4 places where you can sell your used furniture

If you have some furniture in your house that you no longer want and are in good condition, you can sell them online and get some money. Here is a list of websites where you can sell -and buy, if that’s the case- second-hand furniture.

There comes a time when you have used furniture that you would love to sell to buy new and renovate your house. We were inspired by the list that Money Pantry offers and we leave you here a list of websites where you can buy and sell second-hand furniture:


The company will send people to your home to check all aspects of the furniture, with photos, measurements, and documents. You have the option of keeping items at home or having them transferred to their warehouse for safekeeping. Once on your website, interested buyers can make offers based on the description, they notify you, and you choose to accept the offered price or negotiate it.

Route 66 Furniture

Route 66 Furniture is the online equivalent of a consignment store. First, they collect furniture from various people and store it in their warehouse. Sellers can name their price, but if they need some help with this, the furniture experts at Route 66 will make the appropriate proposals. If there is a buyer for your furniture, they will deliver it from their premises and at the end of 7 business days, you will receive your payment by check. They charge a shipping fee, 50% of the total sale price.


On AptDeco, post an ad describing the individual piece of furniture you want to get rid of. The interested buyer would respond through your website and the offer remains valid for 24 hours only. If an agreement is reached, the commission due to AptDeco is around 14% to 19%, often subject to the price of the transaction. Keep in mind that only the company would handle the movement of the furniture, from collection to final delivery to the buyer, so that saves you a hassle.


Sellers still post pictures and often take it upon themselves to provide a story associated with an individual piece of furniture. Curators would review the item and once approved, the process would be split 80-20 between the seller and Charish. Also all transportation is organized by them. The website allows a period of 48 hours for the buyer to cancel the deal if they are not satisfied.