Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviews

Making a selection of what are the best effective weight loss pills is a huge task. Here are the names in the form of a well-identified list that have the preference of users for their good results in removing fat and losing weight.


This food supplement is available online. Its presentation in the form of pills, to speed up metabolism and eliminate fat.

Now take a closer look at the formulation of Thermofem pills and find out why they promise to be an effective weight loss alternative:


  • L-Tyrosine : An amino acid produced by the body and responsible for providing energy, improving mood and reducing stress.
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract: This citrus acts as a stimulant and allows you to burn additional fats in the body to lose weight.
  • Caffeine : In proportion of 100 mg. Per tablet which stimulates the nervous system and gives a feeling of vigor. It also controls hunger and increases metabolic action.
  • Green Tea Extract : The polyphenols in this plant are a powerful antioxidant. Additionally, the catechins in green tea serve to burn body fat.
  • Black Pepper: Works as an alkaloid that contributes to the absorption of the other components of Thermofem.


  1. It generates a thermogenesis action to increase the body heat load to contribute as a slimming factor.
  2. Increases the calories spent during digestion by almost 30%.
  3. Thermofem gives you additional energy so that you eliminate fat all the time.
  4. Balance hormone levels while you are on your healthy eating and exercise plan along with Thermofem intake.
  5. The Thermofem formulation increases your degree of concentration and mental agility due to its stimulating compounds.
  6. Burns localized fat which is the most difficult to remove.
  7. Its ingredients work together to attack cellulite.
  8. Eliminates fluid retention that increases weight due to swelling.
  9. Control appetite.
  10. Money back guarantee.

How to take: Thermofem must be ingested gradually so that the body becomes accustomed to its components and to avoid harmful consequences for health. Here is a protocol that you can follow when taking Thermofem:

  • Week 1: Take one tablet thirty minutes before breakfast, along with 350 ml of water.
  • Week 2: Take one capsule before breakfast and another shortly before lunch.
  • Week 3: Take one pill with water before each main meal.
  • Week 4: Increase to two tablets before breakfast and then only one the rest of the meals.
  • Week 5: Take 2 pills before breakfast and one with lunch and dinner.
  • Week 6: Increase to 2 tablets before each main meal.

Side effects: The side effects related to Thermofem may be due to the sensitivity caffeine and other ingredients. In any case, some of these effects can be mitigated by reducing the dose or taking the pills with more water.

Thermofem opinions and reviews:

One of the highlights of Thermofem is the number of users who comment on the forums claiming that the product is effective for weight loss.

On the internet, the absence of the rebound effect is repeatedly commented on , which keeps customers motivated.

These tablets have also been widely accepted for their after-sales service and the power program that keeps users satisfied.


These tablets have been called Mexican diet pills. They are formulated based on laxative ingredients, tranquilizers, stimulants and thyroid hormone.

As a weight loss product it is very popular in countries like Mexico and the United States. However, the FDA does not allow it in the United States, so it is marketed very well in the border area.

Benefits: One of the benefits of Redotex is that it controls the satiety center of the brain. Many people have a hard time being satisfied with the amount of food they eat and eat more than they should. The D-norpseudoephedrine component, increases the action of Carnitine to decrease appetite.

Another benefit is that it can be used to treat hypothyroidism, since it acts directly on the hormone that makes you gain weight. In any case, you should consult an endocrine doctor before starting thyroid treatment with Redotex.

How to take: Redotex comes in boxes with capsules of 30 units and you should take one pill every day. It is best to take it before breakfast with enough liquid.

The treatment covers 3 full weeks, although the prescription may vary according to what the doctor recommends.

Side effects: Redotex is not without side effects due to its calming components such as diazepam. You may experience the following symptoms:

  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Photophobia
  • Tachycardia
  • Dry mouth
  • Sickness
  • Diarrhea
  • Fluid retention

Redotex opinions and reviews:

Opinions on Redotex for weight loss are very varied. Many testimonials are obtained online from people who are happy with the results achieved with Redotex. To cite an example, a patient claims to have lost 5 pounds in just 4 days.

