The 12 Best Swimming Pools in Orlando You Must Visit

If you are in Florida and want to go to a pool, it is best to go to Orlando. For this reason, we bring you the best pools in Orlando that you should visit. Don’t forget to visit pools near me.

This city has the best swimming pools in the entire state, being visited by many people on a daily basis.

These are the best pools in Orlando that you should visit

The best beaches in Orlando that you will see in this article provide people with very good services, this allows more and more to want to visit all these pools.

That is why we will provide you with the best pools in the city of Orlando below.

Dover Shores Pool

1400 Gaston Foster Rd, Orlando, FL 32812, United States

The first pool we have for you is the Dover Shores Pool, located at the Dover Shores Community Center.

The first thing you should know is that the pool is not very crowded by people, which is ideal for you to go with your family or friends and enjoy a pleasant and calm atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you are interested in watching swimming lessons, Dover Shores Pool offers lessons to children and adults, the lifeguards are in charge of teaching, so the classes will be excellent.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Contact number: +1 407-207-4943

College Park Pool

2411 Elizabeth Ave, Orlando, FL 32804, United States

College Park Pool is another pool that may catch your eye. The first thing you will notice is that the pool has clean water and is also shallow, which makes it ideal for children to swim without problems.

The College Park Pool staff is another positive point, since they provide security at all times, even treating all the people present in a good way.

In addition, they maintain order and cleanliness in the facilities, this allows you to have a better experience.

Hours: Monday to Friday 6:00–8:00, 11:00–12:00, 19:00–21:00

Contact number: +1 407-245-0478

Engelwood Pool

6123 La Costa Dr #2931, Orlando, FL 32807, United States

Engelwood Pool is one of the busiest pools in Orlando. One of the main reasons is that the staff is very good, they offer the best possible attention to all visitors.

It should be noted that the place offers the best amenities. The pool is always clean, the water will never be dirty and the temperature is generally cool, but this depends on the time of year, because in summer there will be hot days.

That is why we recommend you visit Engelwood Pool and enjoy a pleasant day.

Hours: Monday to Friday 12:00–16:30

Contact number: +1 407-207-4957

Dr James R Smith Pool

1745 Bruton Blvd, Orlando, FL 32805, United States

If it’s about swimming pools, Dr. James R Smith Pool is what you were looking for. The pool is amazing for you to swim, this includes people of all ages, it doesn’t matter if it is children or adults, they will be able to swim without any problem.

Although if you don’t want to swim, there are several courts available so you can practice other sports.

It should be noted that you can take a child to this pool, they will really have fun just like you if you decide to visit Dr. James R Smith Pool.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Contact number: +1 407-521-2546

Wadeview Pool

2177 S Summerlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32806, United States

Wadeview Pool is a pool located in a park, more specifically in Wadeview Park. The location of Wadeview Pool is one of the best aspects, because it is easily accessible and it will not take you long to get there.

The pool is very well maintained, it is always kept clean including the water, this is because the maintenance staff is attentive, they clean it every day.

This allows many people to be interested in visiting this large pool, which is usually full of visitors.

Contact number: +1 407-246-4281

Trinity Aquatic Team

8422 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

Another of the best-known public pools in Orlando is the one found at Trinity Aquatic Team, in fact it is one of the best in Florida.

People who have visited this pool will always recommend it, since the facilities are in perfect condition, to this we must add that when you dive into the pool you will feel like a professional swimmer.

That is why Trinity Aquatic Team is a perfect place for you to swim.

Wave pool at Aquatica

10301 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, United States

This outdoor pool is one of the best in Orlando and is highly recommended to visit. The Wave Pool at Aquatica is really huge, thanks to that you can find many people, but this is not an impediment for you to swim.

Although if for some reason you feel tired in the pool, you can rest in the middle of the place, because it is likely that you will find something so that you can float.

Also, the waves at Wave pool at Aquatica are big, but the best thing is to go to the pool yourself and not let anyone tell you about it.

Waturi Beach

Wave Village, 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

Waturi Beach is a pool decorated with a model of the Krakatoa volcano, to which must be added the waterfalls around it that flow down the slopes.

The pool is excellent, being in it you will realize that the water is clean and with a pleasant temperature, no matter what time of year it is, the water will be very cool.

For this reason, we recommend that you visit Waturi Beach.

Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00–19:00

Contact number: +1 407-363-8000

Big Surf Shores

Orlando, FL 32821, United States

Big Surf Shores is another great pool that you must visit. If you want to swim or surf, you must go to Big Surf Shores, there you can enjoy an incredible experience, there will be no room for boredom, it is this great pool.

Although it is not as popular as others, you will still have a great time with your friends or family, very good to spend as much time as you want.

Falls Pool

Unnamed Road, Orlando, FL 32821, United States

Falls Pool is another pool that can help you have a great time. The pool has three slides, two tubes and a rapid, while you can play other sports such as mini golf or ping pong.

The site is large enough that there is plenty of pedestrian access for people to walk around without a problem.

Similarly, there are cabins available for rent, although the price is usually relatively high for people, which is why many pass by the cabins.

Likewise, if you plan to go with children there will be no problem, since there are several areas in Falls Pool where they can stay there and have fun.

John H. Jackson Pool

1002 Carter St, Orlando, FL 32805, United States

Of the less popular pools in Orlando, we have the John H. Jackson Pool, but despite this you have the possibility to enjoy a lot the day you visit it.

The facilities have a simple design, but it is excellent for you to swim, either alone or with your friends.

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12:30–5:00

Contact number: +1 407-246-4300

Turkey Lake Pool

3401 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando, FL 32835, United States

We end the list with Turkey Lake Pool. This pool is located in Bill Frederick Park.

You have the option of swimming in the fresh and clean water, but if you do not want to swim, you can have a picnic in the surroundings of the place.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Contact number: +1 407-246-4486

Map of the 12 best pools in Orlando that you must visit

After reading the article, it is clear that Orlando has the best pools in Florida.