How to know if a property has been recently sold

If you are looking for houses or controlling property values ​​in your neighborhood, there are several sources that you can consult to find out if a house has been sold recently. If you cannot visit a property, you must rely on third-party sources for status updates.

Talk to a real estate agent and ask him to look for the house in the Multiple Listing Service. The latter is a website used by agents to publish a list of houses and update their status. He can inform you if the house has been sold and for how much money.

Go to (you will find a link in the Resources section) and type the address of the property in the main search bar. If the house has been sold, this site will inform you of the sale price.

Search, which will allow you to see an aerial view of your neighborhood along with home prices and estimated value (you will find a link in the Resources section). Type the address of the property and press “Go.”

Visit a website dedicated to appraising properties for the county in which the house is located. Enter the address to see if there is new information. This method is not as reliable as there may be a delay in updating the records.

Go to (there is a link in the Resources section) and enter the zip code of the property under “Recently sold houses”. Move your cursor over the map to see recently sold properties.