The 5 best Telephone Companies in the United States quality price

It is impressive to see the great success that the telephone companies have achieved. This great reach has been achieved thanks to its unstoppable effort to provide the best communication service to its millions of users.

The United States is one of the countries with the best telephone companies in the world. That is why on each site we can see banner ads promoting their various phone companies. If you live in the United States and need the service of the best company, but you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry! Hereinafter we will describe in detail the 5 best telephone companies in this country.

Verizon Wireless

This is one of the most recognized telephone companies in the United States, due to the large number of subscribers it has and its excellent coverage. The telephone equipment of this company is characterized by having a very affordable price in relation to its excellent quality. In addition, these teams can be purchased with prepaid or postpaid plans.

Verizon Wireless provides mobile internet and digital satellite television services. Its private business network is vast and private. Any user can contract the service, it offers various plans such as monthly prepaid, unlimited family monthly plan, unlimited individual monthly plan and international calling plan.


This company is number one in speed and efficiency, since it allows you to surf the Internet directly from your mobile. It also offers 3G and 4G coverage which will make it possible for you to watch and download videos, music, explore your social networks and download various information.

The telephone plans of this company are very cheap and you can choose from a wide variety. Best of all, when you purchase any of their plans within the T-Mobile Tuesdays program, you participate for various prizes, including discounts, products, movie tickets, free food, among others. From now on you can be a T-Mobile customer with no additional commitments.


If you want a good telephone service with a super affordable cost, Sprint will be your best option. The speed of coverage of this telephone company in rural and metropolitan areas is extremely efficient, so much so that in some areas it exceeds that of T-Mobile.

Sprint has a single price category for individual lines. In addition, it offers wonderful benefits such as unlimited 4G LTE data, messages and free minutes. Its equipment catalog has some of the best mobiles on the market. It has a platform for Android, OS, Apple and Windows Phone devices.

AT&T Mobility

This is one of the first existing telephone companies in the United States and also one of the most famous. Its extensive experience allows it to provide excellent services to its millions of users. It also has a wide variety of telephone equipment, including the most recent models, and its plans are very comfortable and flexible.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes this company is its excellent service to Spanish-speaking customers. AT&T’s 4G coverage is of very good quality and in recent days it has added unlimited plans to its offers. You can purchase the two-year contract from this company, which offers various plans. You can choose the one that best suits your need or preference.

Metro PCS

The coverage offered by this phone company is excellent and its prices are very reasonable. It could be said that it has the same coverage as T-Mobile, since they have agreed to share their signal. The Metro PCS telephone equipment offer is very attractive, as it includes the best models at a good price. In addition, by signing the contract for the purchase of one of these devices, you free yourself from the review of your credit.

You should know that if you buy a mobile from this company online, you will have a great discount. You should also keep in mind that Metro PCS offers users the latest Smartphone models at a very good price. Its navigation service is high-speed, which has qualified this company as one of the best in the United States