Successful businesses in the United States: How to start, what you need and ideas to undertake

When we talk about starting truly successful businesses, without a doubt, many of us imagine them developing in the United States, no less. This is due to the fact that for many years this country has been among the main economic powers in the world, which is immediately associated with success.

Therefore, over time, many local and international investors have shown interest in betting on this country. Furthermore, based on the experience of so many others, they can be sure that it is indeed possible to achieve this goal.

Also, this is a fairly broad and varied nation, with characteristics that favor the development of businesses of various kinds. That is why it is a country that offers endless opportunities for anyone who, with clear ideas, ventures to undertake and invest.

However, in order for businesses and ventures in the United States to be successful, it is essential to have more than just investment capital. Consequently, it is necessary that the investor and his entire team are completely clear about what the requirements are to be able to set up their company or business.

Likewise, although starting any business in the United States is relatively simple, let us remember that this country runs a federal system. As a result, the options and laws may vary from state to state, since each one of them has its own legal framework.

Despite this, don’t worry, because developing a business that earns you good money in the United States is not a utopia. That is why we will give you some useful ideas that will help you set up your company in the US, and also achieve the economic success you want.

How to Start Successful Businesses in the United States?: 10 Steps

As we mentioned before, starting a business in the United States is a relatively simple process, which helps make it successful. This, above all, taking into account the “facilities” that investors who do not necessarily have to be Americans have.

Consequently, it is an opportunity in which it is not mandatory to have citizenship or residency in order to take advantage of it. Therefore, the establishment of companies in this country constitutes a favorable bet for both nationals and foreigners.

As a result, in the case of these people, this documentation does not represent a barrier to starting their business in the United States. In this way, what they require is to have the motivation and clear ideas about what type of business they want to set up, and everything they need for it.

From this perspective, in the first place, what is needed is to develop a business plan that supports your project of setting up a company.

Undoubtedly, for the United States as a nation, the investment of all types of legal businesses throughout the entire national territory is important. As a result, the US authorities themselves offer a series of tips or ten steps that will help you set up businesses in that country.

To encourage successful business development in America, the federal government’s Small Business Administration (SBA) has a few ideas for people. Consequently, through their website they offer a series of essential advice when establishing a company in any part of the country.

Conduct market research for businesses in the United States

If what you are looking for in the United States is to establish a truly successful business, first of all, you need to have several ideas clear. Therefore, the formula of what?; What? And where? They will help you guide your business in the best way, and guarantee its future development.

Consequently, it is important that you locate the business you want to develop and determine in which part of the country this may be possible.

In other words, you should explore which is the place that best suits the interests of the company you want to establish. This, from the knowledge of the legal framework of the localities of your convenience, the characteristics of the population, in order to determine the needs of your future clients.

Also, it is necessary that your ideas are in line with what was mentioned above, otherwise your business will not be profitable. For example, it does not make much sense for you to develop a business for the manufacture of swimsuits, in a place where the cold is constant.

In summary, we recommend that you carry out an investigation of which alternatives are best suited to your entrepreneurial projects.

Prepare your business plan in the United States

Once you have defined the business you want to set up in the United States, you have to start putting it together to shape the company. Consequently, you need to structure a plan in order to direct it towards the ideal point to take off to success.

By creating your business plan, you’ll be able to pinpoint where you want your new business to go and how you envision it working. In addition, it will help you exploit the ideas you have to get the most money with your business in the US.

In this way, you will be clear about the projects you aspire to in order to win over your future employees, partners, investors and also clients.

Get the money for your business in the United States

Undoubtedly, a key point to start successful businesses in the United States is being able to count on the economic resources to give it life. Therefore, it is important that you study what your financial possibilities are and how you can obtain this capital for your company.

Likewise, by obtaining these resources you will be able to materialize each of the ideas embodied in your business plan. Consequently, you must explore the various alternatives in order to achieve the required financing.

Some of the ideas that you can consider to obtain the money to start your business in the United States are the following:

  • In the first place, through community contributions that you can obtain in crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Bank loans
  • Aid programs, some of them can be, for example, those of the SBA with which it is possible to opt for a small loan.