This does not mean that Redotex does not have detractors, because also online there are those who claim that they have not lost any weight.


Acxion tablets are of the anorectic type or appetite suppressants. This characteristic makes the person eat less because it acts at the brain level to indicate to the brain that it is already satisfied.

Another aspect for which Acxion serves is in exogenous obesity or that caused by external factors such as poor diet. You can buy Acxion tablets with a prescription because this weight loss medicine has effects for amphetamines.


  • It is used to treat type two diabetes
  • Controls insulin resistance
  • Prevents the desire to eat due to anxiety
  • It helps you control the food portions to eat

How to take: One of the important aspects with Acxion is that it does not work without exercises and a proper diet. In addition, as it is a medicine, you must respect the medical prescription and not alter the dose since you can suffer adverse effects.

Take the entire prescribed dose without chewing, otherwise the nervous system is reached very quickly.

Side effects:

  • It can cause constipation, nausea and a dry mouth.
  • In the circulatory system it can generate high blood pressure and tachycardia.
  • Finally , anxiety, headache and tremors, among others, can be felt in the nervous system.

Acxion opinions and reviews:

According to a survey, Acxion obtained negative comments about the results of its use. Of a total of 102 patients surveyed, 28 said that the product did work as a slimming.

Likewise, 39 people showed a neutral opinion and 45 stated that it was of no use to them.

XLS Medical

If you are one of those who eat poorly and have excess fat accumulated, XlS Medical are the fat-reducing pills that can help you lose weight. Its natural components help you eliminate fat, reduce appetite and reduce the calories you eat.

The active ingredient in Xls is Calvitanol as an ingredient to prevent the absorption of calories. It is clinically proven and you can buy it over the counter.


  • Its mechanical action occurs in the digestive system, so it does not affect the brain
  • Composition based on vegetable fibers to capture fat from food
  • Adverse effects are less than 1%
  • Block sugars, carbohydrates and fats at the same time
  • Levels blood glucose.
  • Allows you to lose weight and prevents weight gain

How to take: The intake of XlS medical should not be more than 4 tablets a day. Take 1 capsule about fifteen minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember to drink them with enough liquid and prefer water over sugary drinks to ingest them.

Side effects: Being a product based on vegetable fiber, patients may experience bloating and constipation. To combat this evil you just have to stay well hydrated.

Other side effects that do not represent serious consequences are migraines, itching and gastrointestinal upset.

XLS Medical opinions and reviews:

Cost seems to be the determining factor for the opinions against XlS medical diet pills. To carry out the two-month treatment to lose weight it is required to invest about 200 euros.

This figure is very high considering that statistically the people who are overweight are of limited resources.

Orlistat pills

Orlistat is a medicine in pills that are used to lose weight. It is marketed under the brand Xenical in tablets with 120 mg. of the drug orlistat.

Its action is focused on inhibiting the enzyme lipase that is responsible for breaking down fats in food. Unlike other weight loss pills, Orlistat does not work at the brain level but in the intestines.

In this way, the body mobilizes its energy reserves, causing the adipose tissue to be reduced.


  • Orlistat does not cause addiction, since its action occurs in the digestive system and not in the brain.
  • They are scientifically proven and have FDA permission.
  • Its price is accessible to most users.
  • Mobilizes the fats already present in the body to reduce them.
  • They regulate cholesterol levels.
  • It prevents heart disease.
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

How to take: You must take one capsule before each meal. Take each pill with enough water and your body is already in charge of eliminating the accumulated fat in the body.

The complete treatment is 3 months. If you need to lose more weight, go to your doctor to prescribe orlistat.

Side effects:

  • Flatulence.
  • Stools that look oily.
  • Increased frequency of bowel movements.
  • Stomach ache.
  • Headache.
  • Problems containing stool.

Orlistat’s opinions and reviews:

Orlistat causes the body to disable fats in the small intestine area. In this way, the body’s calories are reduced with the immediate effect of losing weight.

