5 technological tools that every accountant should have

If we can be sure of something, the tax and accounting procedures always change. Since the use of electronic invoicing or digital payroll was approved, companies have been forced to adopt technologies that allow accountants to be more effective in their daily work.

Given this scenario, it becomes necessary for companies and independent professionals to consider the use of software for accountants that allows them to attend to all changes, validations in file structures and issuance of digital vouchers.

Accountants are key professionals in the technological advancement of companies because they were the first to make transactions with electronic banking to pay taxes through the internet, for example. In this sense, we share 5 technological tools for accountants.

  1. Information security systems: accountants must have in their software inventory some tool that allows them to protect their customers’ passwords. Cloud technologies can be very useful for any loss of information as it will always be available.
  2. Data science: Accountants and companies in general must have technological tools to use different data mining methods. Databases, statistics and algorithms, are some of the techniques to search and find specific data within large volumes of information.
  3. CRM and customer contact systems: software for accountants should allow optimal management of customer contact points, such as electronic commerce or communication technologies with users.
  4. Applications for billing and administration: it is necessary to have applications that help the company control its accounting, billing and administration. An example of this platform is Gestionix, which allows issuing all the vouchers that the company needs from one place. This tool works from the cloud, so you have access anywhere to download invoices in XML format and coordinate online teams to increase productivity.
  5. Tools in the cloud: Indispensable to work in collaboration with other team members. The advantage of working applications in the cloud is that information will always be available and helps to contribute to information security.

The adoption of technology to make a company’s processes more efficient and automated also helps the accounting and tax area of ​​companies. With these tools, accountants can become professional while optimizing processes.