Define the location of the company or businesses in the United States

Also, it is important that you define in which part of the United States you plan to start your business; whether it works physically or not. This, above all, in case your business can be managed remotely through digital or online platforms.

Without a doubt, this is decisive in the success of your business because, depending on the location, it may or may not favor the interests of the business.

Also remember that each state has different laws which can be more or less harmful to the company, even if they are in the same country. Obviously, this is mostly related to the issue of taxes and how this can generate higher expenses depending on where you work.

Select the business structure of your business

Successful businesses in the United States are characterized by having the appropriate business structure for the activity carried out. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing what type of company you plan to set up and how this structure could benefit the development of the venture.

Likewise, this structure will allow you to register your business with the State and the type of documents that you must later manage will depend on it. Also, the amount of taxes that you will have to pay depends on this, so since there is money involved, it is a point of real interest and importance.

Learn about the different types of business structures that are handled when doing business in the United States.

Choose the name that will make your business successful in the USA

Without a doubt, for businesses to be successful in the United States and anywhere in the world, the chosen name is decisive. And it is that you must take into account that this will be the way in which they will identify you, not only legally, but in the minds of your potential clients.

Therefore, it must be something easy to remember, attractive, unique and that allows you to carry out good marketing and promotional actions. Consequently, baptizing your business is an action that, no matter how simple it may seem, can benefit or harm the development of your business.

Legally register your business

Next, all businesses in the United States must be legally registered with the respective authorities, primarily using the selected name. This will not only help you identify your company, but it will also give you exclusive rights to the trademark.

Also, keep in mind that these registrations must be made at the federal level, so entrepreneurs must go to the registration offices in their respective counties.

Federal and state tax identification

After registering your business name, in the United States you will be required to associate your business with an Employer Identification Number. This document is also known as the TIN, and becomes the universal card for establishments.

As a result, through this document you will be empowered to manage bank accounts for your business, pay taxes and hire employees. In addition, it is a procedure that you must carry out before the federal and state authorities.

Licenses and permits

Finally, for your business in the United States to be successful, it is important that it has all the required licenses and permits. For this reason, it is important that you get very good advice regarding the type of established requirements corresponding to the planned undertaking.

This, above all, because the permits and procedures vary according to the activity or service to be provided from the company.

For example, the demands of a food establishment are not the same as those of a beauty salon. In both cases there are permits to manage, but without a doubt, they are not the same since they are activities that do not have the slightest relationship with each other.

Likewise, it is important to consider that federal licenses are requested only in the case of business activities that are regulated by a federal agency. As a result, we can mention the case of transportation and logistics activities, alcoholic beverages, radio or television entertainment; among other.

What is needed to set up a business in the United States?

Before starting a successful business in the United States, you must meet the basic requirements that exist for its development. Therefore, it is the following:

Register the company with the state

First of all, you need to register your company in the official registry corresponding to the state where you decided to settle. Therefore, it is important to register articles of incorporation in order to formalize an operational contract with your partners.

Physical address of the company

Likewise, when installing businesses in the United States, the state will ask you to determine a physical address of the same. This will allow them to have a place where they can go in case they need to communicate something to you.

Company registered agent

Also, business owners and companies in the United States are required to have a registered agent based in the state where the company is located. This person must also provide their location data within the entity, where they will be available during their working hours.

Get a company tax identification number (TIN)

Without a doubt, all types of businesses in the United States require the possession of a tax identification number, mostly known as an TIN. This, above all, because with it you can bill, open bank accounts, make contracts, among other transactions inherent to the company.

Also, it is important that you know that this identification is granted only to people who have a Social Security number in the United States. However, if you do not have it, there is nothing to worry about as you can hire an agent to represent you and obtain the TIN for you.

15 successful business ideas in the United States

Without a doubt, there are many successful business options in the United States that you can consider when starting a business. However, remember that your choice should always be in accordance with your abilities, as well as the city, possibilities and particular interests.

