Distribution Channel Structure

A distribution channel structure relates to the system used by a company to deliver goods and products to consumers. There is a mix of options, from direct direct to indirect distribution channels. There are four important factors have been identified as those that make up the structure of a company’s distribution channel. These factors are: … Read more

Elements of an effective system in the human resources department

The most valuable tool for workforce management is a well-built human resource endowment system that meets the needs of your company and workers. An effective HR personnel system consists of much more than technology, the human part is equally important. The goals of an HR system are to recruit great talent, develop and retain existing … Read more

What are the objectives of purchasing management?

The materials management is necessary for any company. Having a well-equipped headquarters with the right office equipment and supplies is essential for the operation of the sales department. Having an inventory with quality raw materials is related to optimal and efficient production; and the acquisition of products and services at reduced costs has a positive … Read more

Ways to organize files

File organization is a way of organizing data or records in a file. It does not refer to how files are organized into folders, but how the content of a file is added and accessed. There are several types of file organization, the most common are sequential, relative and indexed. These differ in the ease … Read more

What is an environmental analysis for a business?

If you have ever heard the term environmental analysis within your work area, you will ask yourself what is an environmental analysis for a business ? This is relatively qualitative and consists of the identification and analysis of the environmental variables that affect the company. Additionally, some environmental analysis frameworks have received a great deal … Read more

Abbreviations for Nurse Practitioners

The abbreviations for nurse practitioners have the function of optimizing communication within a work team, in order to increase speed and effectiveness. It is important to bear in mind that in the different professions metalanguages ​​and specialized abbreviations are used, to have a conceptual framework that allows to streamline processes within processes in related areas. … Read more

How to prepare training manuals

A training manual is one of the best resources for the instruction and improvement of the human capital faculties of a company. The manuals or training protocols allow not only the training of new personnel, but the training of senior staff in new programs, systems or functions. A self – taught and trained staff increasingly … Read more

The disadvantages of Pareto analysis

The Pareto chart is based on the research of Villefredo Pareto. He found that roughly 80 percent of all the wealth in the Italian cities he investigated was owned by only 20 percent of families. The Pareto principle has been found to apply in other areas, from economics to quality control. However, Pareto charts have … Read more

Definition of business development

If you are immersed in the world of SMEs, you must be clear about the definition of business development. Knowing this will allow you to focus much better on the objectives of your company to contribute to its growth and positioning within the market. Notes on the definition of business development When we talk about … Read more

Definitions of net sales and gross sales

Net sales and gross sales are variables defined from the total sales volume, the differences are really subtle but substantial between the two. Before going into the matter between what one and the other are, it is important to emphasize that these variables are simply measurement elements in financial accounting. And at no point do … Read more

Organizational structure of a Restaurant

Discipline, meticulousness, extreme asepsis, attention to detail, elegance, protocol and good service, accompany the capacity and the kitchens of the best restaurants. All this level of demand requires that the organizational structure or administrative structure of a restaurant be clearly defined and with precise and fully executed functions by each of its members, from the … Read more

What are the characteristics of print media?

The print media are traditional magazines, newspapers or newspapers and even books and encyclopedias. The first two, the most common, are information and advertising media. They all go through an editing and printing process. These printed means of communication are a legacy of antiquity, since millenary cultures disclosed their life, laws and customs in codices, … Read more

What is the organizational structure of a hotel?

The organizational structure of a hotel is a comprehensive plan of the hotel owner to define departmental activities and responsibilities. This structure puts order in all aspects of the establishment’s operation, from reception and room service to the human resources department. Organizational structures for a hotel are necessary to ensure maximum profitability from each room, … Read more

How to calculate effective capacity and efficiency

The effective capacity and efficiency are two measures used to evaluate the performance of a company at the level of its production operations, storage or receipt of goods and services in a given period of time. In itself, effective capacity is a way of expressing the level of use of the company’s installed capacity, that … Read more

The Five Marketing Principles

The five marketing principles include what is commonly known as the four Ps, plus another 5th: product, price, promotion, place and people. The marketing industry dictates that without these elements, a complete and effective marketing plan is impossible. To ensure success in any business, a mix of these five principles must be understood and carried … Read more

How to calculate the 20% discount?