This process has been proven in different scientific studies carried out on groups of orlistat users. In other studies, orlistat was found to be 37% effective in reducing diabetes.

Alli Pills

The Alli capsules are lozenges based drug orlistat. Since they only contain the minimum dose of this drug, it can be bought without a prescription. Alli is a medicine that allows weight loss combined with a low fat and low calorie diet.

Alli is responsible for inactivating the fats that reach your body from food. This prevents up to 25% of fats from sticking to the body and you can lose weight even without realizing it.


  • Alli allows you to lose fifty percent more weight combined with diet and physical activity.
  • It is a medicine that you can buy without a prescription.
  • It is approved by the European Union.
  • How to take: Take an Alli tablet with every meal with plenty of water.

Side effects:

  • Alli are pills that capture fat and allow it to pass into the intestine unprocessed. Therefore, side effects occur at the level of the digestive system.
  • Bowel movement, abdominal pain, and greasy stools. You can also experience more urgency when going to the bathroom, it must be said that the effects can be counteracted if you respect a low-fat diet

Alli’s opinions and reviews:

Alli is one of the most sought-after weight loss pills by users thanks to the recognition granted by the EU. Another of Alli’s virtues is its low dose of Orlistat.

These tablets only contain 60 mg. in each pill. This option allows Alli to be purchased without a prescription.

Alli’s counterpart is in relation to the undesired effects, especially the constant urgencies of going to the bathroom. This unwanted effect is one of the factors that causes users to stop taking Alli pills.


You may have heard of the Lipograsil system for weight loss. The classic Lipograsil tablets are part of a set of products designed to fight obesity.

Its long-acting pills combine ingredients to burn fat and keep weight stable.

Lipograsil capsules contain artichoke, fucus and cascara sagrada. Artichoke acts as a detoxifier, while fucus increases body temperature and has a mild laxative effect. The cascara sagrada cleanses the colon facilitating intestinal function.


  • Contributes to the elimination of adipose tissue
  • Remineralizes the body and detoxifies it
  • Eliminates fluid retention
  • Balances body electrolytes
  • Improves the transit of the intestinal system
  • It is a good source of antioxidant elements

How to take: A maximum of 6 tablets a day can be taken with meals and with plenty of water. If this dose causes a laxative effect, you can reduce the intake to one capsule with each meal. On the contrary, if you want to increase the dose, you should consult the doctor.

Side effects:

  • Intestinal disorders is one of the most bothersome side effects.
  • Other unwanted effects are cramps, nausea, and skin rashes.

Lipograsil opinions and reviews:

Surveys and internet forums speak positively about Lipograsil tablets. However, users also admit that an exercise and diet program is vital to lose weight safely. Lipograsil in any presentation serves as an adjuvant to eliminate fat

Furthermore, the laxative effect of Lipograsil is the negative part of the comments among users of this supplement.


Phentermine are pills that curb hunger and helps to eliminate fat in patients suffering from obesity. You must get it under a prescription since it is considered a controlled substance. Being a family of amphetamines,Phentermine capsules can cause addiction.

The intake of these tablets should be short-term and in combination with a healthy diet and physical activity to ensure their effectiveness.


  • Phentermine pills are antioxidants
  • Phentermine works to lose weight when diets and exercise haven’t been able to help
  • Avoid the production of more body fat
  • Suppress your appetite so you eat less calories

How to take: The recommendation is to take Phentermine for no more than twelve weeks to lose weight. To start a treatment with Phentermine, you must take a minimum dose of 15 mg. every day.

The pills can be taken one hour before breakfast. If you forget the dose, there is no problem taking it two hours after the meal.

Side effects:

  • High blood pressure, tachycardia, nervousness, and insomnia.
  • Other less frequent adverse effects are blurred vision, constipation, headache, nausea, skin rashes, stomach pain, tiredness, among others.
  • In men Phentermine may be responsible for the loss of sexual desire and the presence of erectile dysfunction.

