TOP 5 Best Hot Springs in California

In the USA, when the cold season arrives, a source of heat is the dream of many, who seek a warm place to warm their bodies and mitigate the action of winter. What better than opting for one of the many natural hot springs that exist in the country, especially in beautiful California. Very tempting … Read more

How much do braces cost in the United States?

Metal brackets

You need to know how much it costs to get braces in the United States, because although the cost is variable, on average you can have an idea of how much it will cost you to have a good smile once orthodontics takes effect. Then below you will know on average how much it will … Read more

Where can I buy wholesale clothing in the United States?

Buying wholesale clothing is an excellent option for those who wish to undertake in the textile sector. Well, through this modality, you get a wide variety of garments at a comfortable price. Currently, the USA is one of the countries with the best suppliers worldwide. That is why here we will talk about the most … Read more

TOP 6 Best Hot Springs in Florida

The state of Florida is a paradisiacal places to visit, why? Its strategic location, climate, cultural diversity and, of course, it has the best terminal waters in the entire United States. Devil’s Den Spring At first glance it may not seem like a hot spring, however, it is one of the most popular because of … Read more

The 5 best Telephone Companies in the United States quality price

It is impressive to see the great success that the telephone companies have achieved. This great reach has been achieved thanks to its unstoppable effort to provide the best communication service to its millions of users. The United States is one of the countries with the best telephone companies in the world. That is why … Read more

Get a Georgia Driver’s License

Apply for a driver’s license in Georgia if you are over 18 years of age You will need to gather several documents and take them to a Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) office. If you are at least 18 years of age, you do not need to have a learner’s permit before applying for … Read more

Change of Ownership of a vehicle between family members

What is a change of ownership between family members?  When we change the title of a car, we are notifying the DMV that the vehicle has legally changed ownership. A change of ownership of a vehicle is done when you give away, inherit or sell your car. With this transfer, the new owner will be responsible for … Read more

What is IOTA? How does it work?

Today there are more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. Many of these have been added in the last two to three years. A much older crypto project is Iota (MIOTA). In this article we explain what Iota is, what MIOTA is and what advantages and disadvantages the crypto project has. What is IOTA? IOTA … Read more

Buy Bitcoin: It’s easy in 4 steps

Since its invention in 2009, bitcoin has experienced steep growth: from October 2013 to early June 2021, its value increased by almost 30,000 percent. Analysts say Bitcoin’s value could continue to rise. Crypto currencies and the blockchain technology behind them are becoming more and more mainstream, i.e. part of everyday life. However, anyone considering buying … Read more

How much does it cost to rename a car in the United States?

Cost to rename a car in the United States

Whenever you buy or sell a car, you must transfer the title of your vehicle. If you change your name after getting married or divorced, you should do that too. However, this management is not free, it has a cost that will vary depending on where you are. By reading this article you will know … Read more

What is a HELOC and how does it work?

What is a HELOC

A Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) is a home equity loan that allows homeowners to borrow money against the equity they have repaid. HELOCs can offer lending flexibility but have limitations. They also carry the risk of foreclosure and can require a lot of discipline. Whether you need to update your kitchen or fix … Read more

Closing a bank account could affect your credit: how to avoid it

Closing a bank account shouldnot affect your credit score

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, your bank account information is not included in your credit reports, however, if you are not careful, closing it improperly could affect your score. In general, closing a bank account does not affect your credit score. However, if you do not take care of certain details, it is … Read more

Thanksgiving: How expensive will Americans pay for dinner?

The best way to achieve some savings for Thanksgiving dinner is to shop ahead for groceries or, if you choose, to go out to a restaurant. Once a year, Americans have time to reflect, to be thankful for what they have lived, to remember, to long for those who are not here, to spend time … Read more

How do I stop automatic payments from my US bank account?

Stop automatic payments from your bank account

We know that there are automatic charges that, more than helping, what they do is empty your bank account. Therefore, at TakeCareOfMoney we explain what you should do if you want to cancel automatic payments from your bank account in the US, and what you should do if a company withdraws funds from your account … Read more

Steps to sell your used car in the USA

Steps to sell your used car in the USA

We detail the essential steps to efficiently sell a used car. Selling a used car is a process that requires some basic guidelines to be successful. Like any economic process, it is developed through a set of steps that should be obeyed to the rule. On this occasion, we are going to present you and … Read more

Sign up for Bank of America Online Banking

When you own a business, you don’t always have time to visit the bank. With Bank of America Online Banking, you can view your checking and savings accounts, view past statements, and use the bill pay feature. To sign in to your account, you must first sign up for online banking. Bank of America will … Read more

What is SafePass?

SafePass Theft Protection Bank of America provides an extra degree of security for Bank of America customers using Online Banking. SafePass uses your cell phone or a special pocket card to verify your identity before completing certain online transactions. SafePass complements Bank of America’s SiteKey technology to prevent unauthorized access to your bank accounts through … Read more

What are the pros and cons of a conventional loan

A conventional loan is one that does not have government ties such as those offered with the support of the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Federal Housing Authority. There are two types of conventional loans that include a secured loan, which means that one has a collateral loan without a guarantee or signature and … Read more

How To Get The Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card

Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card

How to Obtain the Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card Although it is a very frequent question among Walmart users, the process to obtain the card is simpler than you think. However, a number of requirements must be met before the application can begin. In this article we will let you know How to Get the Walmart … Read more

How to apply for a job at Burger King and how much you earn

Among the main benefits are: discount for employees, job training and health insurance. When you are looking for a job that does not require too many credentials, and even if you are very young and have little experience, applying for a vacancy at Burger King can be a good option to hit the mark in … Read more

How much does a cashier’s check cost at Wells Fargo?

cashiers check cost

A cashier’s check is used so that you can make a more secure transaction, with this you assure the beneficiary that you have sufficient funds to make the payment. If you want to make a large money transfer, then what you need is a cashier’s check. These are granted by banks or financial institutions, usually … Read more

How bank overdraft fees work in the US

Overdraft fees work in the US

Making transactions without funds can be very expensive, banks will charge you a fee for each failed transaction. So you must be very alert If you have little money, you have to be clear about it and know how to use the amount in your favor, and most importantly, avoid overdraft fees. These are activated … Read more

CFPB guide to overdraft fees: what it’s all about

CFPB overdraft fees

According to information from the White House, overdraft and insufficient funds fees left a $15.5 billion spill for banks in 2019 If you have ever paid overdraft fees, and moreover, it has happened to you several times, those days may come to an end, after President Joe Biden announced that extra fees will be eliminated … Read more