The 12 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Ohio

Do you already know what the plan is for this weekend? If you don’t know what to do and your friends are waiting for a plan, I recommend you visit one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Ohio. Keep reading and don’t miss this article! Ohio is one of the states that generates the greatest attraction in tourists, thanks to its beautiful natural landscapes, shopping centers, cultural places, and gastronomic centers. That being said, after a day full of fun, it is best to close with a flourish; Check out the best Chinese food restaurants in Ohio!

These are the best Chinese food restaurants in Ohio

In our blog we love to present great places to visit and spend unforgettable moments. That is why we have prepared an incredible list that will leave you with an open appetite.

Golden Phoenix Restaurant

To start our list of the best Chinese food restaurants in Ohio, we have Golden Phoenix Restaurant as our first alternative ; This place has an excellent reputation from critics and diners, highlighting aspects such as customer service, which is friendly and helpful from the moment you enter the place. On the other hand, if we talk about its atmosphere, this restaurant is ideal to visit with family. Since, it is quite quiet and the menu offers you options with generous proportions at low prices.

Chinese Phoenix

With a remarkable rating of 4.0 points and more than 900 comments through Google Maps, we can highlight the China Phoenix restaurant, as one of the best places you have available around you to taste different dishes of Chinese cuisine. The service that they will provide you is friendly, professional and always with a smile, to generate confidence and security. The menu has different exquisite dishes, made with fresh products, to guarantee an exceptional culinary experience. Finally, the prices and proportions are generous.

Little Dragons

Do you want to enjoy your food in the comfort of your home? Little Dragons offers you its efficient home delivery service, in case you want to stay at home on this day. But, if you change your mind and want to visit this restaurant, you will find a clean place, with good spaces, a calm atmosphere, tables for numerous families, and more. The attention on this site is impeccable. The menu, for its part, offers you exquisite options such as orange chicken, wonton soup, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork chop, traditional fried rice, fish fillet, and more.

North China

If you want to live a complete experience when it comes to Chinese culture, you can visit North China. The decoration of the place is very allusive to its traditions. In the case of the menu, we will also find delicious typical dishes that you cannot miss if it is your first time trying these delicacies. North China is a perfect place to spend an afternoon while enjoying the food, affordable prices, personalized attention, and a relaxed atmosphere.

East China Restaurant Carryout

East China Restaurant Carryout offers you the best shrimp rice you can taste in your life. In this place you can dedicate yourself to taste minimal to minimal exquisite dishes prepared with fresh and quality ingredients, in order to provide you with a unique experience. The prices, on the other hand, are quite cheap and the portions are generous, so if you want to visit this place with a whole family, you will surely be satisfied.

China Bear Restaurant

If you are looking for another concept of fast food, you can visit China Bear Restaurant, where they will attend you shortly and process your order as immediately as possible, in order not to make you wait long. Now, on its menu you will be able to see different exquisite options, highlighting traditional rice, duck in sweet and sour sauce, pork chops and much more. The restaurant offers home delivery, but if you like you can enjoy your meal at the establishment.

Hunan Lion

We continue with the best Chinese food restaurants in Ohio! This time, it is the turn of Hunan Lion, a large establishment where you can enjoy delicious cuisine, friendly and professional customer service, affordable prices and generous portions. The only detail is that it does not provide home service. However, you are welcome to visit the restaurant and marvel at the best preparations.

China Town

China Town is a small restaurant that offers you an exquisite menu with a wide variety of colorful, aromatic and great-tasting dishes. On the other hand, if you want to spend a pleasant moment with family and friends, this site will attend you in the best possible way, to ensure that your experience is rewarding.

Chinese Dynasty

On this occasion, we are going to suggest one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Ohio: China Dynasty. If you want to enjoy a more private and romantic atmosphere, you can visit this site without a doubt. The decoration gives the environment that personal, sophisticated and calm touch. If we talk about the food, the presentations are wonderful, thanks to the colors that we can see in each dish. The menu is very varied, with excellent options to consider such as, Chow san shian, Seafood noodle soup, chicken in sweet and sour sauce and sesame, Malaysian chicken, and much more.

China Bell Restaurant

In case you want to enjoy gourmet Chinese dishes, I would recommend you visit China Bell Restaurant, a good place to taste traditional recipes with delicious presentations. Additionally, you have convenient options in the drinks section, so you can accompany your order with the ideal cocktail. The environment of this place is calm and comfortable, so you can have a good time enjoying the company, the food, and the relaxed music.

Ding Ho Restaurant

If you are one of those people who prefer to eat in open spaces, Ding Ho Restaurant has a large patio, where you can enjoy the city’s climate. Additionally, if you like to eat inside, you will find areas that are very well distributed, comfortable, and with a pleasant atmosphere. The customer service in this place is very friendly and helpful, so you will have a waiter at your disposal in charge of providing you with everything you need. For its part, in terms of prices, it can be said that they are cheap and are consistent with the generous portions they serve.

Eastern Bay Chinese Restaurant

To finish with the best Chinese restaurants in Ohio, we close with Eastern Bay Chinese Restaurant, a place that offers you a delicious menu and exquisite presentations for the eyes and the palate. The prices are cheap, and the service is unbeatable, thanks to which this establishment has a rating of 4.1 points. What is your favorite restaurant and what would you like to try?