How to Get a Copy of Divorce Papers

When a couple decides to get married, they usually don’t think about divorce; if it were so, they would not marry. It has happened before that in couples who promise sincerity and affection, one of the contracting parties turns out to be married before.

You should know that there are ways to find out if someone is married using the Internet, as well as ways to request a copy of the divorce decree online.

Here we present the options to request your divorce papers from your country or abroad. You have the options to do it online, by mail or in person.

Location, an important factor in obtaining your divorce papers

The procedures, requirements and money to get divorced depend on whether you are in the same country where you were married or in a different country.

Filing for divorce papers depends on the country you are in and the country where you were married.

Not all countries are governed by the same legislation. And not all countries accept the documents easily, you have to register them, authenticate them and even apostille them.

If it is from one country to another, you have to have the documents apostilled at the embassies. These are additional procedures that increase the cost of acquiring the divorce document.

If you decide to get divorced abroad , it is good that you know that not all countries have the online option. And there are few who accept divorce papers without being approved.

If you are in the same town where you got married, the process is cheaper and easier, since it is easier to access the divorce files.

In that case, you can request your copy of the judgment or other divorce papers yourself personally or through a licensed attorney.

If you are far from the court where the divorce decree was granted , the process is obviously more expensive due to shipping.

Why keep a copy of the divorce papers handy?

It is convenient that when you obtain the divorce decree you request a certified copy. Although in some countries they deliver the original document at the same time that the sentence is issued.

This document must be saved and reproduced since from now on you will need it for all legal procedures.

In the case of buying and selling real estate, vehicles, permits for your children, closing or opening a bank account. Sometimes for something as simple as getting your driver’s license.

It is advisable to have the divorce decree on hand or process the necessary registration before the legal entities. You really never know when you might need it.

Did you know that not only the divorce certificate or decree is indicative that a couple is divorced? Also the marriage document with a marginal note must indicate it.

In some countries you have to present both documents, it all depends on the procedure to be carried out; so it’s better to be prepared.

How to get the divorce certificate?

There are generally three ways to request divorce papers that have to do with the courts.

The traditional one that is personally. By mail, few countries have it. And via the Internet or online, which is something in which many jurisdictions are innovating.

Remember that you can only request the divorce papers in the court that granted you the sentence. Also in the civil records of each state or county.

Online requests for copies of your divorce papers

What happens now with globalization? How are procedures handled in public entities? How are technological advances combined with legal procedures?

It seems that in these times of technological advances, all public entities have the option of carrying out procedures online. So far they have been open to birth certificates, marriage and death certificates.

When it comes to judgments or divorce certification , there are very few. Here are some alternatives.

Governments have seen the need to implement more flexible methods. A citizen who needs to obtain their divorce papers does not need to apply in person. It can be done through the Internet or a third person.

In some countries there are independent companies that carry out these procedures. However, it is necessary to make sure that they are legal and accepted by the public body where the documents will be processed.

The same registry has authorized independent companies that are the ones that they accept for these types of procedures.

Some ways to get divorce papers online

In the United States, for example, the Los Angeles County Vital Registry makes its online portal available to the public. Through it you can request public documents. Once in the portal go to the section ” Divorce Records

If you got divorced in Argentina, the government has official pages where you can consult by type or file, if you remember the data.

You only have to enter, for example, the page in the event that you remember your data and request your file. In the event that you do not remember anything, it usually happens, or some information, enter through

Another example is if you have Italian citizenship and reside in Colombia. The Italian embassy clearly explains the process you must follow to transcribe your divorce papers.

Remember that a divorce carried out abroad is not recognized in Italy. The divorce decree must be transcribed in a Civil Status office of the “ Comune ”; there you can carry out the registration process.

On the page you can follow the steps of the process to register the divorce.

Those described above are some examples of how to request your divorce papers before public organizations via the web.

If you want to do it this way, just find out online if similar procedures are available in your country, county or state where you got divorced.

There are also third-party pages in charge of carrying out these procedures in various parts of the world. Make sure they are accepted into the registry where the divorce was granted.

Another important point before requesting your divorce papers through third parties is to verify their reputation. Remember that you are going to make payments and some internet sites can scam you.

