The 12 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Florida

If you want to find the best Chinese food restaurants in Florida , I recommend you relax and read this article to the end. In Takecareofmoney we have prepared a list with the most outstanding sites in the state, where they will ensure you an incredible experience. Are you interested in knowing more? Florida is one of the most visited states in the USA, so you can find a great concentration of different cultures and cuisines, including Chinese food. So if you’re visiting or living in the area, you can’t miss this list!

These are the best Chinese food restaurants in Florida

If you are one of the people who organize outings with family or friends, but your destination is always restaurants; So, look at the list that we prepared for you!

Christine Lee’s

We started this list of the best Chinese food restaurants in Florida with Christine Lee’s. This site is very popular in the area in which they are located, being located in Gulstream Park, known for being a very popular area for tourists and residents. In this restaurant you can enjoy the best sushi , made with fresh ingredients, in order to provide you with a quality dish. Also, if you want to accompany your meal, you will find a wide variety of cocktails on the menu to suit the occasion.

Chinese Grill

China Grill is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Florida, thanks to its excellent acceptance by diners and critics. Now, a very remarkable point of the site, are its elaborate and colorful dishes which are prepared with high quality products. On the China Grill menu you can find dishes that are ideal for eating individually, as well as family combos . On the other hand, here you will have a great variety of dishes in different presentations that are a delight for the eyes and the palate.

Silver Pond

Silver Pond offers you an excellent culinary experience with delicious dishes and amazing in terms of presentation. On the other hand, if we talk about the attention that you will receive in this place, it is important to highlight the good attitude of the staff in charge, always being attentive and friendly to your requests. The prices are also remarkable in this place, so you will find dishes with generous portions at affordable prices. Without a doubt, a highly recommended restaurant.

PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s is a well-visited restaurant. Since, to begin with, it has a quiet environment, ideal to share with the family. Additionally, the decoration will make you feel like you are in China. In the case of food, we can point out that it has a very well prepared menu, so you will have at your disposal different exquisite options that you cannot miss, and that, in addition, adapts to the taste of the diner. Finally, the service is exceptional , the staff is friendly, cordial and professional.

Yummy House China Bistro

Are you looking for a dish that is suitable for the whole family? If this is the case, I recommend you visit Yummy House China Bistro , where you will find delicious recipes to share, as well as other options in case you want to visit this place alone. The experience that you will live in this restaurant will be very rewarding. Since, you will have at your disposal friendly and professional staff, excellent dishes, delicious presentations , and a perfect environment.

Mr. K’s Chinese Cuisine & Sushi

Mr. K’s Chinese Cuisine & Sushi restaurant offers you a family atmosphere, with excellent service and personalized attention, so you can enjoy an incredible night with your guests. The menu, for its part, has various options to taste, from classic dishes, family combos, specialties and more.

Tasty Wok

If you prefer quiet environments, traditional gastronomy dishes, careful attention, and cheap prices, I recommend you, in that case, visit Tasty Wok , an ideal restaurant to go with the family. The menu of this restaurant is very varied, so you will have at your disposal different exquisite options , with good presentations and excellent proportions. Additionally, you will receive a friendly service, in order to make your experience a unique moment.

East Ocean

Find delicious and traditional Chinese cuisine at East Ocean . In this restaurant you can taste a wide variety of recipes such as fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, dumplings, Cantonese roast duck, among other specialties that will leave you satisfied with their flavor, aroma, and generous proportions.

Miami Beach Canton Lounge

Salon Canton Miami Beach is a place with an excellent atmosphere and modern decoration, where you will feel at ease from the moment you arrive thanks to the attention provided by the staff in charge. The dishes, on the other hand, have adelicious flavor and aroma, so that you can enjoy a good experience with this type of gastronomy. The menu offers you different options such as pork ribs in BBQ sauce, traditional fried rice, Chinese empanadas, vegetable soup, chop-suey, stir-fried vegetables, and much more.

Hakkasan Miami

The concept of this Chinese food restaurant is very modern and avant-garde. For this reason, if you are looking for a place to have private or executive appointments, Hakkasan Miami is the perfect place. The decor is the main attraction. However, the culinary presentations that you will observe are of great visual delight, accompanied by an exquisite flavor.

Mr Chow

Mr. Chow gives you the same avant-garde concept as the previous restaurant, so it is recommended to visit. Since, from the moment you enter, you will be dazzled by the decoration, the huge cocktail bar, different well-distributed spaces, high-quality customer service, amazing presentations, and more. The prices are cheap and the variety of the menu will leave you with multiple options to consider.

Dynasty Buffet

To close with a more informal destination, you have Dynasty Buffet as your last option . On this site you can enjoy different delicious recipes, made with fresh ingredients and at very good prices. This place is perfect to visit with large family members. What Chinese food restaurant in Florida would you visit?