Bill Gates phrases that you can apply in your daily management

Bill gates It is one of the successful business benchmarks of the 21st century. Its merit is not only in owning one of the great multinationals of our time, Microsoft but in the fact that it has become what it is now: a benchmark company in computer software and the most highly valued in the world. Stock Exchange.

Therefore, it is not strange to meet from time to time with Bill Gates quotes who inspire, motivate and encourage entrepreneurs who, like him, the dream of following in his footsteps. Do any of them come to mind?

Who is Bill Gates and how did he become who he is now?

Before that, however, we offer you a review of the highlights of the biography of this successful American businessman, as well as the decisions that marked his entrepreneurial path and helped cement the success he now enjoys. Let’s look synthetically at some of them:

Second, of three children from a wealthy marriage, Bill discovered his connection to computers and software through the Mothers Club, a Seattle institution that donated a computer to the school he attended. There, along with his childhood best friend Paul Allen, he managed to program simple games that later appeared on a large printer.

  • 1976: Leaving the University:
    In 1975 Gates, then a sophomore at Harvard University, teamed up with his childhood friend Paul G. Allen to develop software for the first microcomputers. They started by adapting BASIC, a popular programming language used in computers of greater power and size, to use in microcomputers. With the success of this project, Gates left Harvard for his third year and, with Allen, formed Microsoft.

    Bill leaves his computer studies at Harvard University to focus fully on the creation of his own company, Microsoft.

  • 1980: First Contacts:
    It establishes a relationship with the members of the IBM company, one of the leaders in the computer sector at the time, and manages to sell them the MS-DOS operating system, which it was not the owner of but which it obtains in the market at a very low price. It was then that Gates’ influence on the children’s microcomputer industry increased enormously. Perhaps without knowing it, he had made the first decision on his way to the resounding success that he would later experience with his computer programs around the world, since managing to do business with International Business Machines Corporation, then the world’s largest provider of computer equipment and pacemakers in the industry was a milestone.

    Hence the first microcomputer would emerge, the IBM PC (a model of a personal computer). After the launch of this equipment in 1981, IBM quickly established the technical standard for the PC industry, while MS-DOS managed to sweep all competing operating systems from the market.

  • 1986: Microsoft’s IPO:
    Given the indisputable success of his company, Bill decides to go public with its shares, which are mostly in the hands of his workers. Almost everyone gets rich overnight. Meanwhile, the architect of all this occupies the covers of magazines such as Time or Forbes.

    Although Microsoft’s independence strained relations with IBM, Gates knew how to properly manage the company to permanently depend on it for the key software for its products. Manufacturers of IBM-compatible PCs or clones also turned to Microsoft for their basic software. In the early 1990s, He had become the best kingmaker in the PC computing industry.

  • The 90s: positioning:
    By the 1990s, products made by the Microsoft brand were already in 90% of computers worldwide. From then on, Bill and his company will not abandon the first position of computer products, although other brands, for example, the well-known Apple, will report notable growth. In fact, today Microsoft is not only the most valuable company on the stock market, but it has also diversified its investments in other areas: cable channels in the United States, entertainment products such as Xbox, as well as others for mobiles and palms. , as is the case with Windows Mobile.

    The philanthropic facet of Bill Gates is also remarkable. In addition to his business successes, the figure of Bill Gates has continued to accumulate popularity since the 2000s for his solidarity activities and support for science and research.

    The charitable profile of this businessman led him to be named, along with his wife, Melinda Gates, the most generous people in America, in 2018, thanks to the initiatives carried out through his Foundation, created in 94.

    Bill Gates quotes that have inspired other entrepreneurs

    Perhaps all this explains why the figure of Bill Gates continues to be one of the great references when it comes to not only the IT issue but also business management in general terms. His phrases and his conferences are famous, as well as every gesture, cause or initiative that he leads.

    If you are an admirer of his work and the way he has kept Microsoft company at the top of his market for decades, you probably have some of his most remembered phrases in mind. If not, don’t worry; Please read the following list carefully and you will find several of them. We begin:

    • It’s OK to celebrate all successes, but it’s more important to pay attention to the lessons of failure

      The eternal fight between the failure and the success of the entrepreneurs is very well expressed in this first sentence. However, Bill Gates makes it clear that success cannot be everything; in fact, it ensures that failures are most important in any career or career path.

    • Your most disgruntled customers are your greatest source of learning

      Gates is one of the advocates of consumer-focused marketing. That is what is evident in this famous phrase, very typical of the context of the 21st century in which customers have assumed a direct role in almost all the processes and experiences of buying and selling in the market.

    • I play in a three-dimensional world, while the vast majority of people have stayed in two

      Transcendence is one of the values ​​that Bill Gates most emphasizes in a manager or businessman. Here he makes it clear: he has known how to see what others have been unable or unwilling to carry out. In fact, this has been one of the traits that have most identified the figure of Gates throughout his career.

    • The world progresses and goods are more abundant. I prefer a grocery store today to the table of a king of a hundred years ago

      Although he does not give full power to new technologies or computer programs, Bill Gates makes it clear that he celebrates the comforts and facilities that have brought us new technologies. In fact, he insists on this idea even when he recognizes that, while we embrace these advances and programs, we have also renounced privileges from other times. Its position is clear: we move forward.

    • If you can’t do it right, at least make it look good

      Regarding management, Bill Gates highlights values ​​and skills such as perseverance, perseverance, discipline and, above all, the fact of seeking in all cases the highest good: the good. It does not matter that the conditions for it are not the most favourable or that we even have everything against it. The great secret of everything is found in the search for what is good and what makes us better.

    As you can see, there are not a few phrases of Bill Gates that circulate through various scenarios, nor the subjects that he talks about. Everything in him seems to transmit experience, value, an example of improvement and breadth of perspective.