How to find out someone’s date of birth for free

In many parts of the Western world, particularly the United States, certain types of information such as a person’s date of birth, address, and residence are public documents. You yourself can know how to find out someone’s date of birth for free in a quick and easy way.

This means that anyone who is conducting a background check on a person for any reason can access basic information about the individual, usually free of charge, to find out if he or she is who they appear to be.

This is particularly important when interviewing someone for a job or when investigating a suspected criminal.

Although it is true that finding certain information can be more difficult, such as someone’s current criminal record, finding where someone was born is not that difficult.

That is why it is recommended that they learn how to know in which hospital a certain person was born is something that will help a lot to specify the main objective that is to know the date of birth of someone for free.

Searching the date and time of birth in Google

As you well know, Google is a basic search tool used by everyone in the world. Even national and international security agencies use Google.

Now, knowing how to find out what time you were born or know someone’s date of birth for free is something that is recorded on the birth certificate. It is, it has copies in the main registry of the place where you were born.

By doing a good search, you could discover that the person has a personal, company or business website where they have placed their date of birth. They can also find photos of their birthdays that someone has uploaded to the web.

You may not be able to get this person’s actual date of birth, but it could give you a clue as to the person’s approximate age and you can further expand your search elsewhere.

Try to find that person’s page on a social network. You may have included your date of birth in your personal data, taking into account that this is not very accurate either, but if the person has many friends linked to their account, the date is more likely to be correct.

Since many sites web publish birthdays of users among their friends lists and most likely the person wants to let your friends know the correct date of his birthday.

Search for the particular person you want on the official Lexis-Nexis website. Since it has a very powerful database that can normally be accessed from public libraries and universities.

Once on the page, what you should do is enter all the information you know about the person. For example: Your hometown, family names, your middle name or your initials, that way you will get better results.

Remember, you can also look up the person in a public phone and address book. It is not guaranteed, but these lists can sometimes contain the date of birth or at least the month and year of birth of the person you want to find.

In addition, you can request by phone or in writing a copy of their birth certificate from the Civil Registry of the city where you know that this person was born.

How to find the date of birth of a person on social networks?

Let’s say that you already have the name of the person you are looking for, then I will tell you that you can search for it perfectly in all social networks, as we well know once you are part of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram among others. Users typically enter their date of birth which will make the search more effective.

In the case of LinkedIn and Facebook, it is mandatory to record the date of birth of the user, although he also has the power to decide whether to leave it visible to the public or hide it.

In the case of Instagram it is the opposite, the social network cannot make this personal data visible, although some users in their personal description usually include the date of birth and age.

Looking up a person’s date of birth in the registry

This is also one of the more feasible option than searching the web, it is a bit complicated and laborious, but much more successful than social networks.

Anyone can go personally to the registry that corresponds geographically, or also where they were born, be it a clinic or a hospital. Of course, you must have a close notion of their age, in order to carry out the search in a simpler and less complex way, thus obtaining the desired information.

It is normal that depending on where you are located geographically, you may need an authorization, since this information is not usually disclosed to anyone, all this depends on the legal codes according to the jurisdiction.