How to find a The Home Depot location near me in the US

At Takecareofmoney we explain how to find a branch of The Home Depot in the US through easy-to-use tools such as Google Maps.

The Home Depot is one of the largest retailers in the United States selling products and services for home improvement, hardware, DIY, and building materials for remodeling or decorating. Founded in 1978, The Home Depot has around 355,000 employees and at least 2,300 branches throughout the country.

With so many locations, you’ve probably wondered how to locate a The Home Depot near you.

At we explain how to find The Home Depot branch closest to you in the US.

Use Google Maps to find the nearest Walmart branch

With the Google Maps tool, which offers up-to-date locations at no cost, you can find The Home Depot locations closest to you.

You just have to enter the phrase “The Home Depot near me” in the Google Maps search engine and if you have your phone’s locator activated, the system will automatically show you the options according to where you are.

We leave you a map right here where you can find the 7-Eleven branches near you exactly:

Use The Home Depot branch search tool on its website

Through The Home Depot web portal, you can use the specialized location search tool.

The Home Depot portal has a section of the most searched branches, allowing you to know the stores that have been most researched by users, as well as a directory of stores in each US state.

It should be noted that each store has its own customer service number, as well as the opening hours to the public.