5 fast food restaurants with products for less than $1 dollar

McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Del Taco, and Steak ‘n Shake offer food or drinks in this range.

In an environment of economic crisis and financial uncertainty, having the necessary options to know what to eat has become essential so that money yields as much as possible, taking care of the family budget for basic needs, a situation that several food restaurant chains rapida have taken the opportunity to launch certain commercial strategies that are attractive to consumers.

Thus, these establishments in certain cases have adjusted the promotions on their menus with some products at affordable prices as a point of attraction towards their establishments, information that is worth taking into account to make a better purchase decision, for which we share the list with some of the foods that can be found in 5 fast food chains for less than $1 dollar.

Fast food restaurants with products for less than 1 dollar


The quintessential fast food chain has had to reinvent itself in its product proposals to remain an affordable alternative and currently has more than 10 proposals on its menu below the $1 dollar threshold, including they find cookies with chocolate chips at $0.43, a small coffee at $0.90 and apple pie at $0.99, as well as the BBQ Ranch Burger or Cheeseburger, at $1 dollar, as well as soft drinks or sweet tea.

Burger King

For its part, McDonald’s direct competition, Burger King, is not far behind with almost a dozen products in this range, including the Cheeseburger Sandwich, Crispy Chicken Jr, Hamburger Sandwich, Rodeo Burger and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. for $1, as well as add-ons like the frozen cherries for $0.99 or the small Hash Browns, also for $1.


Although this fast food chain raised some of its prices, it kept sub-$1 alternatives on the menu, with at least seven items in this sector, including the $0.99 Crispy Chicken Sandwich and $0.99 Jr. Cheeseburger, plus from other food alternatives like Chicken Nuggets and Natural-Cut French Fries, as well as coffee, a small Frosty or a soft drink, all also for $0.99.

Del Taco

Perhaps the most fast food restaurant at this price point, with more than 15 Mexican-inspired options on Del Taco’s Buck & Under menu, ranging from $0.89 bean and cheese burritos to $0.69 tacos and toast, going through chicken rolls at $1 dollar, while among the drinks that can be purchased in that range are iced tea and coffee, or Strawberry Lemonade.

Steak ‘n Shake

This chain specializing in hamburgers prepared in the traditional American style has a dozen options for less than $1 dollar, such as the Steakburger Shooter for $0.89, or the potato or sausage tacos with egg, for $0.99, if you prefer, as for dessert, a fruit yogurt or an Oreo ice cream sandwich, also at $0.99, in addition to the chain’s Premium coffee for $1 in its regular size