5 places where you can exchange your gift cards for cash

If they gave you a gift card from a store that you don’t really use, there are places that can be your salvation: they exchange it for cash and you can recover up to 90% of its nominal value. In Take Care Of Money we explain where you can make the change.

Gift cards are very popular in the United States. In various stores such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, they offer them to you in exchange for taking a product or simply someone buys them for you and gives them to you as a gift. If you have one or more gift cards that you have not spent and you are much more interested in exchanging them for cash.

Exchange your gift cards for cash

Currently there are many websites where they are willing to buy one of your gift cards for a fair price and that is that they will pay you a value close to that of the card, so do not expect that they will give you much less or that they will almost you have to give them away to get some cash in return.

There are websites dedicated to checking prices, before making an exchange of this type, you should compare the offer prices of several online sites so that you can find out which of all they offer you more money for your gift card.

Places where you can exchange your gift cards for cash

Don’t forget sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, where you can often sell gift cards for a few dollars below face value. Here are five sites that are safe for you to carry out transactions:


On this website you can sell your gift cards or you can exchange them for a certificate with a retail store of your choice. The value that you will be paid for your gift card will vary according to the characteristics it has and the brand it represents. Although it will never pay you 100% of its value, you can receive up to 92% of what it is worth.


You tell the company how much money you want for your gift card and they decide whether or not to pay you. If it’s a gift card to a popular store, then you’re most likely getting as much value as possible for the card, even up to 80-90% of face value.


On this website, only you decide the price for which you will sell your card, and after announcing it on the digital platform, when you manage to make the transaction, you will have to pay Raise a 15% commission on the sale price.


It has a tool that works as a quote, which will help you determine if your card will be accepted and how much it is worth in the gift card exchange market for cash. If you agree with the displayed amount, then you will send your gift card to ClipKard with a USPS prepaid shipping label.


It works under the charge of commission. If you manage to sell your gift card, it will take a piece of the pie, which will be an 8% commission plus a 2% digital fee charge in some cases.