Top apps to earn money

Are you planning to start generating income from your cell phone? Have you heard of apps to earn money? Something very common these days is the creation and development of apps of all kinds. According to Yeeply, Apple has more than a million apps and Google Play with more than 800 thousand. There are the classic social networks, mobile games, apps to watch movies and much more. There are even people who had the vision of apps as sources of income.

Surely, at some point, you have thought of different methods to continue generating income. In this case, a very alternative is to download mobile applications to earn money. Although, be careful! Not all of them are trustworthy!

In today’s article, we will present you with a list of the best apps to earn money from anywhere.You will be able to find apps to generate money of all kinds, whether it is to fill out surveys, test applications or carry out various activities, all safe and reliable. You have no excuse not to try one of these wonderful applications.

Of course, if you want to create wealth with these apps to work and earn money, it will be necessary to create a financial plan that does not lead you to overflow with debt.

“It’s important to strategize your long-term efforts to make smarter financial decisions so you can plan your personal finances.”

So, give your wallet a break with these apps that pay you to use them!

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1. Remotask

If you missed our note on what Remotasks is, then we will give you a brief summary of this app to earn money with small tasks and great rewards.

Remotasks is an accessible platform for users from different countries looking to perform virtual tasks at home. In fact, the objective of this app to earn money is to provide the information of the results to companies that develop artificial intelligence. And the best? Without moving to another place!

All you need is to be over 18 years old, have access to the Internet and put a lot of effort into each task that Remotasks gives you.

Without a doubt, one of the great apps to work and earn money from home, in which you can find tasks such as the following: tag images, moderate content, identify spam, transcribe audio files, among other small tasks.

How does Remote Tasks work?

If you want to generate income from Remotasks, you must take into account the following elements:

  • Language: you need to have an intermediate level of the English language, since the platform and the tests are in this language.
  • Exams: Before starting the tasks, you must take some exams of each particular area. The more exams you pass, the more assignments you can do. Of course, the limit of attempts to pass the exams is 3 times.
  • Tasks: There are two types of tasks: classic tasks (text, image, videos) and LIDAR tasks (3D tasks). The latter require equipment that supports 3D images.
  • Payment method: you will receive between 1 to 3 dollars per hour, which you can collect through your PayPal or AirTM account.
  • Remostaks University: is a 10-day training program that will help you improve your accuracy on tasks. Remember that the more assignments carried out correctly, the more remuneration will be in your pocket.
  • Supervisor: You can become a Remotasks supervisor as long as your accuracy percentage is over 90%. Obviously, you will generate more income if you reach this level in one of the best apps to earn money.

2. Clickworker

This is another app to earn money that is very famous around the world. It was founded in 2005 by the company Clickworker GmbH and has more than 1,800,000 registered users.

Unlike Remotasks, Clickworker has tasks in English, German, and some in Spanish. So if you don’t handle English very well, this app to earn extra money will be very helpful.

As always, you need to be over 18 years old to be able to register. Among the tasks that stand out in Clickworker are: conducting surveys, watching videos, categorizing and rating music, categorizing photos, among other varied tasks.

How does Clickworker work?

To get started with this app and earn money from home, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • Registration: when you sign up for this app to earn money, you must choose the languages you speak, your academic skills and hobbies. As similar as a CV!
  • Tests: Before doing the assignments, you have to go through basic tests and then slightly more complicated tests.
  • Tasks: The tasks in this application to generate income are varied. You should always be aware of new releases.
  • UHRS platform: this platform is linked to Clickworker and offers better remuneration. So, you must have a good level of English to pass the exams. In case you have problems with your registration, you can try to enter with Microsoft Edge.
  • Referral system: you can earn 5 euros by inviting a friend. Clickworker will give you the money when your guest earns 10 euros by doing tasks.
  • Payment method: the application will pay you from PayPal. To do this, keep in mind that the minimum amount of money you must have is 5 euros and your Paypal account must be verified.
  • Support platform: some Internet users point out that Clickworker has a good support team for any questions or problems. In short, a good app to earn money without spending a lot of time.

3. Karma App

Did you know that there is an app to earn money showing off your gamer skills? Well, App Karma makes it possible.

