How to find the Costco closest to me in the US

Costco is one of the largest retail chains in the US. At Takecareofmoney we explain how to find the closest one to you, either with Google Maps or with the store search tool on its web portal.

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the largest price club chains in the United States. This company owns around 579 stores throughout the country (including Puerto Rico), and many of them have become essential consumption centers for those who want to save money when shopping.

Finding one of the Costco stores is not too complicated a task. But, to make your job easier, at we explain how to find the Costco closest to you in the US.

With Google Maps, you can find the nearest Costco in a second

Once again, the Google Maps tool is one of the most useful when it comes to finding various locations.In this case, it will allow us to get to the nearest Costco in seconds.

You just have to enter the phrase “Costco near me” in the Google Maps search engine, while you have your phone’s locator activated, and the system will automatically show you the options according to where you are.
We leave you a map right here where you can find the Walmart branches near you exactly:

You can use the Costco warehouse search tool on their website

Through the Costco web portal, you can use the specialized warehouse search tool.

The process is simple: you only have to enter the zip code of the area in which you are looking for the warehouse (you can also write the state or the city) to know the exact address where you should go.

This search engine will allow you to see not only the hours in which each store will be open to the public, but also the holidays in which they will be closed.

In the same way, you have a series of filters that can help you find the most suitable store for you, among which are:

  1. Those with a gas station.
  2. Those with tire centers.
  3. Those with food area.
  4. Those who have hearing aid attention area.
  5. Those with optical attention area.
  6. Those who have a pharmacy area.
  7. Those with business centers.