Wells Fargo Close Account

Cancel Wells Fargo Account

If you need or want to close your account, the following information will be useful to complete your application.

Prepare your account to close it:

  • The account must have a positive or zero balance.
  • All deposits and outstanding items must have been registered.

Contact us to close your account:

Close Wells Fargo Account Online

  1. Make sure the account can be closed: if the account you want to cancel is a payroll account make sure you can close it without problems. In general, payroll accounts (especially those that pay with gifts) have long periods of stay associated with them. In case you want to cancel it ahead of time you must pay a penalty.
  2. Verify that there are no outstanding debts or commitments with the bank: before deciding to cancel an account make sure that there is no direct debit or any outstanding payment with the financial entity. While payments are pending settlement, the bank account cannot be written off. Do not forget about receipts that come homeless frequently (insurance and taxes such as IBI or garbage).
  3. Expressly request the cancellation of the account: this request can be made by going personally to the bank branch or by a certified letter.
  4. Remove the money from the account: once it has been ensured that there are no outstanding payments, it is advised, before making the account cancellation, to withdraw the money that is deposited in it. It can be taken in cash – if the amount is not very high – or by an OTE (Cash Transfer Order). In this way the client saves the commission by direct bank transfer.
  5. Sign the cancellation: to cancel a bank account it is necessary to present the holder or account holders with the DNI. If the account belongs to more than one owner, everyone’s written consent must appear. In the event that the cancellation of the account is due to the death of the holder of the account, it is their legal heirs who must present the death certificate, a declaration of heirs and the award of the inheritance.
  6. Deliver chequebooks, cards and notebooks: once the account is closed, you must return the debit and credit cards as well as the books and passbooks to the financial institution. From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) it is recommended that, when cancelling the cards, ask the bank to refund the proportional part of the annual fee and the same with the account maintenance commission. However, if the cancellation of the account is due to a change of entity, the bank may not return that proportional part. In some contracts, it is specified that, in case of change of entity, the client is not entitled to any refund.

How can I close a Certificate of Deposit CD Account

Please note that early withdrawal penalties may apply if you make withdrawals or close a CD before the due date. In addition, the bank does not pay interest from the due date until the withdrawal date on the amounts withdrawn during the grace period. If you make a withdrawal or final transfer, you must wait until the game has been registered.

If you wish to close a loan, credit line or another account, contact the customer service department listed on your account statement or in this phone book.