How the Walmart MoneyCard works, the prepaid card with which you can get up to $75 dollars in bonuses

This consumption tool allows better control of expenses with rewards of 3% in online purchases, 2% in store gas stations and 1% in branches, as well as in the generation of interest.

Among the financial proposals offered by the Walmart supermarket chain is the option of its prepaid card called MoneyCard, which grants special benefits for the customers of the giant self-service establishments, which range from $75 dollars in rewards and up to a maximum balance of $1,000 in interest, plus it can be used for purchases even outside the store, under the Visa network.

The Walmart MoneyCard represents one of the prepaid cards with the lowest service fees, which positions it as an option that may be attractive to customers of the world’s leading retailer since it is not necessary to have a credit card or a bank account. for use, granting a series of options that generate consumption in the store and another way to encourage loyalty among customers.

The Walmart prepaid card allows you to inject resources without charges or commissions by linking the account to direct deposits of people’s payroll payments, while if it is cash, this can also be done for free through the MoneyCard app. Likewise, checks that are cashed at Walmart branches can also be integrated into the prepaid card account at no cost to the customer; however, if other locations are used to fund the account, there is a usage fee of $5.95.

The MoneyCard can have up to a maximum balance of $10,000 dollars and has as benefits for its customers a 3% annual cash bonus for eligible purchases made online through, 2% for consumption in gas stations of the firm and 1% in the physical stores of the supermarket chain for up to $75 dollars a year for rewards

Likewise, the Walmart prepaid card generates savings thanks to 2% annualized interest up to the amount of $1,000 dollars in the account, in addition to the fact that its customers have the opportunity to win one of the 1,000 prizes available per month for each deposit.

As for fees and commissions, MoneyCard has an origination fee of $1 and $5.94 per month to keep it open, which can be waived if the account receives at least $1,000 in monthly deposits, not counting third-party transfers.. Users can withdraw cash free of charge at Walmart stores, but in case of using an ATM, the withdrawal of cash has a fee of $2.50 dollars, while the balance inquiry charges $0.50 cents.

According to the assessment made by the financial portal CNBC based on a study of prepaid cards, the MoneyCard is a savings tool for those customers who are loyal to the store, since it represents a reward for those who frequently make purchases at Walmart., either online or at a branch, with better budget control, in addition to the fact that their commissions can be avoided by knowing how to use them.