What are bonds? Types of bonds and how to invest

If you are interested in investing in the Stock Market, it is important that you know the bonds and what advantages they offer you. As an investor, you should seek a well-diversified investment portfolio, where you achieve a balance between stocks or variable-income investments and bonds or fixed-income investments. This way you can ride out … Read more

Best Low-Cost Small Business 401k Providers

Best Low-Cost Small Business 401k Providers

Small business owners know that having a 401K plan can help increase employee satisfaction and save on personal and business taxes. In fact, employees who are offered a retirement plan are almost twice as likely to be satisfied with their company’s overall benefits package. However, choosing the right 401K plan provider for your small business … Read more

How to invest your 401K money?

How to invest your 401K money

When it comes to retirement, no topic is more important than the 401(k). Although there are other options that will give you money during your golden years, most likely a large part of the money will come from this account. And if you’ve already chosen this option, here’s how you can invest your 401K money … Read more

What happens to the 401k if I die?

What happens to the 401k if I die

Workers can access the best retirement plans in the United States without lifting a finger. In fact, most employers offer all the pros and cons of the 401k plan; one of the most famous retirement accounts in the country. Although planning for retirement is a smart decision, any saver, retired or not, could die before … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Borrowing From Your 401(k)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Borrowing From Your 401(k)

If you are a contributor to a 401(k) account, congratulations! You are using an effective way to save money so that you can enjoy it in the future, and even in the present. Many ask, “How can I get money out of my 401(k)?” and the answer is taking out a loan. Taxpayers can use … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of the 401k plan

Advantages and Disadvantages of Borrowing From Your 401k

Should you participate in your employer’s 401k plan? In principle, yes. As long as your employer offers to opt into a retirement plan — and you can afford the payments without putting your finances in jeopardy — you should jump in. Of course, we’re not going to lie to you: There are pros and cons … Read more

How to buy gold with your 401K?

How to buy gold with your 401K

The purchase or investment in gold remains, today, one of the most popular operations on the planet, since, in addition to offering lucrative returns in any investment portfolio, it protects investors against inflation. The “gold” factor is so characteristic that it has been described as one of the safest investments, at least as long as … Read more

401k Asset Allocation Strategy

401k Asset Allocation Strategy

401k plans are the best when it comes to retirement planning but you don’t know how much to invest when you are at a particular age of your life. The best 401k investment strategy by age can be calculated as per the fact you should have atleast have at least 30 times the money you … Read more

How much does a gold bar weigh and how much is it worth?

Buying gold is an investment, especially in times of crisis. During the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the price of gold in the market has reached its historical maximum, positioning itself above $2,000 per ounce. With the weakening of the US dollar as the world currency, the strengthening of the Euro, and falling property prices, the price … Read more

Valuable Rare 1 dollar coins

Valuable Rare 1 dollar coins

Valuable $1 coins are part of the country’s history. Usually, the most expensive ones are those that were issued between 1794 and 1935. However, its price is affected by several factors important to collectors. For that reason, we show you everything you need to know before selling old United States coins. Table of Content United … Read more

How to calculate a Ten Percent Discount

The discounts are one of the most used promotional strategies to achieve sales goals and increase market share. The discount creates the mental image that a product is being purchased at the best price for a limited time, which stimulates purchase intention in the short term. However, before calculating a discount and offering it with … Read more

Is Land Amortized

The simple answer to such a question is No! The land is not amortized from an accounting point of view. A land may suffer some deterioration due to erosion, landslides, abrupt change of the relief product of landslides, subsidence or continuous floods that can affect its value or devalue in its entirety, but it is … Read more

Characteristics of socially responsible companies

Overview A socially responsible company voluntarily acquires commitments with society so that it reverts to the community what it has contributed to the company. It is the responsibility of consumers to favor these companies over others since they take more care of their workers and therefore of the whole of society. But there are companies … Read more

How to find out who owns a property in Mexico

Gone are the days when consulting the public property registry was complicated. With technological advances and the digitization of files, it can now be as easy as using an online search engine or making a request by filling out a virtual form. So, if you are about to buy a house in Mexico or an … Read more

How to calculate the value of land

Calculating the value of a land is much easier than that of a home. He thinks that real estate buyers -often- do not estimate the improvements or remodeling of apartments and houses, since they may want to adapt the property to their decorative style and rhythm of life. Therefore, even if you have renovated your … Read more

What is the net value of 1 gram of 14K gold


Gold! Worthy representative of wealth and means of refuge of value. Its chemical properties, durability, malleability, resistance, striking color and brightness made it one of the most precious chemical elements since ancient times. The pure gold is somewhat soft whether or flattens sheet and can quickly lose shape, so it is not very common to … Read more