How many Stamps for a Manila Envelope


Manila Envelopes When you need to send something that delivers an elegant or professional touch, opt for manila plain window envelopes. Available in numerous quantities, these essential office supplies are ideal for sending letters, statements, invoices, or any number of other types of business correspondence, and they feature window openings for the addressee, saving you … Read more

Bank of America Change Address


Change Address Bank of America To update your address, phone number, mobile number or email address, sign in to Online Banking. If you use the Bank of America and change the Billing location of your business, you can update the address through the Bank of America website. This will ensure that any statement or other … Read more

40 examples of inductive and deductive arguments

Inductive and deductive arguments are two types of reasoning that allow us to reach conclusions from a premise. The premises of inductive arguments identify repeated patterns in a sample of a population and from there general conclusions are inferred for the entire population. Such conclusions are always considered probable. In deductive arguments, on the other … Read more

Types of Legends

A legend is a story that narrates events of doubtful veracity, located in a real space and time, which is transmitted orally. It is a diverse genre, present in most cultures and its classification depends on the place where it originates and the theme it addresses. Here we explain the types of legend that exist. … Read more

Comparative Chart

The comparison chart is a graphic tool that is used to compare two or more elements in an organized way. It allows us to link and establish the characteristics, differences or similarities that exist between two or more concepts, phenomena or research topics. It is characterized by allowing an organized reading of the information, since … Read more

Historic context

What is a historical context? The historical context is the set of circumstances in history in which an event occurs, so that they exert some kind of influence on it. It is also known as a historical framework or historical referential framework. All human things occur within a historical context, whether we speak of revolutions, … Read more

Empirical method

What is the empirical method? The empirical method is a research model that aims to obtain knowledge from the observation of reality. Therefore, it is based on experience. In this model, the observation of reality is the starting point for formulating hypotheses, which must be tested through experimentation. All research based on the empirical method … Read more

Raw material

What is the raw material? Raw material is any material that is extracted from nature and that, after going through a transformation process, is used to produce consumer goods, products or energy. There are different types of raw materials that are classified based on their origin (animal, vegetable, fossil, mineral) or their origin (renewable or … Read more

Changes of State of Matter

What are the changes of state of matter? Changes in the state of matter refer to the transformations that matter undergoes from one state to another without changing its composition. These changes occur when pressure and / or temperature vary. On Earth, solid, liquid, gaseous and plasmatic states naturally manifest themselves. The changes of state … Read more

Gregorian Calendar

What is the Gregorian calendar? The Gregorian calendar is the time division system currently used in the West. It was promoted by Pope Gregory XIII and implemented in 1582 in Europe. This calendar was created to correct the inaccuracy of the Julian calendar, which was created in 46 BC. C by Emperor Julius Caesar and … Read more


What was the Glasnost? Glasnost was a political reform applied in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Its objective was to generate internal, free and open discussions among citizens on political and social issues. The Russian word Glasnost translates as “openness” or “transparency.” The Glasnost was a political proposal made by the political leader … Read more

Background of a project

What is the background of a project? The antecedents of a project, also known as antecedents of the investigation or antecedents of a problem, are all the works previously carried out on the subject to be investigated and that provide relevant information for our work. The antecedents serve to know the points of view of … Read more

Spanish Civil War

What is the Spanish Civil War? The Spanish civil war was a warlike conflict developed in Spain from July 18, 1936 to April 1, 1939 between the republican side and the rebellious or national side. It was the result of a long process of political, economic and social instability during the Second Spanish Republic. The … Read more

Karl Marx

Who was Karl Marx? Karl Heinrich Marx, or Carlos Enrique Marx, was a 19th century German philosopher, whose thought, on the political, social and economic sphere, has transcended and influenced numerous historical events of the 20th century. He is considered a revolutionary activist for his criticism of the capitalist system and the social inequality it … Read more

Causes and consequences of water pollution

Water pollution, or water pollution, is the alteration of the composition of the water or its natural state. This alteration is caused by harmful agents that make the water unfit for consumption or use. Causes of the contamination of the water The causes of water pollution can be of natural origin, due to the presence … Read more

Administrative processes – Elements of the Administrative Process

INTRODUCTION. The administration is focused on achieving all the established objectives and to achieve this it does so through a structure through coordinated human effort and other resources. Administration processes have been established that are made up of planning, organization, direction and control which simplify the work by establishing principles, methods and procedures to achieve … Read more

