AAA Car Insurance


  1. Types of coverage or policies that AAA offers
  2. Customer service telephones

The auto insurance AAA already have a long history in the country, since the group was founded in 1902 in the city of Chicago. Currently its headquarters are located in the state of Florida.

Types of coverage or policies that AAA offers

Some of the main coverages that AAA car insurance offers are:

  • Civil liability for bodily injury. Covers the expenses incurred with the insured car to third parties.
  • Uninsured or under insured vehicles. It covers medical expenses when the vehicle responsible for the accident has no insurance or has insufficient coverage to respond to the damages.
  • Total coverage. Protects the insured car against damage from natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, in cases of fire, theft, vandalism and various other causes of collision.
  • Collision. Damage to the car as a result of an accident with another vehicle or object.
  • Civil liability for property damage. Pays for damages caused to third-party assets for which the driver is legally responsible.
  • Protection for personal injury. Covers medical bills in the event of accidents, loss of income, as well as other death expenses including funerals for those involved in the accident. Applies in states that require it.
  • Medical payments. Coverage that responds for the medical expenses of the people in your car who were involved in the accident. It is required in most states.
  • Car rent. Covers car rental expenses after an accident through reimbursement.
  • Protection for new car. Applies in case of repairs or total loss, covering the price difference that is generally lost due to depreciation.

Customer service telephones

AAA Insurance offers several customer service lines, as you can see on its official website. Among them the most important are:

  • General Service Phone: 800-222-4357
  • Phone to join as AAA customer: 800-564-6222