16 sales phrases to educate and motivate your team

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In an effort to be rigorous with things, it will be necessary to say without false modesty that these sales phrases summarize what it is necessary to know about one of the most important activities practiced by human beings. An activity on which a good part of the social dynamics that sustains the world is based.

Sales phrases. Number 1:

“How it is sold matters. Which sales process is used matters. But what the customer feels when closing the deal matters more. ” -Tiffani Boba

The customer matters more than the sale. This is a basic fact that is often ignored in the quest to meet goals and focus on immediate results.

The client can multiply the sales transactions over time, not only from future purchases, mainly by the references that he can provide to others of the experience he had. A sale made does not necessarily generate a satisfied customer. While a satisfied customer always generates more sales over time.

Sales phrases. Number 2:

“Don’t look for customers for your products, look for products for your customers.” -Seth Godin

When searching for customers for products a sales approach is applied, searching for products for customers takes a market approach.

The difference seems subtle, but it is decisive: by working only on sales, short-term results are guaranteed, by working on the market an Asset is built that provides results over time. Sales are transactions, the market is an Asset.

Sales phrases. Number 3:

“The most important difference between successful people and those who are not, is that the former seek problems to solve, while the latter make every effort to avoid it.” -Grant Cardone

Solving customer problems, especially after making a purchase, is the most effective way to qualify the offer. A problem solved with one client means saving hundreds of them with other clients in the future. In the logic of such an equation, the action required is to actively seek problems , not just address them when appropriate, much less avoid them. Identifying and solving problems is much more than an opportunity, it is a very profitable investment.

Sales phrases. Number 4:

“Selling is no longer just about selling, but about building trust and educating.” -Siva Divaki

Sales are one of the most important forms of relationship between human beings, possibly the most genuine and useful. Considering them as transactions not only detracts from them, it also deprives them of meaning.

Sales phrases. Number 5:

“When sellers take on the role of a curious student rather than a knowledgeable agent, buyers are more willing to get the job done.” -Jeff Hoffman

What is the best sales school? The market. And who is the best teacher? The client. There are notable differences between companies and salespeople who carry out their commercial tasks with the purpose of learning in the process, and those who have only a commercial objective. It is the same difference between students who attend classes to earn a grade and others who attend classes with the sincere purpose of learning and growing.

Sales phrases. Number 6:

Be an example. Are you punctual? Are you behaving like a professional? Are you engaged? As sales leaders we must set our own performance standards as high as those we demand of the team. ” -Lori Richardson

The seller’s job is one of the loneliest there is. The parameters for evaluating results are simple and cold: success or failure, victory or defeat. There are no middle points, no way to use the processes as a working argument. While many professionals can justify poor results differently, the salesperson cannot.

Being a leader of people who operate in such an area requires integrity. In no other way can you lead salespeople and earn their respect. The concept of integrity involves all the virtues that can be demanded of a person who takes the responsibility of leading others, all of them!

Sales phrases. Number 7:

“Sales are conditioned by the attitude of the salesperson, not the prospect.” -William Clement Stone

Many salespeople justify the problems they have in meeting sales objectives by attributing them to the poor attitude of the prospects. In this there is a basic confusion that is easy to reverse: in commercial transactions the seller is the one who proposes and the prospect who has. Who is then responsible for establishing a good attitude? How should whoever wants to woo another person behave?

On the other hand, is it not reasonable to suppose that what is proposed can get a negative answer? Should this be assumed as a “bad attitude” of the one who is courting?

In reality, the caliber of the one who proposes or the “carats” of the one who wants to conquer, are measured by the attitude he assumes when faced with rejection. There are those who take rejection as a goodbye and those who consider it a “see you soon.” Every seller must be located in this second group.

Sales phrases. Number 9:

“Filter everything you do, say and propose through the consumer’s point of view. This will improve each parameter that he evaluates with concern today. ” -Matt Heinz

There are two ways to do this, one more effective than the other:

1.- Putting oneself in the buyer’s situation and evaluating the offer itself from that point of view.

