Which banks in Mexico have branches in the United States

Are you a Mexican who plans to go to the United States for a long time? This information will interest you so that you know which bank account to open before traveling and carry your money with you.

Suppose you are Mexican who has money that you would like to “cross” the border easily and safely. A bank account is the option, but the question would be which one. For whatever reasons, it is important to know which banks in Mexico have branches in the United States.

If your stay in the United States is planned for a long time, you may want to know which bank in Mexico will be a great option for you to have your money and carry it to the United States. Finding such an alternative will make it easier for you to manage your financial transactions in both countries.

Among the most popular Mexican banks that have options to be used in the US are:

  • Citibank, which in Mexico is Banamex
  • Santander bank
  • HSBC
  • Mizuho Americas

Bank of America also has options in Mexico, in association with Banco Santander, to facilitate your banking operations whether you are in the United States or Mexico.

For Mexicans visiting the United States for a short time, or for Americans visiting Mexico for a one-time trip, using a Mexican bank in the United States will save you a lot of money in fees. For example, it will be easier for you to use ATMs in both countries, since you will avoid those transaction fees. Plus, using a Mexican bank in the United States allows you to get the best exchange rates available, meaning your money goes further.

If you are interested in taking out a credit card to use it in the United States, it would also be convenient for you to get advice from one of the banks mentioned to find out what type of account would help you not have commissions for international transactions. Visa and Mastercard cards are usually accepted all over the world, regardless of the issuer.

If you plan to stay longer, you may want to open a US bank account in Mexico. As we told you, Bank of America has an option or there is also the Citibank alternative. This idea is the best for you to avoid expensive commissions and establish yourself more comfortably in the American financial registry.