A great point in favor is that there are no geographical restrictions, that is, anyone around the world can use this application to earn money from home.

In addition, this easy money maker allows you to earn Karma Points, which you can redeem through PayPal or for some gift cards from companies like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, among others.

The first time you enter App Karma, there will be some extra points that you can get right away based on some factors like:

  • Daily activity bonus (+5 points)
  • View tutorials (+50 points)
  • Verify your email (+50 points)
  • Likes on Facebook (+50 points)
  • Watching tutorials (+50 points)
  • Promo code entry (+300 points)

How App Karma works?

In order for you to understand how App Karma works, we briefly describe some elements that you should take into account:

  • Download platforms: App Karma is an app to earn money available on iOS and Android. It is completely free.
  • Video Games: If you want to earn money by playing video games, you need to reach a certain level to get the Karma points. Show your gaming talent!
  • Referral systems: when the people you invite sign up for App Karma through your link, you will earn 30% of all their referral earnings.
  • VIP Account: If you have a YouTube channel with more than 1,000 subscribers and are interested in promoting App Karma, you can apply to become a VIP and go from earning 30% to 40% on your referral earnings. It’s that simple you can become the next ambassador of this application to earn money from home.
  • Means of payment: when completing tasks in this app to earn money, you can redeem it in PayPal or through gift cards from various companies.

4. Poll Pay

If you enjoy taking surveys, you’ll love Poll Pay. This is an app that pays you to use it and answer surveys in Spanish from the comfort of your smartphone.

It is a German platform managed by the company BitBurst GmbH. Something remarkable about this application to generate extra income is that you can get bonuses for Netflix, Amazon and Xbox.

Unlike previous apps, Poll Pay asks that you be over 16 years old. So if you felt excluded because of your age, you can now download this app to earn money.

Poll Pay, to date, is available for Spain and Mexico.

How does PollPay work?

To start earning money from home with this app, write down the following information:

  • Download platforms: Poll Pay is available only for mobile applications, both iOS and Android.
  • Profile: It is very important to complete your profile on the platform as much as possible. This will help the app assign you more surveys to take.
  • Welcome Bonus: This money earning app gives you a welcome bonus if you have an invite code. You can quickly find these codes on the Internet.
  • Welcome Quiz: Like all apps, Poll Pay also takes a quiz at startup. The good thing is that it gives you a payment for finishing it. Great, isn’t it?
  • Tasks: The only tasks you will find are surveys. These are of different duration and the remuneration will vary according to the difficulty.
  • Referral system: you receive 15% commission on the earnings of your guests.
  • Payment method: This money making app uses PayPal and gift cards from companies like Amazon, Spotify, and the App Store.

5. Cashzine

Who knew that reading news would help you increase your earnings? If your thing is to always wake up with a newspaper at hand and be up to date with the latest events, then Cashzine is the perfect money earning app for you.

Cashzine’s mission is to improve the reading habit of its users through world news.This idea is very original and will come in handy if you want to generate extra income in your spare time.

If you are not sure about downloading it, I tell you that more than 5 million people have downloaded this application to generate income on Android devices, so you cannot let it go.

Cashzine works in all countries and is available on iOS and Android devices. The difference is that on iOS it’s called Buzz Match. Now you will no longer have any obstacles to start earning money from home.

How does Cashzine work?

If you are curious about how Cashzine works, we will briefly summarize it for you:

  • Advertising: If you are wondering how Cashize generates income, it is through advertising, which you will see while reading the news in the app.
  • Sources of information: The news that you will read in this app to earn money have good sources of information, such as Reuters, Mirror and BuzzFeed.
  • Referral Bonus: Cashzine will give you 8000 coins if you enter the invite code from a friend or anyone who promotes it. You can find several of these codes on the Internet.
  • Remuneration: this app to earn money will give you 50 coins every minute you read a news story. The more time you read, the more coins you will have, it’s that simple! The maximum you can read is 150 articles per day, which is equal to 7,500 coins.
  • Bonuses: Cashzine will give you bonuses for sharing the news on other social networks or for entering the app every day, which is great to accumulate coins quickly.
  • Referral systems: when the people you invite subscribe to Cashzine through your link, you will earn 15% of all their income plus various bonuses that vary by country.
  • Payment method: this app to earn money from home uses Paypal to pay you for the coins accumulated on its platform. You can request payment from $5 and it takes approximately 5 business days. Remember that PayPal has commissions that are discounted automatically.