Request a divorce certificate in Puerto Rico online

In the event that you have been divorced in Puerto Rico. The page processes divorce certificates just like the domain.

Request divorce decree online, other countries

The General Directorate of Civil Status Registry of Uruguay has a portal to request divorce papers online. You can make your request from anywhere in the world.

On the page you have to go through the “User Creation” link. Then you have to create your user by registering your data.

The system will verify your data against the registry of citizens of the country.

They have different rates, if it is urgent or a common procedure. In the event that it is a common procedure, they promise delivery within a maximum period of three business days. If you request it urgently, you will receive it in one day.

The Chilean Civil Registry and Identification has an online service for requesting divorce papers.

In Chile it is called “ Act of cessation of coexistence ”. You can access it on the page.

For this, it is essential that you create a unique key with the link indicated there. You give the icon to go to the online procedure. Subsequently, you follow the instructions and information that they request.

On the page called you can find a variety of information on cases related to divorce papers.

If you use these means you have to add the cost of the registration process, the shipment via international Courier and what the managers of this type of procedure charge.

Requests for copies of your divorce papers by mail

The country best known for using its postal service is the United States. And yet it’s only in some states that you can file for divorce papers through the postal service.

It is another interesting way to request them. The steps are the following.

Since the court is the one that grants the divorce, you have to apply to the same court by sending a written request. There you must attach the following information.

Enter the name of your ex-husband or ex-wife exactly as it appears on the divorce decree. You have to place the approximate date, so that it is easy to search for it. The place where you got married and the record or case number, if you remember it.

Remember that you must first ask by phone how much the process of divorce papers costs. It is important to include the money and other information or papers that are required so as not to lose the shipment.

Right there they will inform you how many days the process takes since the officials have to look for the original record and reproduce it. Then they certify it and send it to you through the postal service.

Request for a copy of your divorce papers in person

In some countries you still cannot process your divorce papers online, you have to go personally.

If you live in the country where you got divorced, it is economical for you and you avoid paying for mailing, or paying third parties. In most countries the requirements are similar, what varies is the purpose that you are going to give it.

If it is for local use, you do not need to pay extra for certifications at embassies or legal translators. The information to personally request your divorce papers is as follows.

How to get the divorce certificate in person?

Locate the address of the court that issued the divorce sentence. Ask about the hours and days of receipt of this type of procedure.

They may only hold a hearing on certain days at certain times.

Remember to bring the full names and copies of the identifications of the former spouses. The approximate date the divorce was granted and the judgment number.

In any case, check by phone if any additional documents are required and the cost of the procedure. This so that you are prepared and do not lose the trip.

Divorce procedures in Peru and Ecuador

The government of Peru has an informative page on the steps to follow to obtain a literal or simple copy of divorce. You have to go to the National Superintendency of Public Records.

There you go to the Orientation module in SUNARP or to the information center. You fill out the form with the data and you can request the help of the counselor.

Then you go through the box to pay the amount stipulated for each page that has the document. The document can be delivered the same day or three days later, depending on the number of sheets you have.

Something very curious happens with divorce in Ecuador. If you got divorced abroad, you have to get divorced again in Ecuador. You cannot get divorced through the consulate.

Fortunately you do not have to travel to Ecuador.

The good thing is that it can be done by granting a power of attorney to a lawyer. Each person involved needs a lawyer to represent them through authenticated power of attorney.

If the two people divorced by mutual agreement, they can be represented by a single attorney with a single power of attorney. To expedite the process, it is convenient that they present the divorce papers from abroad.

Remember that these must be duly legalized at the Ecuadorian consulate.

On the page you can ask questions to Ecuadorian lawyers about the copy of the divorce decree.

Divorce procedures in Chile

The opposite of Peru occurs in Chile. A Chilean who completes a divorce abroad can do so under the laws of the country where he resides. These sentences issued by foreign courts have the same validity.

The Chilean can obtain the divorce papers approved in Chile after carrying out the legal procedures.

The judgment handed down by foreign courts must follow the procedure for the approval of foreign judgments.

This procedure is described in the Chilean civil procedure code under articles 242 and 251. After this process, the divorce decree has the same range of force as if it had been in Chile.