What is taxable interest

Taxable interest refers to income associated with an interest charge from positive economic and financial activities for the company. This implies two things, on the one hand, that the interests credited in favor in the accounting books are subject to subsequent taxes. This means that they do not represent a net profit until after declaring … Read more

Chase Bank Wire Transfers


It is relatively easy to make a bank transfer to a checking account at Chase Bank. In fact, according to the bank, it’s a matter of providing the source by making the transfer, the bank routing number, and the Chase account number the transfer will arrive at, and that’s all you need. This applies to … Read more

Budget item – Definition, what it is and concept

A budget item is an epigraph of a budget which carries out a forecast of income necessary to deal with expenses Planned for an exercise. In a simple way, it consists in calculating the expenses that are going to be incurred in a specific item of a budget and from this data, provide a series … Read more

How to calculate the amount of tax that comes out of a payroll check


Employers are often required by law to withhold federal income tax, Medicare tax, and Social Security tax from their employees from payroll checks. In addition, all states require you to deduct your taxes, with the exception of Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Washington and Wyoming. As an employer, you must calculate … Read more

How long does it take to get the green card after the interview


If you have applied for permanent residence in the United States or if you plan to do so, you may want to know how long it takes for the Green Card to arrive after the interview. In this article we will briefly review the most important points you should know if you want to live … Read more

Watch these 3 options to watch free TV in your home


Join the growing community of cord-cutters and start enjoying free TV at home. The television industry is one of the largest entertainment in the world. It is present in every home, office and even in public places; And that is why there is such a wide range of channels and cable TV providers that are … Read more

Which is the best bank for you: Chase or Wells Fargo

Know which are the best offers of these banks. Without a doubt, deciding in which bank we are going to open a checking account or in which we are going to deposit our trust so that it saves our savings can be a difficult decision. Since although banks provide the same financial services the benefits … Read more

What are the cheapest Internet companies


Having a fast and cheap internet connection is possible. There are countless cheap internet plans in the market, but the speed and stability of the service is not the best. Since many times the monthly price of the service, it is directly linked to the speed and strength of the internet. Find out which internet … Read more

Examples of operating expenses vs. administrative expenses

Running a small business requires the same entry and exit of a larger company, but on a much smaller scale. This includes the administrative and operating expenses necessary to make the business run efficiently and be profitable. Operating expenses are the costs necessary to build a product or create the services that a small business … Read more

80 Discounts For Students In The United States

Being a student in the United States is an experience. Coming to this country around your 20 years means accessing all your energy and inspiration at the best stage to absorb it all. Lucky! And since you have finished all the paperwork of your visa, you only have to enjoy! Well, enjoy everything you can … Read more

How to withdraw money from a 401k plan without receiving a penalty

Many employees are faced with the problem of whether they should withdraw money from the 401k to pay large expenses. Investors may have to pay credit card debt, make an emergency purchase or avoid difficulties as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. There are several ways you can withdraw money from the 401k without penalty, … Read more

How to submit form 1099-MISC

Form 1099-MISC is issued to individuals, trusts or companies to record earnings that result from income that does not come from employment. If during the fiscal year more than US $ 10 in royalties or US $ 600 in payments was obtained, the company that paid the money issues a 1099-MISC form to the recipient. … Read more

How to make a withdrawal at the bank

Withdrawing money from your checking account is a fairly simple process, and there are several ways to get money out of your account. As long as you have a withdrawal sheet, a blank check or a debit card, you will be able to withdraw money from your bank account. Enter your account number, your name … Read more

How to write a letter for an expired check

An overdue check is a check that has not been cashed within six months of the date it was issued. Some banks may pay checks even if they have passed the 180-day period, but they are not required to do so and may refuse to pay the check if they wish. If you have received … Read more

Can a broken dollar bill be deposited?

Occasionally you might encounter a broken dollar bill or other paper money in the same conditions. Unfortunately, you will never know if the employee of a store or a bank will accept it or not. However, if the ticket is in certain conditions, it might be possible. Otherwise, you can check it with a US … Read more

How to know if a payment order has been charged

Payment orders can be used to pay bills instead of using a personal check. They are sold in several places, such as the post office, WalMart, MoneyGram and Western Union. There are some times when you need to know if the money order has been charged, such as when the beneficiary has not received the … Read more

How to find the PIN number of a gift card

The PIN numbers of the gift cards are used to activate the card and make purchases with it. Depending on the type of card, the PIN number can be located on the back or front of the card under a scratch tag, or in an email, in the case of an electronic gift card. Turn … Read more

What is a credit card authorization code

The authorization of a credit card is the process by which the card issuers approve, deny or refer credit card transactions that are presented to them for payment by a merchant. If the transaction is approved, an authorization code will be published. Approval The approval is based on the account statement of the holder. The … Read more

How to withdraw money without your ATM card

Although it is useful to have an ATM debit card handy, you may face a situation where you need cash from your bank account and you don’t have the card in sight. Fortunately, using the ATM card is not your only option when withdrawing funds from your savings or checking accounts. Give the cashier your … Read more

How to send money to Banamex Bank


Banamex is a subsidiary of Citibank, which offers banking services for individuals and businesses that do business in the United States and Mexico. As such, the system of sending money to a Banamex account is no different than any other American bank. Sending money to Banamex is a quick process that does not involve any … Read more

How to send money with Moneygram through PayPal

MoneyGram does not accept PayPal as a preferred payment option, but there is a simple solution, as long as you have a PayPal debit card. You can usually request and receive a debit card linked to your PayPal account in 4 to 6 business days. If you already have it, you must enter the MasterCard … Read more

How to send money with FedEx

Sending money through the mail is not always a good idea. The money can be removed from the envelope (or the letter could disappear altogether). That is why sending money (if you must send it) through small package carriers such as FedEx is safer. The money placed in a package is no different than other … Read more

How to change the recipient’s name with Western Union

After you sent a money transfer with Western Union, you find that you have to change the recipient’s name. You can do this while the transfer has not been paid to the original recipient. Gather the following information from the documents you received when you requested the money transfer: the transfer control number, the name … Read more

How to track MoneyGram

MoneyGram offers services such as money orders, bill payments, money transfers and has more than 180,000 agents in 190 countries. The company also offers options such as electronic payment, ATM payments and disbursement payments. MoneyGram also offers tracking services if your order has been lost, stolen, damaged or you simply need to verify the information. … Read more

How to transfer money instantly with a credit card

Many of the money transfer companies that are in shopping centers and supermarkets also offer online services. You can use the online services to send money in minutes using your MasterCard or Visa card. However, the bank will treat the operation as a cash advance and add a commission for sending the money. Confirm that … Read more

How to get a refund for a Western Union money order

Western Union money orders are a convenient way to send money to almost anywhere in the world. From time to time a payment order may be lost, damaged, stolen or you can change your mind about sending the payment order. You will then have to follow the money order or receive your refund. It is … Read more

How to send money to PayPal with a credit card

PayPal works as an online payment platform between buyers and sellers of goods and services. Traditionally, the seller can collect a buyer’s payment by sending an invoice via email through Paypal. Then the buyer enters the bank or credit card information in the Paypal payment platform to deposit the payment in the seller’s PayPal account. … Read more