How to Search Section 8 Apartment Listings

To get started on how to search for Section 8 apartment listings, you first need to know that Section 8 of the US housing law is a federally funded program, which is intended to provide assistance to millions of low-income people. Not all landlords are required to participate in the Section 8 apartment program. Sometimes … Read more

Top 3 Things to Know About SNAP Food Stamps

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), in 2021 the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helped an average of more than 41 million low-income people in the United States United so that each month they could pay the cost of nutritious food. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers the SNAP program, … Read more

IRS telephone number – Opening hours and types of service

Service number of the Internal Revenue Service

In addition to offering help, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has several hotlines in various languages for taxpayers who are not fluent in English. IRS Customer Care Number The service number for the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is 800-829-1040. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, depending on … Read more

5 Quick Ways to Save $10,000

Quick Ways to Save money

The Covid-19 pandemic helped a large number of people save: the fact of remaining confined and without access to various sources of entertainment meant that they were able to send extra dollars to their bank accounts. Having savings is always a good decision, although the reality is that a large majority cannot allocate their money … Read more

Where can I find free food banks near me in the US?

Free food banks near me

There are several government-supported non-profit organizations and institutions that offer free food near you. Low-income people in the United States have several alternatives. In the United States, the most needy people have at their disposal several alternatives to improve and guarantee their food for free or at a low cost. These alternatives come both from … Read more

How to send money to Colombia: All options

Close to 5 million Colombians reside abroad, so how to send money to Colombia is a necessity and a common and growing practice. According to figures from the Bank of the Republic of Colombia in 2018, remittance payments were received in that country in the order of 5.6 billion dollars. The largest amount of money … Read more

Simple and compound interest, main differences

Interest is defined as the cost of borrowing money, such as interest charged on the balance of a loan. But not only that, because when you talk about interest, you may also be referring to the rates that a bank pays the investor for the money that he has deposited in his financial institution. Did … Read more

What is the approved minimum wage for Texas in 2023

Minimum wage for Texas

Texas is a state that is characterized by being an area where a significant number of Latinos have settled. The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour. Although it is a low amount, which has been criticized for some time, the truth is that each state has the opportunity, based on … Read more

Check for States which are Sending Out Stimulus Checks

Although federal aid for the pandemic has ended, a variety of states that have decided to distribute their own stimulus checks. While all indications are that the federal government will no longer send stimulus checks related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some states that have approved or are considering sending payments. And it is … Read more

How much does a divorce cost in Texas?

According to a survey conducted by, on average a divorce in Texas can cost $15,600, with only $12,400 for attorneys’ fees. This figure is 22% higher than the national average of $12,800 considering $10,100 in attorneys’ fees. What is the hourly rate that Texas divorce lawyers charge? The average hourly rate for divorce lawyers … Read more

Best Cryptocurrency to Mine in 2023

Best Cryptocurrency to Mine

Cryptocurrencies are definitely here to stay. And proof of this, is that developed countries like Sweden, where the government regulatory and supervisory body of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has legitimized the fast-growing industry by publicly proclaiming Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a means of payment. And on a par with Sweden, we can … Read more

Top apps to earn money

Top apps to earn money

Are you planning to start generating income from your cell phone? Have you heard of apps to earn money? Something very common these days is the creation and development of apps of all kinds. According to Yeeply, Apple has more than a million apps and Google Play with more than 800 thousand. There are the … Read more

Buying a House With Cash

Buying a House With Cash

Buying a cash house in the United States is becoming more and more common, especially now that real estate market prices are growing at a good pace. However, the median price of homes sold is $453,700. And while most people buy homes with some sort of financing, it might be smart to buy a home … Read more

How to invest in the US stock market?

invest in the US stock market

Theoretically, investing in the US stock market is quite simple. You must find a broker and ask him to make the transactions you want. However, in practice it can be a bit more complicated than that. Therefore, below, we show you everything you must do before entering the market. In principle, you must understand that … Read more

How to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to Another State

Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to Another State

Many beneficiaries of this program, at the time of moving out of state, do not know how to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to another State. In spite of everything, it is an extremely simple procedure and does not show any complications at the time of moving. That is why, in our article on How … Read more

Best sites to buy used cars

Best sites to buy used cars

Buying a new or used car is quite an adventure and, by the way, a very important one. At the end of the day, not only will you have to make a large investment, but you will also have to choose the model that best suits your needs. And it is that, if you think … Read more

US $1,000 bill

US $1,000 bill

The monetary system of the United States has gone through many changes over the years, especially when it comes to paper money. These banknote changes are not made without reason, but rather respond to certain key market needs. One of them is to overcome the sophisticated methods of counterfeiting that are used in organized crime, … Read more

How to find apartments and houses for rent that accept section 8

Apartments and houses for rent that accept section 8

Knowing how to search for apartments and houses for rent that accept section 8 depends on how much money you can spend. If you’ve already done your numbers very well, you can get different options at your Housing Authority, at Affordable Housing, on the HUD page, at Zillow and even on Facebook Marketplace. However, there … Read more