The discounts on the price of an item is a type of sales promotion traditional and very effective if properly planned. The immediate purpose of a commercial discount is to boost the sales of a certain product or service, a discount also allows to increase the client portfolio, make inventory management and the operating cycle … Read more

Application of regression analysis in business

Linear regression analysis is a method of analyzing data that has two or more variables. By creating a “best fit” line for all data points in a two-variable system, the values ​​of y can be predicted from known values ​​of x. Linear regression is used in business to predict events, manage product quality, and analyze … Read more

SWOT Analysis of a School

A powerful tool for situational analysis and strategic approach is the SWOT analysis also known as SWOT Matrix, SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis has reached nearly half a century of successful application in various fields both academic and business. Widely used under the managerial approach of situational diagnosis and strategic analysis along with other tools … Read more

What is the defined audience of Starbucks

Adults Starbucks’ primary target market is men and women ages 25 to 40. They account for nearly half (49 percent) of its total business. Starbucks appeals to this age group of consumers through contemporary design that is consistent in its advertising and decor, and works to keep its current products as status symbols. Clients tend … Read more

How to track a package in EMS

EMS is the acronym for Express Mail Service or Express Mail Service . The international postal service for both documents and merchandise. EMS is a type of international shipping service in which we work with the postal service of each participating country to deliver international or domestic packages. We must remember that the postal service … Read more

How to write a script for a 30 second radio spot

The radio spot, ad or wedge, are powerful words or catchy jingles that take as much attention as possible from consumers. The radio script is one of the essential tools of the advertising announcer, and it should always be extended for a short time, from fifteen to thirty seconds, in which all the basic information … Read more

What is the meaning of competitive salary?

A competitive salary ensures that a worker is paid at market rates on a job. Several criteria are taken into consideration when mentioning a competitive salary. Criteria include what workers in the same company do, cost of living adjustments, cost of workers in related industries, hours worked, and mandatory training requirements. Company comparison A competitive … Read more

Profit Organizations vs Non Profit Organizations

A non-profit organization is formed for the public good. Non-profit organizations are usually formed for religious, charitable, or educational purposes. Instead, Profit organizations can be formed to conduct a variety of legal businesses. The main reason for forming a for-profit organization is to make a profit for the owners of the company. Use of earnings … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of Cooperatives

A cooperative is a business or housing development that is owned by its members. These members have the responsibility to vote for other members, even if the company is still publicly traded. If you are considering joining or starting a cooperative, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages before doing so. Advantage: Cost … Read more

Hierarchical structure of a company

The hierarchical structure is a type of organizational structure that defines the chain of command in a company in hierarchy levels. It is proven, through theories of organizational behavior, that the more levels the hierarchical structures have, that is, the more pyramidal it is, the more bureaucratic, slow, inflexible and heavy the company becomes. In … Read more

What are the general objectives of a project?

The objective is defined as a goal to be achieved for which certain means and resources are available. Generally, the achievement of an objective implies the overcoming of obstacles of greater or lesser magnitude. When we talk about the objectives of a project, we refer to the ends to which the activities that must be … Read more

How to open a Little Caesars Pizza franchise

Little Caesars Pizza is a franchise business founded in the Detroit metropolitan area in 1959. Since its inception, it was known for its original flavors and incomparable offerings. It started its franchise scheme in the United States just three years after its foundation, in 1962. Today it is an internationally positioned brand with a presence … Read more

Definition of Print Advertising

The advertising strategies and promotion are essential tools for any organization wishing to keep or grow in the market. There are different options when you are planning an advertising campaign, print advertising represents one of the best means of dissemination. The benefits of advertising for any organization, regardless of its size, large or growing are … Read more