What is the company name?

One of the activities that has great importance in the commercial world is the creation of a company and in it one of the first things that you must take into account for its formation is the company name. In this article we will explain what this term refers to and its main characteristics.

What is the company name?

The company name is the name by which a company is legally known. It is an official name that appears in the documentation that allowed the legal entity in question to be established.

Through this name the mercantile company is known; It is its legal attribute, which will appear in the deed or document where the creation of the same is recorded. This document allows the identification of both the legal person and the members of the company and provides assurance about its legality.

Is the business name of a company the same as the trade name?

The business name is different from the business name. The latter is what allows the company to be identified in the market. This is the name that consumers generally know. The brand must be chosen with simplicity in mind, that is, it must be easy to remember and must at the same time inspire confidence. At this point it can be said that many times it is given that the name of the brand differs profoundly from the name of a company.

In this way, the business name of a company is used when completing a document (such as the salary receipt given to an employee or the issuance of a bank check) or participating in a legal process.

Is the company name mandatory?

The business name or business name is optional, while the business name is mandatory, the two may or may not be different, although if the business name and the business name are the same, the business name has no purpose, since it would be unnecessary.