16 sales phrases to educate and motivate your team

In an effort to be rigorous with things, it will be necessary to say without false modesty that these sales phrases summarize what it is necessary to know about one of the most important activities practiced by human beings. An activity on which a good part of the social dynamics that sustains the world is … Read more

Summary of Book “The Labyrinth of Solitude” by Octavio Paz


In this book by the Author Octavio Paz, called The Labyrinth of Solitude, we see how he explains more about Mexico, how it is divided into eight chapters: The first chapter is called Pachuco and other extremes the author tells us about his entire adolescence, where he spent it in Mexico trying to know himself … Read more

Summary of Battles in the desert by José Emilio Pacheco


The story that passes the threshold of the fictitious and the real, describes traumatizing situations of Carlitos, who stars in the novel. The story unfolds about an impossible love; Mariana, mother, his best friend Jim who makes a great impression on Carlitos and whom he becomes obsessed with. But one day when he can’t take … Read more

10 tips for choosing a good gift


A list of guidelines to take into account when choosing the right presents or gifts. Throughout our lives, we may find ourselves in the situation that we have to give something to someone. Whether that is coming Christmas Day, the Epiphany, or the birthday of someone you know, have to decide what we can give … Read more

When do debts prescribe – Debt limitation period

It is important to know the dangers of debt, as well as the terms of it. But today we are going to talk about what the prescription of debt means and what happens next. First of all, the prescription of a debt He wants to refer to knowing when the term of debt is fulfilled, … Read more

Alienation – What is it, definition and concept

Alienation is transferring possession of a good from one person to another. This operation can take place in different ways, such as buying and selling, transferring or donating. Alienation then refers to the fact of handing over the domain of property from one individual to another. This, regardless of whether or not there was an … Read more

Criminal record – what is it, definition and concept

The criminal record is the temporary record in a record official sanctions imposed on a person by virtue of a final judgment, issued by a criminal court or tribunal. That is, they are the legal consequences determined in a firm judicial resolution, of a sanctioning order, which derives for an individual for his authorship of … Read more

13 characteristics of neoliberalism – Meanings

Neoliberalism is a theory of political-economic practices that emerged in the second half of the 20th century based on 19th-century liberalism. To understand what it is and how it is distinguished from liberalism, it is necessary to review its most important characteristics below. Private property, free market and free trade Neoliberalism maintains the foundations of … Read more

Who charges first in a bankruptcy?

Before delving into answering the question in the article, readers should know what it means to be in bankruptcy to know the context. When you are in bankruptcy, It is because there is a legal procedure through which it is originated when a natural person (an individual) or a legal person (a company) does not … Read more

Declaration of Prodigality

Before we start talking about what the declaration of lavishness means, it is important that we analyze the meaning of the word itself. Prodigality is called the conduct of a person characterized by the habitual in the dissipation of their own assets, wasting them in a disorderly way. Our Civil Procedure Law grants the spouse, … Read more

What are mortgage certificates?

When we decide to invest in certain financial products, we must take into account the different conditions that we assume when dealing with the options that we have. Today we are going to talk to you about a specific type: mortgage certificates. We talk about mortgage certificate to the securities that offer us a return … Read more

Difference between gross and net


It is very common to hear about the terms gross and net, both when we talk about wages, when we analyze a company’s income statement or when they tell us macroeconomic data. The gross and the net measure the same magnitude, but they are different concepts and you have to know how to distinguish them … Read more

Difference between advertising and publicity


The difference between advertising and publicity is found in the communicative objective. The first has a persuasive objective that does not stand out as much in the second. We speak of propaganda as the form of communication based on the diffusion of ideas and opinions in such a way that the main objective is to … Read more

Argumentative Text – Concept, characteristics and examples

We explain what an argumentative text is, its resources, types and other characteristics. Also, its structure and examples. What is an argumentative text? An argumentative text is that oral or written text in which the author pursues the transmission of a perspective around a specific topic or series of topics, that is, that aims to … Read more

Narrative Text – Concept, function, structure and characteristics

We explain what a narrative text is, its function, structure, types and other characteristics. What is a narrative text? A narrative text is any text, story or narration that tells a specific anecdote, that is, a succession of shares in a limited period of time. It can have literary or merely communicative purposes. Furthermore, narrative … Read more

