The 12 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Hialeah

Find the best Chinese food restaurants in Hialeah ! Chinese food is colorful and with an unmistakable aroma, and if we talk about the taste, it is an experience that you cannot miss! Tasting its traditional dishes makes you feel as if you were visiting the Asian country, and enjoying its gastronomy in a direct way.

Yes, that is the true power of the kitchen!

But, Chinese food restaurants are the most popular in the town. And is that, who would not like to enjoy some delicious spring rolls? If you like Asian gastronomy and you are visiting the Big Apple, don’t miss this article!

These are the best Chinese food restaurants in Hialeah

Are you interested in knowing which are the best places to visit and taste exquisite food? Soon we will see some incredible options that you cannot miss, if you are passing through Hialeah and want to enjoy Chinese cuisine.

Chinese House Restaurant

We start with Casa China Restaurant, an excellent place to taste traditional cuisine. First of all, we will find a small but cozy restaurant where you will receive excellent attention from the staff, who will provide you with everything you need to make your experience pleasant.

Following this, the dishes served in this place have an exquisite flavor, good aroma, and very cheap prices, ideal to visit with the family.

Chinese Buffet

China Buffet is one of the most popular Chinese food restaurants in Hialeah in the area, managing to stand out for the wide variety of dishes that you have available. The recipes are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients to provide you with a delicious experience in every bite.

In addition to this, the atmosphere of the place plus the attention you will receive will make you feel comfortable and at ease, so you can chat while you wait for your order and enjoy the atmosphere.

Los Paraditos Chinese Restaurant

As a third option, if you are visiting Hialeah, I recommend you make a small stop at this restaurant. Since, the food they serve is delicious, with great flavor, excellent presentations, and an exquisite aroma that will whet your appetite from the moment you enter.

On the other hand, the place has a good atmosphere to share with the family, and enjoy the pleasant attention provided by the staff in charge. Now, in case you prefer to eat at home, this restaurant offers home delivery.

Wah Hen Chinese Restaurant

If you like traditional Chinese food, then you can visit Wah Hen Chinese Restaurant, a small restaurant with a nice and cozy atmosphere so you can enjoy your food without any problem. The staff of this place is friendly, attentive and helpful, so they will be attentive to each of your requests.

Additionally, the dishes have very good proportions, exquisite flavor, colorful presentation, and very affordable prices.

Canton Village Restaurant

Canton Village Restaurant is one of the most recommended Chinese food restaurants in Hialeah. In this place you will find a very traditional setting, which plays perfectly with the gastronomy that you will find. Since, this place only specializes in typical Chinese dishes.

Attention is one of the strongest points to highlight. Since, the staff will be in charge of providing you with everything you need to make your visit pleasant. On the other hand, the menu is very varied, so you will have different options to choose from.

Chinese Garden

It is the turn of China Garden, a restaurant with a very good atmosphere, where you can have a pleasant and comfortable moment with your family and friends. In addition, the food in this place is really exquisite and affordable, so you can taste as much as you want.

Chinese Steakhouse

China Steak House is one of the best simple food restaurants that you can visit if you want to access a simple but delicious menu. Its menu does not have much variety in terms of dishes. However, you can enjoy an exquisite traditional taste of gastronomy.

Additionally, the service provided by the staff is very friendly, so you will feel at their facilities.

New Dragon Restaurant

We continue with the best alternatives that you can consider if you want to enjoy true Chinese food. New Dragon Restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants in Hialeah, characterized by its delicious menu where you will find soups, appetizers, chef’s specialties, and much more.

Happy Buffet

We are almost done with the best Chinese food restaurants in Hialeah, and in this case we will talk about a buffet that is highly visited by residents and tourists. Happy Buffet is an excellent place to share with your family and taste the best dishes of gastronomy.

The great variety of recipes that you will find in this buffet is incredible, so you can enjoy different presentations. Additionally, the prices are very economical and the proportions very convenient.

Chinese Wok

To close, we have China Wok for you, a very cozy and comfortable place where you can enjoy a good atmosphere and excellent food. Among the best options to try are steamed dumplings, spare ribs, fried wontons, egg drop soup, shrimp fried rice, chicken chop suey, and more.

These are the best alternatives that you have at your disposal if you want to taste exquisite cuisine!