell your crafts. They all have different sales rates and different options for publishing your articles. However, they are known and safe places to make money selling your manual work. Commissions can be between 5% and 10% of the sale price.
  • Amazon handmade : Surely you know Amazon, but also its handmade section ? As its name suggests, it is a space to sell “handmade” items. To sell your products here you will have to submit a request. The company reserves the right to accept or not your registration.
  • Your online store : If you do well in manual work from home, you can have your own online presence to sell your crafts. To do this you must create an online store. It is not as complicated as it seems. If you don’t have a cousin or nephew who knows computer science and you don’t want to pay a programmer either, you can design your online store. Applications such as Wix, Shopify, Wodpress plus the woocommerce plugin and PrestaShop will be very helpful.
  • Markets : We have talked about the technological options, but let’s not forget the traditional forms of sale. The markets have always existed and are a physical option to sell your crafts.

Final words

Of fabric, paper, recycled material, wood…, any of these can be the materials you use to make crafts. Now that you know some of the manual jobs that you can do from home, evaluate which of them could help you earn money. You will be surprised how beneficial it is to take advantage of your hobby or a talent that you did not know you had.

Even if at first you think that you do not make a lot of money, it is only a matter of time. Perhaps your products are so well known that you can create a brand and a reputation. You can even make manual jobs from home a profitable, full-time business.

The manual jobs to do at home are very varied. It only depends on your creativity and taste to choose the one that can lead you to success. Remember that if your work stands out from the rest, you will have a large number of sales guaranteed.

And you, do you suggest other crafts?