Western Union Vs. MoneyGram: Which is the Best

Western Union and MoneyGram are money transfer services that allow customers to send and receive money to international destinations for a fee. Companies also offer money orders and prepaid cards. Prices are competitive, but you can decide between the two by comparing estimated prices for services and products, as well as finding the service that is closest to you or the transfer recipient.

Go to the Western Union website (westernunion.com) using a computer. Click “Find a Location” at the top of the page to locate a Western Union branch near you or the recipient.

Place your computer cursor over “Products and Services” located in the upper left corner of the site’s home page.

Click on a certain product or service that appears in the menu that appears when the cursor is placed on “Products and Services”, or click on “The prices of our services”, in the menu in the lower right corner, to estimate money transfer fees.

Enter the necessary information, including the city, state, and country from which the money will be sent, and the recipient’s location and amount.

Visit the MoneyGram website (moneygram.com). Click on “Calculate transfer cost” located near the top right of the main page.

Enter the necessary information, including the sender’s country, the receiving country, the specific MoneyGram service, and the amount of money.

Click on “Products and Services” at the bottom of the MoneyGram page. Read the list of MoneyGram services on the resulting page.

Click on “Places” at the top of the MoneyGram page. Click the box next to “Send money” or “Receive money,” and enter the required information under the heading “Find a MoneyGram location.”