2.- Adopt the position of buyer before a client who is “selling a necessity”.

This second route is much more effective. In reality, the seller seeks to buy a customer’s acceptance of a certain good or service, while the buyer “sells” a need that needs to be satisfied.

Placing yourself in the buyer’s position from this perspective allows you to identify any aspect that may be of benefit in the transaction.

Sales phrases. Number 10:

“The practice of the trade is as valuable as the sale. Sales can provide you with a livelihood, but skills can lead to fortune. ” -Jim Rohn

The good salesperson is indeed a successful person. The successful man is indeed a good salesperson. The skills to sell positively apply to every act that arises in life.

Sales phrases. Number 11:

“Don’t celebrate the closing of a sales transaction. Celebrate the opening of a relationship. ” -Patricia Fripp

Closing a sales transaction is just a beginning, one that defines what truly matters. There is a point where the salesperson transforms from a sales representative into a business agent. That moment comes when a “market” has been built. And the latter is nothing more than the organized set of stable and profitable relationships with customers. Ultimately it is precisely this: the difference between a buyer and a customer. The first is the object and product of a sales transaction, the second of a relationship.

Sales phrases. Number 12:

“Treat objections and rejections as requests for more information.” -Brian Tracy

The salesperson who interprets that he is selling a “solution to the needs of the client” instead of a product or service, will assume that objections and / or rejections are eventualities that demand greater attention with the prospect, nothing more.

Sales phrases. Number 13:

“The best salespeople are always wondering how to properly put themselves in the other person’s shoes. They know that they cannot fulfill their role if they do not continually train their communication skills with other human beings. ” -Bob Phibs

To perfect a sale it is not necessary to be “nice” it is essential to be empathetic.

The salesperson knows that empathy does not lie only in the fact of “putting themselves in the place of the other”. It is also necessary to “let the other know that one can put oneself in their place.” Empathy manages to feel how the other feels, and understands the reasons for those feelings even without accepting them or completely disagreeing with them. None of this is achieved without being a good communicator.

Sales phrases. Number 14:

“Sales are a result, not a goal. It’s the role of doing a number of things the right way, starting from the moment a potential prospect is identified, until a deal is closed. ” -Jill Konrath

The salesperson is like the student who must take a course many months to demonstrate what they have learned in an exam. The latter is only the sensitive end of the process, and it does not make sense to take it as a problem if everything before it has been taken advantage of.

The sale is a final exam. If the process has been handled well, the chances of beating it are always promising.

Sales phrases. Number 15:

“It is not the buyer’s job to remind you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure that you have done what is necessary so that I cannot forget you. ” -Patricia Fripp

There is only one requirement to become a memorable salesperson: doing things with love. But contrary to what is always thought, this love should not necessarily be oriented towards the product or service that is being sold, rather the act of selling itself. Being able to sell is a privilege, buying is a necessity. Not everyone can sell effectively, but everyone needs to buy.

The buyer can conclude satisfied with an acquisition. The seller ends up happy with a sale. There is degree difference in sensation. One that also explains that wise requirement to “do what brings happiness”, because nothing guarantees the quality of a job more than the contentment with which it is done.

When the seller loves his trade, he gets the buyer to love the product that is sold to him more than the money that it represents.

This is the circuit of love in sales!

Sales phrases. Number 16:

“What sales is really about is having conversations with people to help them develop their companies or their life. If things like this are appreciated, selling is an admirable task. ” -Lori Richardson

Holding conversations with people, this is finally selling. A virtuous mechanism for establishing relationships and allowing the dynamics that sustain the world to endure.

The human being is a creature of a social nature, he needs to be in contact with others. This is part of its essence. And without communication the relationship is not established. When sales take the right to be part of that magic that sustains the species, they enter a place that is reserved for very few things.

What sales is all about is having conversations with people … A statement that can only be followed by a full stop!