6. Sweatcoin

Did you know that there is an app that pays you to walk?Well, if you don’t mind sharing your location, then Sweatcoin is for you.

This app to earn money pays you for your steps, whether they are on the street, at work, in the gym, anywhere. The big difference is that Sweatcoin (SWC) is a digital currency, similar to the famous bitcoin.The digital coins that you collect in this app to generate income can be exchanged for services, goods and real-life experiences.

To date, Sweatcoin is available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland, and in some Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.

If everything related to cryptocurrencies and online investment catches your attention, we invite you to read our note on how to invest safely on the Internet.

How does Sweatcoin work?

As we mentioned before, an important part of this app to earn money is that you must have your GPS on all the time. If you are comfortable with this requirement, then you will be interested in knowing more about this application:

  • Download platforms: Sweetcoin is available for cell phones with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Number of steps: for every 1052 steps you take outside your home, you will receive 1 sweatcoin. The more steps you take, the more money you’ll accumulate.
  • Prizes: When you reach a certain amount of Sweetcoins, you can redeem them for items such as sports watches, Amazon credits, e-books, airline miles or gift cards. These offers are renewed every day.
  • Activity map: if you like to see the results of your physical activity, the Sweetcoin app offers you an activity map where you can see all the details.
  • Memberships: The basic version of this app to earn money only allows you to earn 5 SWC, so memberships will allow you to expand this range.

Perhaps one of the reasons why you are looking for apps to earn money is because you don’t know how to properly manage your personal finances, right? If you suffer from overspending and letting yourself be tempted by a few “whims”, this free guide on tips and practices to save money will be very useful.

7. Ibotta

Are you always aware of the latest offers from online stores?Do you love shopping online? This app to earn money is ideal for you.

Ibotta lets you earn cash back for purchases at over 1,500 brands and retail chains. Initially selling only groceries, they have now expanded to include leisure items, clothing, pet supplies and other categories.

As for the offers of this app to generate income, they can be specific to the retail store or even some are applied automatically. Sometimes you will have to complete an additional task, such as watching a video or taking a survey to get discount coupons.

How does Ibotta work?

If you want to know how to generate extra income in this app to work and earn money, then we will tell you that there are two possible ways to earn profits in stores:

  • Add offers to your shopping cart. Then submit your receipt in the same app. Keep in mind that you can buy through the app or the website.
  • Purchase a gift card through the Ibotta app.

In fact, you’ll receive a cash refund for in-store purchases quickly, usually within 24 hours. This money making app also offers you a welcome bonus of up to $20, referral bonuses and a variety of payment methods.

Speaking of payment methods, you can redeem your accumulated points through PayPal, a gift card or make a direct transfer to your bank account.

8. Swagbucks

Another of the apps to earn money in which you will be asked to do simple tasks online from the comfort of your home. This is a cashback and rewards app where you can earn points called “SB” and redeem them instantly.

What you have to do? Simply shop at their online store, take surveys, watch funny videos, play games, or accomplish other tasks through Swagbucks.

How does Swagbucks work?

Swagbucks offers many easy ways to earn rewards and there is no waiting period to get paid. If you want to redeem your points in this app to generate income, you can do it through gift cards or get a cash transfer to your PayPal account. Remember that the total points awarded may vary depending on the task assigned.

For example, surveys are usually worth between 40 and 200 SB points each. The minimum balance required to redeem depends on the payment option you choose, but some gift cards are available for as little as 140 SB points.

In addition, payments in this app to earn money usually arrive within 10 business days after the withdrawal of funds. You can also get a $10 bonus on a specific $25 purchase when you sign up for the first time.

If you want to know other tricks to earn money with this app, take a look at the following video.

9. InboxDollars

Are you looking for an app to earn dollars in your free time? InboxDollars is a good alternative! It is an online platform that gives you the opportunity to participate in focus groups and test new products just by answering surveys from a variety of companies.

How does InboxDollars work?

Earning cash for sharing your opinion and completing surveys has never been easier. This app to generate income from home offers cash payments, as well as gift cards and PayPal transfers.

