The 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in New Jersey

Chinese gastronomy enjoys a wide level of popularity, reaching unimaginable places, and managing to satisfy multiple diners. That is why, if you are in the United States and want to delight yourself, I recommend you to know the best Chinese food restaurants in New Jersey. New Jersey is a place that has so much to offer, especially if we talk about gastronomy, so you will find endless Chinese food restaurants, where you can taste exquisite food.

These are the best Chinese restaurants in New Jersey

How have we been able to compile only the best Chinese restaurants in New Jersey? Well, we consider all the aspects that will make your experience a rewarding moment. Keep reading!

Taste of North China

To start with this list, we have the Taste of North China restaurant, a place with excellent decoration and a structure that will leave you impressed. Additionally, the menu offers you a wide range of exquisite alternatives that will leave you completely satisfied. If you want to live a complete experience, you can visit this restaurant and enjoy the luxurious facilities and the excellent service provided by the staff. On the other hand, if you want to taste the gastronomy, you can ask for home delivery.

China King Chinese Restaurant

Secondly, we have China King Chinese Restaurant, which has for you a great variety of exquisite dishes that you can taste. Whether you visit this restaurant or prefer to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your home. The prices, for their part, are very cheap and go according to the portions they serve. The dishes that you will see here are made with fresh products so that you can taste the traditional flavor of gastronomy in each bite.

Chinese Taste

China Taste is a small place that you will find in New Jersey, which at first glance does not have a special character. However, the food in this place is the biggest attraction, which is why it is highly recommended by its clients, not to mention that the attention you will receive is pleasant, professional and friendly.

New Yummy Chinese Restaurant‎

It is the turn of New Yummy Chinese Restaurant, whose place will offer you an excellent gastronomic experience, thanks to its various culinary alternatives, where you will see traditional recipes such as teriyaki beef, cold wontons, roast pork in honey sauce, chicken noodle soup, fried rice with vegetables, among other exquisite options.

Chinatown Kitchen

Chinatown Kitchen is a restaurant that you can visit with family and friends, and enjoy an excellent atmosphere, exceptional customer service, with a dedicated staff that will provide you with everything you need to make your experience on site the best. On the other hand, the prices are very cheap and you can order home delivery.

Chinese Wok

Continuing, China Wok provides you with an exquisite traditional flavor, tasty dishes with a good aroma, made with fresh ingredients, and affordable prices. In addition, the portions are very convenient, ideal if you plan to visit this place with your family. Among the gastronomic options you can find egg drop soup, vegetable soup, egg roll, meat sticks, barbecue ribs, cold noodles with sesame, fried rice with stir-fried vegetables, and many more alternatives.

Chopsticks – Chinese Restaurant

Chopsticks – Chinese Restaurant is a very clean place with a great atmosphere to visit with family and friends. Additionally, the food has an exquisite flavor, good aroma, and generous proportions that will leave you satisfied. Following that, the prices are cheap and the waiting time is very fast.

Golden Eagle Chinese Restaurant

For more options, you have the alternative Golden Eagle Chinese Restaurant, one of the best Chinese restaurants in New Jersey, thanks to the variety of dishes you’ll find on the menu, affordable prices, exceptional customer service, and fast service at home.

Chinese Chef

China Chef is an exceptional restaurant, the first thing that will impress you is its decoration, as it mixes classic and traditional elements of Asian culture, with modern and characteristic elements of the United States. The culinary presentations are extraordinary, with colorful dishes, traditional flavors with very characteristic aromas of gastronomy.

New Panda House

New Panda House offers you a wide variety of culinary dishes that you will love for their flavor and aroma. In addition, the prices are very affordable and the customer service is very optimal, professional and friendly. If you are in New Jersey, don’t forget to visit one of these Chinese food restaurants!