8 Places where you can sell your used furniture

If you have some furniture in your house that you no longer want and is in good condition, you can sell it online and get some money. Here, a list of websites where you can sell -and buy, if applicable- second-hand furniture.

One of the realities of every home is that the furniture that was once those new models that became the sensation of the house, with the passage of time becomes old, mistreated, deteriorates and even gets boring. And then, it’s just at that moment when you think it’s time to change them, but you don’t know what to do with that heavy old shelf either.

But in the US you have several options to sell your old furniture online. If you want to take extra money and get rid of that old cabinet or chair, we are going to give you some proposals.


This online store has become very popular in recent times and is precisely well known because it allows you to sell already used items, but yes, they are in good condition.

The good news is that it is a friendly platform for you to sell your pre-owned furniture. The idea is that they meet some requirements:

  • Your furniture is antique or handmade
  • Once you have defined that this is the Etsy target, then you must open your own online store-account on the platform.
  • You must take into account that you will have to pay a fee of 5% of each transaction for the sale of each item and 3% for payment processing.


It is another of the most popular platforms to sell today. This website and app offers you to sell your old furniture in the following way:

  • Sell under the format of an auction or for a fixed price
  • You will pay a commission of 13% on the final sale price
  • They have a local collection service


It is one of the most recommended options for selling used furniture in the US.

  • Just download the application and open an account that identifies you as a seller.
  • You will need to post photos of the furniture you are putting up for sale, as well as make a detailed description of it and establish a location.
  • The publications of the articles are free.
  • Shipping cost fees will apply when you manage to sell a product.
  • Buyers can offer an OTC price for items they are interested in


According to the opinions, this is the ideal place for those looking to earn extra money, with an alternative activity in addition to their official job.

  • You must set up an online store as a furniture seller
  • It has pre-built templates so you can use them to create your own website.
  • There is a free trial for the first 14 days, after that period of time, they will charge you to use their platform. The most basic rate in this 2022 is $29 dollars per month.


It is one of the most recommended sites to specifically sell used furniture in the US.

  • It allows you to list your furniture for sale online at no cost
  • You have a period of 24 hours to improve and nourish the information of the furniture that you put up for sale
  • Items for home decoration, such as rugs and lamps, are also allowed
  • For each item sold, a fee is charged that varies between 14% and 19% of the total sale.


It is one of the highest rated sites for online sales in the US, which includes your used furniture. They really care that posts look and feel honest.

  • Allows you to quickly list your products. You just press “create a posting” and you can move on.
  • One of the main requirements is that you post good quality photos of your items
  • They ask you for detailed descriptions of your sales.

Facebook Marketplace

It is one of the allies of those who often use Facebook.

  • Allows you to create lists of your items to sell easily and quickly and at no extra cost
  • It also does not charge you any fee for the items you have sold
  • Allows you to give your listing greater visibility if you publish on local sales pages of Facebook garage.
  • It only charges you if you want to promote your product with an advertisement within the network and that it appears above the rest of similar products. These campaigns are for days.


  • Allows you to sell and buy used furniture online -When you register, it offers you a discount of $20 dollars on your first purchase that is of at least $200 dollars.
  • For those who want to sell, each piece is inspected, cleaned and ready for delivery.
  • They can go to your home to pick up the furniture you want to sell.
  • Be careful, they themselves make it clear that they are selective in what they receive, so your furniture must be in perfect condition.
  • If they accept it, they store it in their warehouse, clean it and then deliver it to the buyer. This entire process is free of charge.
  • As soon as they receive your furniture, they will make you an offer for it and it is in your hands to accept it or not.
  • If you don’t accept the offer, then you will not receive money until the piece has been sold and delivered to the buyer. Just like merchandise left on consignment, you’ll earn a revenue share determined by the item’s final sale price. The Kaiyo team prices each part based on its brand and condition, and analyzes customer demand for similar parts.