Survey payouts through this money making app range from $0.25 to $5 and are redeemed every Wednesday. Plus, additional rewards include cash back when shopping online, free samples, discounts, and coupon codes.

In fact, signing up as a member is free and they give you $5 once you confirm your email address. What more could you want?

10. Drop

If, like many people, you shop at the same online stores every week, you will benefit even more from this money making app.

With Drop, every purchase will earn you points. Unlike the other apps, you don’t need to link a debit or credit card to take advantage of some of the offers. However, this app that gives you money recommends that you associate a card to get the best shopping experience.

Best of all, you can redeem at the same stores you earned points through. So you can use your rewards and save money at the same time. For example, to pay for your Netflix membership, buy coffee at Starbucks, or do your weekly shopping on Amazon.

How does Drop work?

Drop makes the experience of earning points really simple. For starters, everything is done through the same app. As we mentioned before, when you make purchases at any of the registered stores, you automatically earn points.

When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for prizes of your choice. Please note that 1,000 points equals $1.00. So go downloading this app to earn money from now!

In addition, you can transfer your funds to a PayPal account or withdraw them with gift cards when you want to redeem your rewards points.

11. Earny

Has it not happened to you that one day you want to buy something on a web page, but the next day this price is totally different? Continuing with this list of apps to earn money, we bring you Earny. This application is not going to give you money as such, but it is like other apps that we have reviewed that are responsible for refunding a percentage of your purchase.

Normally, this percentage tends to vary, although you can get rebates of up to 20% only for buying in certain online stores and linking your Amazon account to Earny.

Also, that’s not all! In addition to being one of the apps to earn money, it is also ideal for saving. How? Earny will send you a notification when the latest products you’ve been looking at in the app drop in price or are on sale.

How does Earny work?

The first thing you should do to start generating discounts with one of the best applications to save money is to enter Earny and link your Amazon account.This process is completely free, so there is no excuse to start trying it.

From that moment on, all you need to do is make regular purchases and the app will automatically begin to refund money so you can accumulate Earny. The money can be used by you at any time to purchase various products in thousands of online stores.

Also, they will constantly send you links with discounts for you to share with your friends.If they get to use them, you will also earn money in the application. Definitely one of the best apps to earn money.

12. Make Money

One of the most used apps to earn money in recent times is Make Money. This application allows you to generate totally tangible and extractable income, only by answering internal and external surveys, as well as performing different varied tasks.

But how is the application to generate income so famous? What stands out the most in Make Money is its simple design and friendly interface.At all times, you will know how to locate yourself and start billing.

It is so much so that, unlike many of the apps to earn money that you have seen on this list, in Make Money you do not need to register in any way.

Don’t worry, when you get a reasonable amount of points, just like the other apps that pay, Make Money will ask you to enter your email and your PayPal account so you can make the respective change to real money.

How does MakeMoney work?

As we mentioned, you do not need a previous registration, so you only have to find the application and download it. Once you have the application to make money, Make Money, enter and all the available tasks that you must perform to earn points will appear.

Approximately, each activity carried out gives you an average of 7 thousand points. However, in order to make a minimum withdrawal of money, you must reach a point goal that is usually high. This is usually a negative aspect of the app to earn money.

When you reach the minimum, just click on the withdrawal option, log into your PayPal account and withdraw your cash. How simple!

13. i-Say

Does the company IPSOS ring a bell? It is likely that at some point you have heard of this transnational company that is dedicated to conducting surveys and generating statistics, especially in the electoral processes of different countries.

The company created one of the safest and most legitimate money-making apps called i-Say. This app is based on the fact that by doing different surveys in your free time, you will get money.This can be withdrawn by PayPal or even, sometimes, they usually pay with Amazon or Itunes cards.

However, answering surveys is usually not that simple. What do we mean? There are two requirements! Well, the first thing is to have a lot of free time to conscientiously answer each of the questions. Second, you may not rate many of the surveys you take, as there are often too many filters to find a specific population.

Even so, it is one of the safest ways to earn money from an app, since all the surveys are within the application itself and it does not contain excessive ads.

How does iSay work?