Administrative Communication and its importance in Companies


It is important to know that for companies to function effectively, it is necessary for information to flow quickly, just as it is also necessary to define the type of information that the manager needs, depending on the situation that is developing. In this sense, there is administrative communication, defined as the two-way process where … Read more

Summary of Book “The Labyrinth of Solitude” by Octavio Paz


In this book by the Author Octavio Paz, called The Labyrinth of Solitude, we see how he explains more about Mexico, how it is divided into eight chapters: The first chapter is called Pachuco and other extremes the author tells us about his entire adolescence, where he spent it in Mexico trying to know himself … Read more

Summary of Battles in the desert by José Emilio Pacheco


The story that passes the threshold of the fictitious and the real, describes traumatizing situations of Carlitos, who stars in the novel. The story unfolds about an impossible love; Mariana, mother, his best friend Jim who makes a great impression on Carlitos and whom he becomes obsessed with. But one day when he can’t take … Read more

Administration role in organization


Administration role: Administration is known as the space where a set of common actions or operations take place regardless of the specification of the managed object. The set of operations and the sequence in which they are carried out is what is called the administrative process. The administrative process is understood as the set of … Read more

The importance of Business Administration


What is meant by administration? The coordinated effort of a social group to obtain an end with the greatest efficiency and the least possible effort. Henry Sisk and Mario Sverdlik say: “It is the coordination of all resources through the process of planning, direction and control, in order to achieve established objectives.” Robert F. Buchele: … Read more

The importance of Sustainable Development


Sustainability is of great importance since it is the total efficient and rational administration of all resources, so that it is possible to improve the well-being of today’s society without compromising the quality of life of future generations. One of the main challenges Mexico faces in terms of sustainable development is to include the environment … Read more

Distribution Channel Structure

A distribution channel structure relates to the system used by a company to deliver goods and products to consumers. There is a mix of options, from direct direct to indirect distribution channels. There are four important factors have been identified as those that make up the structure of a company’s distribution channel. These factors are: … Read more

Elements of an effective system in the human resources department

The most valuable tool for workforce management is a well-built human resource endowment system that meets the needs of your company and workers. An effective HR personnel system consists of much more than technology, the human part is equally important. The goals of an HR system are to recruit great talent, develop and retain existing … Read more

What are the objectives of purchasing management?

The materials management is necessary for any company. Having a well-equipped headquarters with the right office equipment and supplies is essential for the operation of the sales department. Having an inventory with quality raw materials is related to optimal and efficient production; and the acquisition of products and services at reduced costs has a positive … Read more

Ways to organize files

File organization is a way of organizing data or records in a file. It does not refer to how files are organized into folders, but how the content of a file is added and accessed. There are several types of file organization, the most common are sequential, relative and indexed. These differ in the ease … Read more

What is an environmental analysis for a business?

If you have ever heard the term environmental analysis within your work area, you will ask yourself what is an environmental analysis for a business ? This is relatively qualitative and consists of the identification and analysis of the environmental variables that affect the company. Additionally, some environmental analysis frameworks have received a great deal … Read more

What is taxable interest

Taxable interest refers to income associated with an interest charge from positive economic and financial activities for the company. This implies two things, on the one hand, that the interests credited in favor in the accounting books are subject to subsequent taxes. This means that they do not represent a net profit until after declaring … Read more

Abbreviations for Nurse Practitioners

The abbreviations for nurse practitioners have the function of optimizing communication within a work team, in order to increase speed and effectiveness. It is important to bear in mind that in the different professions metalanguages ​​and specialized abbreviations are used, to have a conceptual framework that allows to streamline processes within processes in related areas. … Read more

How long does it take after depositing money to withdraw it from the account?

Although the computer age and technological advances have increased the response speed of certain processes, paradoxically, some commercial transactions, especially banking, seem to be carried out manually because they are carried out in an excessively long waiting time. In this sense, it is almost normal for banking institutions to inform you that the money traded … Read more

Three stages of production in the economy

The production includes the set of operations required to transform raw materials and other inputs into finished goods for consumers or semi – processed for use in other production phases. Adding value to inputs and merchandise. When it is produced, a raw material is taken and with the investment of labor, machinery and energy, value … Read more

How to prepare training manuals

A training manual is one of the best resources for the instruction and improvement of the human capital faculties of a company. The manuals or training protocols allow not only the training of new personnel, but the training of senior staff in new programs, systems or functions. A self – taught and trained staff increasingly … Read more