When and where is the CPI published?

Many times we refer to the CPI to talk about the variation in prices in a specific country or territory. Thanks to it, we can know how much the average cost of consumption in households and families has increased or decreased. Therefore, it is necessary to know who is in charge of carrying out these calculations and where we can go to consult regularly.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) ended at 0.8% year-on-year in December 2019 due to the rise in fuels, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE).

First of all we recommend that you learn how to calculate the CPI and what are the aspects that determine this price index, in order to interpret the reasons why we can find a higher or lower CPI.

What day is the CPI published?

The National Statistics Institute is in charge of calculating the CPI in our country. This index shows the variation in the cost of living that can come from price changes or changes in the shopping cart. Price variations are updated monthly, while the shopping cart is reviewed annually.

Also, every time it is published, we can find the country’s CPI and the IPCA (Harmonized Consumer Price Index), which consists of a CPI calculated homogeneously in all the countries of the European Union and allows comparisons to be made between the different Member States.

Before knowing the place and date where we can find the Consumer Price Index we must take into account that It is published twice for each monthly period:

  • On the one hand, we have the advance CPI, which is published the last days of each as an estimate close to the real CPI.
  • On the other hand, the final CPI for each month is published in the middle of the following.

To know the exact publication date of the monthly CPI, it is necessary to go to INE statistics availability calendar. Here you can find the specific days on which the final CPI will be published each of the months of the year.

Day Month Reference period
15 January December 2019
14 February January 2020
13 March February 2020
15 April March 2020
14 May April 2020
12 June May 2020
14 July June 2020
13 August July 2020
11 September August 2020
14 October September 2020
13 November October 2020
11 December November 2020

To calculate the CPI and know the advance CPI of each period of the year, you can consult from these days.

Day Month Reference period
31 January January 2020
27 February February 2020
30 March March 2020
30 April April 2020
28 May May 2020
29 June June 2020
30 July July 2020
31 August August 2020
29 September September 2020
29 October October 2020
30 November November 2020
30 December December 2020

With this information and to know when and where you should go to check the latest updated CPI data to know the latest price variations produced in our country and assess its economic situation.