More annual income is generated in Canada than in the United States

It is no secret that the economy in Canada is quite favorable mainly for the middle class, however, it has surely gone through the minds of many to compare what can be gained compared to the southern neighbor, the United States. Well, the news is that Canadians have higher incomes than Americans.

This was confirmed by a report by the Center for the Study of Levels of Life, as it shows that, by 2016, most Canadians generated more than Americans in terms of average household income.

For that year, it was estimated that a middle-class household earned annual income of $ 70,675 (CAD), while its U.S. counterpart. I was getting $ 58,849 (US).

Putting the figures on the same scale, a Canadian household would get $ 59,438 (US), which remains a higher income.

With respect to the lower-middle class, the income is also higher for those who reside in Canada, because, speaking in US dollars, Canadians of these economic classes earn approximately $ 3000 more a year than their similar Americans.

The only situation in which the panorama changes is when referring to the upper class, because it is estimated that a Canadian household in this category generates an average of $ 212,500 (US) per year, while in the United States, income It is $ 284,100 (US).

You can see the report made by Center for the Study of Living Standards by clicking here.