To start using this app to earn real money you need to register. Unlike many other apps that pay you, in i-Say they ask you for very personal information so that the surveys that appear suit your profile.However, in many of the surveys you enter you will have to repeat some information.

Following this, many different survey options will appear on the main screen.Although you may believe that there are too many, you should consider that you may not be able to do all of them, since you may not meet the requirements.

Each successful completion of the survey is worth 1 point, which can be exchanged for approximately 1 cent. It is a great option to earn money with apps. And you, how many surveys do you plan to carry out?

14. Mobee

Do you consider yourself a person who really enjoys walking and visiting shops of all kinds? Precisely, you are about to discover one of the most dynamic apps to earn money that currently exist in both the Play Store and the Apple Store. This is Mobee, an application to generate money that is based on visiting different establishments, photographing them and receiving rewards for that.

It could be said that this money-making app falls under the category of mystery shopping apps, which reward the action of shopping in different stores and writing short reviews about it.

Each of the Mobee missions you complete will award a certain amount of points, which can be redeemed from the amount of 500 points. These are approximately equivalent to 5 dollars. However, if you want to accumulate your points to make a juicier withdrawal, you can do so without any problem.

How does Mobee work?

As we said, the dynamics of Mobee is based on fulfilling missions that involve moving to different places or buying certain products.Once you have identified the requirements of each mission, you can put your hands to work.

If you did everything right, you will get a reward in the form of points, which you can accumulate until you exchange them for real money. It is also a safe application to generate income if you get new people to sign up for the application. Without a doubt, one of the most fun apps to earn money.

15. User Testing

Are you interested in the idea of earning money from your cell phone just by testing applications? That is the case of User Testing! The main function of this app to earn money is based on serving as a platform that pays you to use it and generate tests for app developers.In this way, external applications receive feedbackon the interface design and its operation, while users who test them generate income.

It is a good application to earn money if you have free time and you like to discover mobile applications of all kinds. Among the most recognized companies that User Testing has as clients are Facebook, Walmart, Domino’s, Microsoft and many more brands. Wouldn’t you like to try a new feature of your favorite social network?

How does User Testing work?

Before you start making money with User Testing, the app asks you to register on its platform. You must make sure you meet the requirements, which are:

  • Be of legal age (at least 18 years).
  • Have a cell phone or computer that has the Windows or iOS operating system.
  • Have a stable and fast internet speed.
  • Have an external or internal microphone to express the feedback of the application you are testing.
  • Master the English language.

If you meet all the requirements, once registered you will be shown a didactic tutorial and you can start testing the applications that the platform recommends. On the other hand, although you have the possibility to try some programs and applications from your cell phone, in many cases it will be easier to do it from a laptop. For each feedback provided, the application will pay through PayPal.

What are you waiting for to try these apps to earn money?

16. CashPirate

Last but not least, in this list of apps to earn money from your cell phone, we present Cash Pirate. This mobile app was created in 2014 by the Ayet Studio company and is responsible for paying its users to watch videos, download applications, as well as add more people to the app.

This app is only available on the Play Store. But are there similar pay-to-use apps on iOS? If you have an iPhone, you can download a money making app very similar to Cash Pirate calledGiftPanda.

In short, Cash Pirate works like most apps to earn money that we have seen on this list; that is, by a system of rewards that, upon reaching a minimum amount, can be exchanged for real money through PayPal or Gift Cards from famous brands. Specifically, in this app for every 1000 points earned you earn 1 dollar.

How does CashPirate work?

When entering the application to have money, 5 tabs will appear which are: Overview (balance of your points), Earn Coins (videos and applications available to earn money), Redeem Coins (make your payments), Referrals (referrals) and My account (your profile).

In reality, the app is very intuitive, so it’s not complicated to start testing applications from Cash Pirate and earn money from your cell phone in a simple and safe way.

We hope today’s note has been useful to you! Now that you know each of these apps to earn money from your cell phone, what are you waiting for to put your hands to work?Remember that, although you can earn income with applications, it is not recommended that they become your only money entry, since this type of virtual business is usually very changeable. Use them as a way to get something extra for your tastes.

If you want to continue learning new ways to earn money and master your personal finances, we recommend you take a look at ouronline Entrepreneurship and businesscourses.We are sure they will be your favorites.

So tell us, what was your favorite app?