What are the companies with the largest number of job offers in recent weeks in the United States

Learn about the companies where you can find a job this summer

Although vacancies continue to be below the levels that were before the pandemic, some companies have brought job hope to many people, who only reported a considerable increase in the recovery of vacancies last July.

Walmart has been more than the store where people buy their food to continue keeping themselves in quarantine, its online sales skyrocketed 80% during the pandemic, that’s why this chain and other companies are ready to continue hiring more people, according to the offers published in ZipRecruiter.

Posted: 92,727 jobs in July.
Amazon job title examples: driver trainer, package handler, operations manager, pharmacist, area manager, buyer, truck driver, and merchandiser.

Posted: 21,281 jobs in July.
Examples of Lowe’s jobs: assistant store manager, operations, loader, service associate, and assistant manager.

Posted: 5,133 jobs in July.
Examples of jobs at Walmart: merchant and cashier.

FedEx Ground
Posted: 4,692 jobs in July.
Examples of jobs at FedEx Ground: operations manager, package handler, courier, and technician.

McDonald’s Restaurants
Posted: 3,219 jobs in July.
Examples of jobs at McDonald’s restaurants: team member, manager, and human resources assistant.

Wells Fargo
Posted: 2,468 jobs in July.
Wells Fargo job examples: Mortgage Consultant and Customer Success Specialist.

Whole Foods Market
Posted: 1,661 jobs in July.
Examples of jobs throughout the food market: Bakery, Cashier, Purchasing, Reception and Software Developer.

Posted: 1,463 jobs in July.
Examples of Costco job titles: cashier assistant, cashier, stock clerk, food service assistant, bakery wrapper, deli service assistant, customer service representative, and order picker.