How To Get The Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card

How to Obtain the Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card Although it is a very frequent question among Walmart users, the process to obtain the card is simpler than you think. However, a number of requirements must be met before the application can begin.

In this article we will let you know How to Get the Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card. Besides, we will tell you what the requirements are, what the charges and fees are, and how the card works. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family!

How to have the Walmart MoneyCard Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards are a good option, especially for those people who want to meet their needs and use these cards to make purchases in different stores, since they can be reloaded whenever you want.

Getting the Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card is easier than it seems. You must go to the Walmart MoneyCard website. Then, you must select the payment provider of your choice, either Visa or Mastercard, then you must complete the form correctly.

  1. Full name.
  2. Address.
  3. Postal Code.
  4. Mobile phone number.
  5. Email updated.
  6. Social Security number ( SSN ).
  7. Date of Birth.

Walmart will contact you either via text or phone call to verify your phone number and identity. Try to be aware so that he responds quickly. It should be noted that you will need certain requirements to be able to request the card.

Anyone 18 years of age or older can apply and use the Walmart MoneyCard. Walmart won’t need to check your credit and won’t ask you for a bank account if you don’t have one. By applying online, you can avoid any issuance fees.

If you apply online, you will receive the card within 7 to 10 business days after you make the request. If you are a minor, you can get the card as long as you have your parents’ permission. This way, you can save if you want to.

Before going through the application process, make sure you have a good Internet connection and have all the information you need at hand. Also, try to place all the information requested by the form correctly in order to avoid any type of inconvenience with the request.

What is Walmart MoneyCard

The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid card, very similar to debit or credit cards but with a difference, and that is that they can be recharged at any time you want. It is a card used to make electronic purchases although it is also accepted in stores and businesses.

Of course, this will depend on whether the stores or businesses accept Mastercard or Visa debit cards as a means of payment. It can be said that the Walmart MoneyCard has characteristics very similar to that of a checking account. Since you practically deposit your money and pay in stores.

You can also collect fees or get paid for work, cash checks to charge directly to your balance, create checks to pay bills and other expenses, and even pay online for the services and bills you need.

It should be noted that your account with a smartphone and that it has an iOS or Android operating system, you can download the Walmart MoneyCard mobile application and thus you will be able to verify all the movements of your card more easily, you will also be able to have greater control of your account.

In the event that there is an error with your movements or there is any problem with your card, it is recommended that you contact the Walmart customer service center so that authorized personnel can help you and provide you with all the information you need to know.

Benefits of Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart rewards and delivers cash rewards to users who make purchases with the Walmart MoneyCard. That is, for purchases through the website you can earn 3%, 2% at Murphy USA or Walmart service stations and 1% at Walmart stores.

The reimbursement is made in cash and has a limit of $75 and is credited to the account at the end of the calendar year. In order to earn these rewards, you have two options: pay a monthly fee or forego rewards for a period of 12 months.

Also, with this prepaid card you can earn 2% annual APY for your first $1,000 of balance. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes every month and will allow you to request additional accounts for your entire family at no charge.

Options to Reload Money on Walmart MoneyCard

Being a prepaid card from time to time you must recharge it. It should be noted that Walmart makes different methods available to consumers to recharge the card. Next, we will explain what these options are:

  • Through MoneyPak. With MoneyPak you can load from $20 to $500 to your card. To do this, you must enter the MoneyPak website and follow all the steps and instructions indicated on the page.
  • Through bank transfers. You can use any bank to transfer a specific amount of money to your Walmart MoneyCard.
  • Through fast cash recharge at Walmart stores. Some Walmart stores allow consumers to load anywhere from $20 to $1,500 onto their card. This modality is called “Rapid Reload” and has a service fee of $3.
  • Through direct deposit or Walmart check cashing. This will allow you to reload your card balance by depositing personal checks, payroll checks, insurance agency checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, refund checks, stock dividend checks, tax refunds, government checks federal, state or municipal, etc. Checks are not limited in amount and can be for any amount.

As you may have noticed, there are four different ways to recharge the Walmart MoneyCard card. In this way, users will be able to choose the option that suits them best and the one that seems easiest to carry out this recharging process. They are all easy and fast.

It should be noted that there is a maximum daily amount of cash recharges of Walmart MoneyCard $3,000. However, you should be careful as you will not be able to top up your cash balance if your current balance is over $3,000. Walmart even limits the maximum balance to $10,000.

It is also important to note that daily transactions are also subject to a limit. However, you will be able to make cash withdrawals at the ATM but this should not exceed $500 per day. In case of withdrawals by Walmart, the maximum limit will be $1,000 or $1,500 daily.

What are the fees for a Walmart MoneyCard?

Like any card, the Walmart MoneyCard also has certain charges and fees for using it. Below, we’ll let you know how much Walmart charges to use the card, how much the monthly maintenance fee is, and much more.

Reason Amount
Card purchase fee $1.00
Monthly maintenance fee $5.00
Direct Deposit Reload No fee
Surcharge through check cashing with Walmart No fee
Recharge with cash at Red Green Dot Up to $5.95
Withdrawal at ATMs $2.50
Balance inquiry at the ATM $0.50
Cash back with purchase No fee
card exchange No fee
replacement card $3.00
Fee for foreign transactions 3%
Online bank transfer (fast) $2.95
Standard Online Bank Transfer No fee

Of course, some fees can be avoided, for example, you will be able to avoid the monthly fee once you have loaded $1,000 or more on the card during the previous monthly period. It is important to take this table into account as it can be used at any time.

How does the Walmart MoneyCard work?

The MoneyCard works very easily as you only have to apply for the MoneyCard, load the money to the card and finally use it. Let’s remember that the Walmart MoneyCard is rechargeable, therefore, before using it you will have to recharge the balance.

Of course, you shouldn’t do this every day, but rather when you use up all the available balance on your card, otherwise, if you use it and don’t have any money, the card won’t go through. Also, it is important to note that there are different ways to reload the Walmart MoneyCard.

It’s also important to note that the Walmart reloadable card has three monthly charges. 1. insurance charge, 2. recharge fee and 3. maintenance charge. Each of this charge is $3.00. If you buy the card online there is no insurance charge.

If you have any questions or inconveniences regarding your card, you can contact the customer service center by dialing the following number : 1-877-937-4098. Authorized personnel will answer your call and will be able to give you all the information you need without any problem.