How to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to Another State

Many beneficiaries of this program, at the time of moving out of state, do not know how to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to another State. In spite of everything, it is an extremely simple procedure and does not show any complications at the time of moving.

That is why, in our article on How to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to another State, we will explain everything you need to carry out this procedure. If you want to know more, keep reading!

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Transfer a Section 8 Voucher: Is it Possible?

Get started with How to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to Another State. The Housing Choice Voucher Program, better known as “Section 8”, is an assistance program that provides help, in the form of vouchers, to low-income individuals and families so that they can afford decent and hygienic housing.

Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, “portability” refers to the process through which a family can transfer, or “port”, their rental subsidy when they move to a location outside the jurisdiction of the Public Housing Agency where you applied.

Now, to make sure you won’t have any problems, contact your Housing Authority and ask if portability is possible. Also do it with the Authority of the place where you want to move. Some reasons why you could not do the porting are:

  • The old Housing Authority is not willing to pay for the voucher and the new Housing Authority is not willing either (in English this is called “billing” and “absorbing”).
  • The Housing Authority may be in a budget freeze and not allow transfers.
  • The Housing Authority is not willing to continue paying the voucher because you are moving to a more expensive area.
  • You have not been receiving assistance from the program for 12 months.

Exceptions to transfer rules

On some occasions, if you receive a denial on your transfer request, you can ask the office to reconsider their position and make an exception. You can do this if:

  • You or a member of your family is disabled.
  • You have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence or stalking.

Transfer a Section 8 Voucher: Who Can?

You can transfer your voucher if you are a regular section 8 beneficiary. However, you cannot if you receive project-based Section 8 support. Project- based section 8 is part of a specific real estate or property. If you leave, you leave the benefit behind and the next tenant receives it.

Exclusion: If you’re a project-based Section 8 beneficiary, there’s a good chance you can ask to convert your benefit to a “tenant-based voucher” and then transfer, using a rule called “Family Move Right.”

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development makes safe and sanitary homes affordable for low-income, disabled and elderly residents through its Home Choice Voucher program.

Tenants receive a voucher that they have the ability to transfer to any jurisdiction, whether in their state or across the country. Public housing agencies, or PHAs, administer the program locally.

Transfer a Section 8 Voucher: Local Housing Authority

As we have recommended, prior to moving you should contact the Housing Authority that issued the section 8 voucher for your today’s rental agreement. The PHA will review their records to verify that the voucher is portable. You cannot transfer your voucher if you owe money to the PHA or if you have violated agency regulations.

Section 8, while overseen and funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is administered by the local PHA.

Click here to discover the office closest to you. The website rates local PHAs by state, locality, and/or zip code, and includes all available contact information.

After the home office processes the application, individuals and families will either be turned away or placed on a waiting list.

Even if applicants are eligible, applications have the possibility of being rejected due to high demand or because they were not chosen in a random drawing. In the event of a denial, the PHA will provide a letter explaining the reasons for their selection, and applicants will be able to request an informal review.

Transfer a Voucher from Section 8: New Location Verification

Following on from How to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to Another State, when the PHA verifies portability, you will look for a Home Authority office in the new state. Make sure you can’t transfer your voucher to an area where there isn’t a PHA with a rental assistance program.

If there is an agency in that jurisdiction, your local PHA will ensure that the qualification requirements for the location are similar to the requirements for your residence today.

It is necessary that to qualify for section 8 at least one member of the family nucleus must be a resident of the United States or have a certain type of legal immigration status. You can ask for help from the program if certain members of your family do not meet this requirement, however, you will not receive the full subsidy and you will have to pay more for rent.

The need for household help is greater than the number of vouchers accessible, therefore long wait times are common. Furthermore, many PHAs only allow claims over stated time periods. And once a PHA has more applicants than it can fill, it closes the list.

Transferring the Voucher

Before finishing with How to Transfer a Section 8 Voucher to Another State. Your local home agency will provide you with the contact information for the branch in the new jurisdiction and tell you how to register for help there.

Since you already have a voucher, you do not need to be re-qualified for rental assistance by the new office. Similarly, remember that the PHA will help you decide if you are eligible for assistance. This is inspired by both your family size and total annual gross income.

In most cases, income cannot exceed 50% of the median income for the area where you want to reside. In addition, Part 8 is also limited to US residents and certain categories of non-residents with eligible immigration status.

As stipulated by the program, tenants have to pay 30% of the rent, and the voucher will cover the rest. Individuals must find a home that recognizes Section 8 vouchers and meets the program’s requirements, including an inspection. When the home is insured, PHAs will pay rent directly to the owner.

Frequent questions

Can I enter the unit before the paperwork has been processed?

In theory, yes, but we do not suggest that you do so. It should be established that you are eligible for the unit, it should pass an inspection of the program’s quality standards, and the rent should be defined as reasonable before you move in.

How much am I going to pay?

After the unit has passed inspection and the lease has been presented for payment, you will be sent a rent change notice letter. The cost of the rent that you must pay will be included in this letter.

How much is my voucher worth?

Section 8 is an earnings-based program, so the portion you receive will depend on how much money you earn each month. When all documents are received and processed, you will receive an “Affordability” sheet that will help you choose an affordable unit.

Can I add someone to my voucher?

No. Only the household structure recognized by your initial House Authority will be processed through the portability process.

I want to cancel the transfer and return to my original Home Authority. What should I do?

You must make a statement, in writing, stating that you want to cancel your transfer request and have the documents returned to your original Home Authority. Next, inform your original Home Authority that you have canceled your transfer request.

My voucher has expired and I have not submitted a rental assent application. What do I do now?

The Home Authority will send you a document closed letter explaining that your file is being closed and your documents are being returned to the original Home Authority for not having signed the lease. The sealed document letter will also give you the right to appeal the election and cancel your port transfer request.