9 online sites that send you free product samples in the United States this 2023

In the United States, there are various Internet websites and platforms that send free product samples this 2023, including well-known companies such as Walmart, Procter & Gamble, among others.

Who doesn’t like receiving free items? I dare say that every human being on this planet loves free stuff. It doesn’t matter if the product is your favorite, you will never say no to a gift. Free samples are an excellent marketing strategy to publicize a brand or to know people’s preferences. That is why there are platforms in the United States that serve as intermediaries between companies and the consumer to collect important information about their products. Here we leave you 9 online sites that send you free samples this 2023.


The retail giant in the United States has two services that send free samples, paying for shipping:

  • Walmart Beauty Box : when you register, you get a free box, with beauty products. You only pay $6.98 for shipping.
  • Walmart Baby Box : Parents or those expecting to have a child can get samples of baby products. You pay $5 for shipping, but the box and all its products are free.

P&G Good Everyday

The Procter & Gamble company has a program, the P&G Good Everyday, in which it sends free samples of its well-known products.

  • The program is completely free
    • You register through the P&G Good Everyday page, adding your name, email and password.
  • The dynamic is through the acquisition of points:
    • You earn 25 points for signing up
    • You earn 10 points for doing tests within the page
    • You earn 25 points for doing surveys
    • 50 points for referring a friend
    • You earn 250 points for scanning A receipt
  • By earning points, you can exchange them for rewards, such as receiving samples of the main brands of their products such as:
    • Pampers
    • OldSpice
    • Tide
    • Crest
    • Charmin
    • Mr. Clean
    • Gillette
  • By registering, you can also get tips, recipes and offers on their products.
  • The program also has the objective that through your points donations are made to the causes with which you are in communion.


PINCHme is a company that specializes in sending samples of different products to the United States.

  • To register, you enter their page and add your personal information, such as name, email, password, your postal address (for sending the samples) and your date of birth or you can even register through your Facebook account.
  • After completing your profile, you can select the type of samples you prefer to receive. • Among the brands you could receive are:
    • Garnier
    • L’Oreal
    • Procter & Gamble
    • Unilever
    • Kellogg’s
    • Starbucks
    • Among others
  • The important thing is that you must share your impressions of using the product to earn PINCHme coins, which you can exchange for rewards, such as discounts and free products.


Influenster is a platform that sends you free beauty product samples.

  • If you want free samples, you must be willing to send your opinion about the brand and share your experience of using it on social networks.
  • The main objective of the platform is to collect product reviews from consumers.
  • When registering with Influenster, you select the type of products you are interested in receiving.
  • The VoxBoxes are boxes of products with samples, of commercial size, which can include various products such as:
    • Beauty products
    • Snacks
    • Pet food
    • Home improvement products
    • Wellness products
  • You need to stay active on the platform, filling out surveys and sharing reviews to receive more products.
  • Influenster is available on the web and in the app.


  • Registering with SampleSource is very simple:
    • Enter your personal data, such as name, email, password and postal address
    • Answer the questions that the site presents to you to find out the type of products in which you are interested, such as household cleaning products, makeup, health, beauty, food and snacks, among others.
  • When the platform has products that match your preferences, they will send you an email to start the shipping process.
  • Because the goal of the platform, according to SampleSource, is for you to “make smart buying decisions” by trying before you buy, you can only request samples once per offer period and one package per household. Duplicate orders will be removed.


  • This platform sends free samples of different products such as
    • Skin care items
    • Food
    • Makeup
    • Baby products.
  • To receive free samples, you must register, with your name and email, to then answer a survey about the products you prefer to receive.
  • When BzzAgent has a campaign they think you’d fit in with, they send you an email with more information and a link to apply.
  • After receiving the product, you should try it and share your experience. BzzAgent will send you posting instructions, which can range from posting your experience on social media to writing a slightly more elaborate review for other blogs.


Smiley360 is an online community of consumers who are given a free trial of some free products to share their opinions.

  • The main objective of this community is the opportunity to try new products from different brands before anyone else, to share their impressions of it.
  • It has a rewards model, where you must complete missions to obtain points and badges that would allow you to receive more quantities of the products of your choice.
  • To register, you can do it so easily with your email and password or through a Facebook or Twitter account. You must be over 13 years old.
  • The platform provides you with the means to share your opinions directly with the brands or among the community.

Ripple Street

Unlike previous options, at Ripple Street, applicants must encourage products to be tested by family and friends.

  • As the platform mentions, “Ripple Street is the leading peer-to-peer marketing platform for connecting brands with their biggest fans at home”.
  • To register, you can do it with an email and password or through one of your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple accounts.
  • By choosing one of their events, you agree to the use of the product and the publication of reviews and opinions about the consumer experience among your acquaintances. The platform will already tell you how and where to do it to comply with its good conduct guidelines.
  • By meeting your goals, you can receive more product, coupons or exclusive offers.

Parenthood by Healthline (formerly EverydayFamily)

Healthline.com Parenthood, formerly known as EverydayFamily, is a portal to information for the health and well-being of your family, especially your children.

  • By registering on the site with just your email, you will receive newsletters and, in addition, you could also purchase:
    • Coupons
    • Exclusive discounts
    • Diapers
    • Free baby product samples
    • Baby magazines