Taking into account the experience of some entrepreneurs in the USA, we offer you some very interesting successful business options.

Sale and distribution of healthy frozen foods

In the United States and around the world today, people are interested in maintaining their health; which has become a source of successful business. Therefore, one of them is aimed precisely at caring for the body’s health through a healthy diet, but equally delicious.

However, it seems that the hustle and bustle of everyday life prevents many from leaving home to shop for these foods. Therefore, in an era in which online shopping and home delivery are a trend, you have the option of developing a good business.

Consequently, this situation puts in your hands the possibility of dedicating yourself to the sale and distribution of healthy foods. As a result, you will not only meet the need for healthy eating that many have, but you will also provide comfort and time savings.

In this way, you could find one of the most successful businesses of recent times in the United States and other countries.

Sale and rental of premises in the main cities

We all know that the United States is a very prosperous country, where there are also important and successful established businesses. However, there are some cities where the mobility of companies is more active, so more companies are constantly emerging.

As a result, entrepreneurs and owners are constantly searching for ideal spaces where they can establish their businesses or even expand them. Therefore, if you have one or more spaces that are provided for these services, you have a very lucrative business option in your hands.

Also, keep in mind that depending on the location of the premises or warehouse, the pay you will receive may be more juicy if you know how to negotiate well.

Without a doubt, having premises and allocating them for sale or rent to other companies is one of the most beneficial successful business options in the United States.

Massage and relaxation service

Once again, the need to be healthy in body and mind offers opportunities for successful businesses in the United States. For this reason, on this occasion the proposal of enterprises offering massage and relaxation services to people arises.

In such a busy and troubled world, there are many people who seek to take a break to calm down and reduce their stress levels. Therefore, one of the best ways to achieve this is through relaxation massages, something that helps us to be balanced.

In recent years, health has become the source of many successful businesses in the United States, through services such as these. Without a doubt, those who have knowledge and experience in this area have many possibilities, especially in the main cities of the country.

This will bring an increase in their quality of life for your clients, and for you the guarantee of having a stable company with many levels of acceptance. Consequently, if you have this type of skills, do not hesitate to start the process to start your small company providing these services.

Consulting for businesses in the United States

If you already have some experience in the field of business in the United States, you can also be successful by sharing your knowledge with others. This, above all, because there are people interested in starting their businesses and are willing to pay others for advice.

Also, remember that in the United States the requirements are variable depending on the type of business and even depending on the state where you are. Therefore, if you are steeped in knowledge in this area, we assure you that you will do very well advising other entrepreneurs.

Without a doubt, this business is very successful because it is based on the premise of “win, win”; which will definitely help you earn money in America.

Also, it is a fairly comfortable service since you can give your advice both in person and remotely through the web. For this reason, it is a fabulous profitable business alternative in the USA that you can manage from home.

Fast food franchises

It is no secret to anyone that fast food businesses are one of the most successful businesses in the United States. Without a doubt, this, as long as you know how to properly take control of it and take care of meeting the needs of the company, customers, employees and suppliers.

In addition, one of the most lucrative services in the world are those associated with food, since you will constantly have interested customers. However, when it comes to fast food, Americans have a special hobby and taste, which for you can be a valuable opportunity.

Therefore, joining a popular brand in this field could lead you to establish a successful business in the United States. This, because you already have a recognized name in the locality, with acceptance and with a pre-established work scheme that will make things easier for you.

Now, if you want to launch your own fast food brand, you can also have the possibility of making your business successful in the United States. However, remember to take into account the tastes, demands and needs of the guests in order to provide them with delicious and quality food.

Finally, do not forget to advise yourself well so that you can make your business known and turn it into a renowned company.

Personal fitness trainer

Well-being and physical and mental health is a priority for today’s man, and Americans do not escape this inescapable truth. Therefore, services that encourage this are capable of becoming a true source of successful business in the United States.

Beyond physical appearance, many people seek to feel full of energy and vitality to combat the challenges of everyday life. Consequently, they try to undergo physical routines that allow their bodies to stay healthy and strong.

