Can you get fired while on leave?

In this post we are going to clarify if, legally, being on medical leave you can be fired. And we explain how to act if your company fires you while you are on medical leave. As specialists in Labor Law, we will address the two most common scenarios: long-term leave and shorter and justified absences … Read more

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What is an unfair dismissal and how to claim

What is the compensation for unfair dismissal? When is a dismissal unfair? We explain the reasons and how much you will earn if the employment relationship is terminated and the company or a judge declares the dismissal unfair. We help you calculate the compensation for unfair dismissal that would correspond to you. And if it … Read more

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How to Get a Copy of Divorce Papers

When a couple decides to get married, they usually don’t think about divorce; if it were so, they would not marry. It has happened before that in couples who promise sincerity and affection, one of the contracting parties turns out to be married before. You should know that there are ways to find out if … Read more

How much does a divorce cost in the United States?

As painful as it may be to admit it, marriages are not for life. There are many factors -such as the partner’s anger, lack of love or infidelity- that affect life together and that can lead a once-happy couple to make the difficult decision to divorce. The good news is that, as long as the … Read more

How to access divorce files

Divorce records, like many other information records, are public records. In the United States, as in many other countries, it is common for someone to seek access to these records. According to, there are a number of reasons someone wants access to divorce records, including a name change, wanting to remarry, for a property … Read more

How to Print Divorce Papers online for free

According to the Barna Group, 78 percent of adults in the United States have been married at least once. Additionally, 33 percent of adults over the age of 18 have been divorced, too, at least once. To counteract the rising costs of divorce, you can access the forms online, print the documents completely free of … Read more

How much does a divorce cost in Texas?

According to a survey conducted by, on average a divorce in Texas can cost $15,600, with only $12,400 for attorneys’ fees. This figure is 22% higher than the national average of $12,800 considering $10,100 in attorneys’ fees. What is the hourly rate that Texas divorce lawyers charge? The average hourly rate for divorce lawyers … Read more

How to Cancel Registration of a Vehicle

Cancel Registration of a Vehicle

When you sell, give away your car, or take a vehicle off the road in the United States, you must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) of the state where the car was registered. By carrying out this procedure you are protecting yourself from the possible fraudulent use of your old car … Read more

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Limited society

The Private limited company, also known as LTD, is a type of Mercantile Society that is regulated in the Capital Companies Law and that is mainly characterized by limiting the liability of its partners to the capital contributed. In this way, the Limited Company constitutes an excellent way to protect the personal assets of its … Read more

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De Facto Separation Meaning

The de facto separation it supposes the cessation of the coexistence of the spouses, before being able to process a legal separation or a divorce. Unlike the “right” separation, de facto separation does not imply following the procedures established as of Article 81 of the Civil Code nor is it legally recognized. However, it does … Read more

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List of unjustified dismissal


Dismissing an employee is a decision that most small businesses do not take lightly. It can affect the morale of the employees who stay with the company and devastate the employee and his family. Although it is sometimes necessary to fire someone, employers should avoid acting recklessly and violate labor laws. Before firing an employee, … Read more

How to file a complaint against an abusive employer

Under federal law, employees can file different types of complaints against abusive employers. The type of complaint an employee must file depends on the specific violation or cause of action. In addition to filing complaints against employers based on federal laws, employees can file complaints at the same time with state agencies based on the … Read more

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How much a lawyer earns in an average year


Society is governed by a set of complex laws and acting in the most efficient manner within the law often requires a thorough knowledge of how the law works. Lawyers are legal experts who represent and advise clients on a wide range of legal matters in defense of criminals in court to help business owners … Read more

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Employee Rights in Texas

Several laws in Texas protect workers’ rights in relation to compensation, labor policies and occupational safety. The Texas Workforce Commission is a government agency responsible for ensuring that Texas employees have access to the resources they need to seek and maintain reasonable employment in companies that are flexible to state labor laws. Texas workers have … Read more

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How much money does a defense lawyer earn a year?


How Much Money does a Criminal Lawyer Make Criminal lawyers specialize in either the prosecution or the defense. Prosecutors work for city, county, state or federal governments, while defense attorneys can work for governments, large law firms or on their own. Some defense attorneys earn high salaries from private clients, while others earn relatively modest … Read more

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