Operating Leverage (What is it, Risk, Advantages and Disadvantages)

What is operating leverage? Operating leverage is an accounting concept that seeks to increase profitability by changing the balance between variable costs and fixed costs. It can be defined as the impact these have on the overall costs of the company. Refers to the relationship between sales and profits before interest and taxes. It also defines the ability of companies … Read more

Meaning of social distancing (What is it, Concept and Definition)

What is Social distancing: Social distancing (DS or SD) is a preventive health practice that aims to slow down the spread of a virus during an epidemic or pandemic. Social distancing can be voluntary or can be decreed by the authorities when there is a state of alarm. The sanitary practice of social distancing has … Read more

Curfew: what it is, objective, causes and examples

What is Curfew A partial restriction of the right to free movement by a government is called a curfew. Its application is usually contemplated in the constitutions or laws of each country. It is a consequence of the declaration of a state of alarm or state of exception. When a curfew is decreed, a circulation … Read more

Home Office and Coronavirus: 7 tips for working from home

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, institutions have decided that their workers dedicate themselves to carrying out their tasks from their homes to avoid contagion. The coronavirus has caused drastic measures to be taken in several countries of the world , but necessary so that we can fight it and the numbers of contagion … Read more

Coronavirus and teleworking, tips for working from home

In COVID-19 times, several of us have been forced to carry out our work outside the office. Among the measures to stop the expansion of the coronavirus or COVID-19 is teleworking. For many companies and workers it is something new, so here are some tips to help you get along with your new workday. At … Read more

Efficiency – Definition, what it is and concept


In economic terms, efficiency is the ability of an organization to meet predefined objectives under pre-established conditions. It is, therefore, the assumption of production challenges and their fulfilment under their own parameters. Within the scope of the study of the company, the term effectiveness is known as the level or ratio of compliance with the … Read more

Appreciation – Definition, what it is and concept


The concept of appreciation explains the increase in value experienced by a good or service due to a series of external factors. Variations in terms of value that involve appreciation may occur in response to multiple external factors or circumstances, as well as the nature of the market or the territory under study. Most of … Read more

Types of artisans – Definition, what it is and concept

The types of artisans are all the people who are dedicated to performing handicrafts in a specialized way. Indeed, handicrafts are very diverse and varied. That is why there are a large number of artisans according to the type of work they do, the type of materials they use and the degree of specialization applied … Read more

Resilience – Definition, what it is and concept

Resilience is the ability of a person to overcome and overcome traumatic situations that occur in life. It is a concept that is often used in the area of ​​psychology. Frequently, problems such as illness, loss of a loved one, accidents, personal disappointments related to love, or family, among other circumstances that test the human … Read more

Leisure – Definition, what it is and concept

Leisure is the time spent on recreational activities that are not related to work obligations or housework. Leisure is made up of all those activities that an individual has chosen voluntarily, and that he can distribute at will. There is no stipulated time to enjoy them, but it will depend on the temporary space you … Read more

Treaty – Definition, what it is and concept

A treaty is an agreement between two or more countries, according to which they assume a series of obligations. Thus, treaties signed between states are within the framework of International Law. Both countries and international organizations have the capacity to sign international treaties. Depending on who signs the treaty, different international regulations will apply: For … Read more


Created in 1834, the Zollverein was an economic organization configured as a customs union. Numerous German states joined forces to create a free trade Area and establish customs tariffs against third countries. With Europe bleeding in the Napoleonic wars, the first voices that advocated a German trade union began to emerge. As the nineteenth century … Read more

Medical inspection for leave


The medical inspection for leave is related to the benefit by temporary disability and its duration. It is a periodic review of health status of the worker who owns a Laboral inhability. What is the medical inspection for work leave? The temporary work disability (also called work leave) occurs when the duration of a worker’s … Read more

Islam – Concept, history, beliefs and the place of women

We explain what Islam is, what its branches are, its history and main beliefs. In addition, the place of women and what is the Koran. What is the Islam? The Islam is one of the great religions monotheists of the world, the second in importance after Christianity. It has about 1.8 billion faithful worldwide (25% … Read more