How to find a free divorce lawyer

Many lawyers offer free legal services every year. Often, they carry free cases to help clients with low incomes, promote a good cause, or gain experience in certain areas of the law. The American Bar Association and some state bar associations recommend that lawyers accept a certain number of free hours per year. Few lawyers advertise their free services, however, finding a free divorce lawyer may not take much.

Contact your state bar association to find free lawyers.

Visit the Internet for online directories and clearing houses with information on free lawyers (see “Resources” below).

Ask your friends, family and partners about local divorce lawyers or family lawyers. Contact them directly and ask them if they accept free cases.

Find other organizations in your area that offer legal assistance. Your state or county may have a Legal Aid Society, a group of free lawyers, a domestic violence project, family law clinics, or a child services agency that can help you take your divorce case.

Check with the firm or organization that meets certain criteria to be eligible for legal services for free or at a reduced price.

If you can, check with several lawyers or free organizations before choosing one.

Before and after choosing a lawyer, find out about divorce laws and regulations in your state, so you can ask relevant questions and get the best possible representation during the process.