Therefore, personal fitness trainers are highly sought after in the United States, allowing these experts to establish successful businesses. Whether it is facilitating yoga classes, pilates, aerobics, zumba or with gym sessions, you can definitely make good money with this.

Also, if you are one of those who are looking for profitable business ideas from home, this could be a good option. Remember that lately, non-face-to-face classes are very fashionable and many like to do their training with online advice.

Translation services

Also, a very profitable and possibly successful business is that of translation services in the United States. This, above all, for people who handle the English language very well as well as one or more additional languages.

Remember that due to its multiple attractions, the US is constantly receiving people from different parts of the world. Although English is the well-known universal language, it seems that not everyone masters it perfectly, which represents a communication problem.

Therefore, many people and especially foreign businessmen turn to the services of specialists who serve as translators during their conversations. In addition, those who have this type of business in the United States are paid very good money for their services.

Undoubtedly, for your translation business to be successful, we recommend that you be astute when choosing the location in the United States where you will work. Consequently, consider the points of the country where translations are most required and that these are adjusted to the language you speak, apart from English.

Party event organization company

If logistics and event organization are among your skills, you can set up a successful business in the United States in this area. Without a doubt, more and more people are turning to professionals to prepare their corporate, personal and family events.

Therefore, you have many possibilities of success dedicating yourself to offering this type of service in the country. This, especially if you focus on the main cities, where social activities are very lively and frequent.

As in most businesses, you can advertise on social networks, and above all, your advertising will be offered to you by other satisfied customers. Therefore, by offering quality services you will see how they will recommend you to other people, and little by little your business will grow like foam.

Healthy food businesses

We already know that businesses associated with promoting health are possibly some of the most successful in the United States, especially if they offer food. For this reason, a fabulous entrepreneurial idea is about the sale and distribution of purely healthy foods.

Although people can find this type of food in supermarkets, without a doubt, the variety and freshness is not ideal. Consequently, many seek to go to stores specializing in this type of product, in order to obtain quality and multiple options.

Also, if you know about cooking and you know how to prepare healthy dishes, you could begin to make yourself known as a specialized chef in the area. In this way, your creations will become popular and soon you will have regular customers and lovers of your food.

Virtual Assistance

As we have mentioned before, technological platforms play an essential role in the development of any type of activity. Therefore, in the United States, many successful businesses seek to offer advice and attention to their clients virtually.

Consequently, they pay other companies or companies to dedicate themselves to providing these services to their clients, thus facilitating their work. In this way, your possibility of setting up a successful business in the United States is precisely by providing these virtual care services.

Without a doubt, for that you have to have a truly reliable, responsible and diligent team to be able to serve people well. Remember that your duty will be to satisfy the people you are constantly serving, but also the company that hires you for it.

Apart from being a successful business, it is also an excellent alternative to make money working from home and anywhere in the USA.

Aesthetic or hairdressing services at home

Leveraging your beauty skills could possibly help you build a successful business in the United States. As we have been commenting, today’s men and women have physical and mental well-being as a priority, so looking good is important.

Consequently, few will pass up the opportunity to let themselves be treated by experts to beautify themselves physically. In this way, dedicating oneself to the business of aesthetics and hair, nail and face care is quite profitable, especially among the female public.

To be sure, there are places in the United States where these businesses are probably more successful than elsewhere. However, in general, it is quite opportune to start your business in the main cities, where social life is very important.

Also, being able to offer these services to people in the comfort of their homes is a real privilege. Therefore, your customers will know how to financially compensate you for making their lives easier and at the same time offering them a quality service.

Also, in times of pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing, many will feel more comfortable and safer attending to their homes. As a result, offering this possibility will be a plus that will help your business become popular and obtain higher profits.

Pet care services

Also, for many in the United States, the care and well-being of their pets is important, which translates into great opportunities for successful businesses. Without a doubt, pets have become more than just company and are even considered another vital member of families.

