Postage To Canada From The U.S

Postage To Canada

So you’re looking to send a letter or parcel from the U.S to Canada?

There are many ways of doing this, and it’s important that you know what the different prices are for each before deciding how to ship your items.

Select Method of Shipment

Select a package or choose a flat-rate box or envelope. Flat-rate service costs more but provides special handling for your package. Examples include the Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope, for the fastest possible delivery, or the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope, which offers a delivery speed between Express Mail and standard first-class postage. Global Express Guaranteed service delivers your package within one to three business days.

For first-class delivery, your package must be a postcard, letter, large envelope or small package no heavier than one pound.

Weigh Your Package

Weigh your package. The scale at the U.S. Post Office is the final judge as to how much your package weighs, but if you have an accurate scale at home, you can get a good idea of the weight of your package. The post office weighs packages by the ounce.

Calculate Postage to Canada

Calculate your postage rate using the international postage price calculator. For a first-class letter to Canada, the first 3.5 ounces of postage costs $2.08. A Priority Mail International Flat Rate envelope costs $25.85 with an expected delivery in six to 10 business days. An Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope costs $44.50 for a maximum weight of 4 pounds, with expected delivery in three to five business days.

Rates jump dramatically for Global Express Guaranteed deliveries, which are priced based on the dimensional weight or actual weight of the package, whichever is greater.

Add-on Special Services

Determine any additional services you need. A certificate of mailing is a post office-issued document recording the date and time that you mailed a particular package. This service costs an additional $1.45, as of the time of publication. To send a letter or package via registered mail costs at least an additional $16.00.

Selecting registered mail assigns the package or envelope a tracking number and barcode, which is scanned as the package proceeds towards delivery. Express Mail comes with its own advanced tracking system, making registered mail unnecessary. You can also insure your packages for varying rates.

Purchase and Apply Postage

While buying postage online for domestic mail can save you money, the same discounts are not available for service to Canada. The price for “Click and Ship” postage is the same as purchasing postage in store. However, purchasing and printing your postage online does offer your the convenience of being able to ship directly from your door without a trip to the post office.


Postage for Canada from USA

Sending a letter from the U.S to Canada which ways up to 1oz will cost $2.40.

Letters weighing less than 3 ounces can also be sent to Canada for $1.20.

You can do this by using either a Global First Class Forever Stamp or three standard First Class Forever Stamps (total cost $1.65).

How much Postage to Mail a letter to Canada

Letter Weight How Many Forever Stamps Are Needed* Required Postage Cost
1oz 5 $2.40
2oz 5 $2.63
3oz 6 $2.85
4oz 6 $3.06
5oz 6 $3.28
6oz 7 $3.50
7oz 7 $3.72
8oz 8 $3.94
9oz 10 $5.03
10oz 10 $5.03

*You can save money by using Global Forever Stamps. These cover $1.20 worth of postage, whereas standard forever stamps cover $0.55 of postage. 2 Global forever stamps will cover the cost of postage for a 1oz letter, saving you $0.35 compared to the total stamp cost if you use standard forever stamps.

If you need to quickly send official documents then you may need to use one of USPS priority mail services below:

Total Cost
First-Class Mail International Postcard
(Maximum size 6″ length x 4-1/4″ height)
Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Envelope
(USPS-Produced Envelope: 10″ x 6″, Maximum weight 4 pounds)
Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate Envelope
(USPS-Produced Envelope: 12-1/2″ x 9-1/2″, Maximum weight 4 pounds)

Be aware letters that are bigger than the sizes above will cost more based on their weight and dimensions.

You can calculate exactly how much it will cost to post a letter of any size, shape and weight to Canada from the U.S here.

Just make sure you have the measurements and you know the postcodes you are sending from and to.

How To Calculate Postage To Canada With USPS:

Before you start make sure you have the following:

  • The postcodes you are shipping from and to.
  • The dimension of the parcel or letter.
  • The weight of the parcel or letter.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Visit the USPS postage calculator page here.
  2. Select ‘Canada’ as the destination country (if you used our link it should already be selected).
  3. If you’re sending a parcel enter an estimation of the value of the parcel, if you’re sending a letter enter $0.00.
  4. Select the date and time you plan to send the post.
  5. Then at the bottom select the type or parcel/letter you are sending.
  6. On the next page (depending on your selection) you may need to enter the dimensions and weight of your parcel.
  7. You will then be shown a range of shipping options.

Cost Of Posting Parcels To Canada From The U.S:

Parcel Weight Expected Delivery Starting Price*
1lb – First-Class Package International Service
(Min. length 6″, Min. height 4″, Max. length 24″)
Varies by destination $21.25
1lb – Priority Mail Express International
(Max. length 59″, max. length plus girth 108″)
Within 3 days $50.30
10lb – Priority Mail International
(Max. length 79″, max. length plus girth 108″)
6-10 business days $64.25
25lb – Priority Mail International
(Max. length 79″, max. length plus girth 108″)
6-10 business days $108.60
50lb – Priority Mail International
(Max. length 79″, max. length plus girth 108″)
6-10 business days $182.60

*The cost of shipping parcels to Canada will vary depending on where in Canada you want to send it. The further away it needs to go the more it will cost.

Please note the prices shown above are for USPS. If you want to send a parcel weighing more than 66lb we recommend you go with UPS to get cheaper delivery prices.
The table above gives a rough guide on the sort of price range you could expect to pay for various parcels to be shipped to Canada.

However, be aware that these prices are starting points. The further your parcel needs to go the more expensive it is likely to be.

To work out exactly how much postage will cost for your parcel get a precise quote on the USPS website here.


There are numerous carriers available for postage from the U.S to Canada including The United States Postal Service, Federal Express and the United Postal Service.

In terms of pricing, USPS is typically the cheapest carrier. However they will only deliver packages up to 66lb.

For parcels exceeding 66lb the United Postal Service is usually the most affordable option.

FedEx is typically more expensive than USPS & UPS however if you need a letter delivering quickly or you need to know exact delivery dates then they are a good choice.