Therefore, their owners seek that, like them, they can look and feel as good as possible. In this sense, they often go to specialists to help them meet the various needs of their little friends, mainly dogs and cats.

As a result, we see how more and more successful businesses are emerging in the United States that offer aesthetic services for dogs. These take care of making complicated tasks more enjoyable, such as bathing the animal, as well as cutting its hair or nails.

Also, there are those who have managed to make a very good money offering pet “babysitting” services. This, especially, in case the owners need to go on a trip or stay away from home for long periods of time.

Consequently, those who are willing to keep their pets company, feed them and take them for walks receive good financial rewards for their attention.

In addition, other successful business options with pets have become popular in the United States. Some of them are the establishment of canine or feline hotels, nurseries and even manners schools.

Without a doubt, there is a whole range of profitable options in this area.

Academic support and advice for children and young people

Currently, there are many parents who are in trouble to give support to their children when doing homework. Therefore, many teachers see in this need another excellent opportunity to start successful businesses in the United States.

Undoubtedly, work, family and other commitments leave parents without quality time to help their little ones with their work. However, this is not a reason to neglect their academic development, which is why many find it necessary to seek extra help.

Consequently, if you are a teacher and have knowledge related to the teaching and learning process, you could take advantage of this valuable opportunity for entrepreneurship. To do this, you just have to put yourself at the disposal of these parents in order to provide support and academic accompaniment to children and young people.

As a result, you will see how not a few people will come to you to provide care for their children, for which you will surely receive excellent pay.

These businesses are successful in the United States, above all, because you can offer them in different ways, allowing you to offer different rates.

For example, you can settle in a place to offer your private classes or do it in your own home. Also, you can go to the children’s house, or do it online; The important thing is to give excellent attention to students.

Purchases and resale of products

Likewise, people who have developed that sixth sense to detect good offers can take advantage of it for successful businesses in the United States. One of them is related to the purchase of wholesale products for later resale, in order to multiply profits.

As a result, your clinical eye on purchases will help you detect the best offers in the market in order to buy them at a lower wholesale price. Next, you will be able to get more profit from the product by selling it at a cost that allows you to recover your investment and obtain more profits.

Without a doubt, not all businesses of this type are successful in the United States, but there are some in which you will surely do very well. For example, this alternative is very useful if what you are looking to sell is clothing, beauty products, shoes or toys.

Also, this can change depending on the needs of the clients you serve, which vary from one place to another. However, the chances of success in this type of venture are very high, as long as you choose the right product and place. This, above all, if you have the investment capital required to start these purchases.

Finally, another advantage of these businesses is that you can market in different ways. That is to say, you can sell and buy in the traditional and face-to-face way in stores, or through the internet, a modality that is gaining more and more ground.

Invest in American stocks

In the United States, you can also start successful businesses through the financial market operating through the internet. Without a doubt, there are more and more people who manage to make good money dedicating themselves to this venture, investing at most about 50,000 USD.

In fact, with only 100 USD and up to 200 USD you can start in the binary or forex investment market. Consequently, it is very similar to the complicated market of the stock exchanges, but a little less complicated.

Also, to join this enterprise it is necessary that you know well the best investment alternatives in order to avoid risks of fraud.

Apparently, in the case of binary investments, many in the United States have found successful and quite profitable business options. As a result, they have received from 61% of their investment to 1500% of it; which is totally awesome.

However, it is also important that you have knowledge in the area in order to know how to avoid false brokers. Likewise, having developed the intuition required to determine where and how much to invest, thus minimizing the risk of loss.


Without a doubt, starting a successful business in the United States is a job that requires your efforts, but it is not really impossible.

Also, keep in mind that for this it is important that as an entrepreneur you are clear about what, how and where you want to start your company. From there you will know better which is the correct path to take, in order to conduct your business well.

Also, having the material and human resources for your company is essential and the take-off of your company will depend on it. However, these are affordable things and you will surely be able to obtain them without major difficulties.
Finally, remember that the United States is the country of opportunities, so with clear ideas, effort and willingness, you can start successful businesses.