Phentermine reviews and opinions

Phentermine pills are one of the most powerful fat loss and weight loss medications. It has even been shown to be effective in treating clinical obesity.

Many patients fear the long list of side effects. But it must be said that not all patients have reported all symptoms.

On the other hand, there are divided opinions regarding the effectiveness of Phentermine in suppressing appetite. Some believe that the drug loses its properties after twelve weeks.

However, other studies claim that it lasts up to 36 weeks. In any case, patients say that it has served them well in their weight loss plan.


PhenQ are tablets created to have a double effect on the body. PhenQ pills work by burning fat and reducing appetite.

If you need a pill that does not focus only on losing weight, PhenQ is for you. This combination of properties allows you to lose weight safely and even without realizing it.


  • You have the power of multiple supplements in one tablet.
  • Burn the fat stored in your body.
  • You eat less because it gives you a feeling of satiety.
  • It stops the production of new fat in the body.
  • Increase good mood.
  • rise the levels of energy.
  • Does not require a prescription.
  • Contains an exclusive FDA approved formula.

How to take: PhenQ should only be taken two pills a day. Remember that if you are taking other types of pills it is better to distance the intake from both. With this dose your body is accelerated and the digestive function is also streamlined.

Side effects:

  • Stomach problems,
  • General nervousness
  • Sickness.

PhenQ reviews and opinions:

Detractors of fat burning products are skeptical in accepting PhenQ as an effective weight loss treatment.

However, during the short time it has been on the market it has achieved great acceptance by users. In fact, it stands out as one of the best capsules to eliminate fat.

Statistics say that consumers report 7% more fat removed. Regarding weight loss, almost 4% of the users affirm that PhenQ does work. Likewise, it increases muscle mass, which is an attraction for users in the sports category.

The exclusive and only PhenQ formula, called Lacys Reset is scientifically proven and is counted as one of the best slimming alternatives.

This formula makes you burn fat by increasing body heat. A body with more heat also burns more calories.

Garcinia Cambogia

Malabar tamarind is the tropical fruit behind Garcinia Cambogia capsules. The tablets of Garcinia Cambogia are considered among one of the best on the market.

Its main asset is hydroxycitric acid, which has a dual function. These tablets block fats and also provide the action to remove hunger.

Garcinia Cambogia comes from a small green Indian fruit that inhibits fat-producing enzymes and has been marketed very well since 2012.


  • One of the biggest benefits of taking Garcinia Cambogia is that you get rid of the rebound effect.
  • For example, it lowers bad cholesterol, energizes you, and stimulates the central nervous system.
  • Don’t create addiction

How to take: Before eating and not after. Take the pill dose with a full glass of water. The daily intake is 500 mg each day. Allow an hour to pass after eating the pills.

Side effects:

  • Digestive upset
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea

Garcinia Cambogia reviews and opinions:

Different experts in nutrition and weight loss say that the effects of the Garcinia Cambogia pills are evident after the first week of treatment. Likewise, to check the differences of before and after, it should take about six weeks.

These tablets have been shown to have a positive effect on people’s mood. Therefore, people taking Garcinia Cambogia are more motivated to follow a healthy diet to lose weight.

Furthermore, users express that the results of taking Garcinia Cambogia are more evident when supplemented with physical activity. They also indicate that side effects are hardly noticeable.

Proactol XS

Among the multiple alternatives to lose weight is Proactol XS. The way this supplement reduces fat intake is by agglutinating.

Its natural sources of fiber trap fat from meals in large molecules. In this way, the body does not absorb them and you can eliminate fat quickly.


  • You lose weight
  • Control hunger
  • Formulated with 100% natural ingredients
  • Formulated with 100% natural ingredients
  • You reduce body mass
  • Fat agglutines that are naturally lost
  • Contributes to lower cholesterol
  • It has a Kosher certification which makes it suitable for vegetarians.

How to take: Generally , the recommendation is to take 2 pills with water after each meal. Even if you have eaten something very fatty such as a hamburger or fried foods, you can eat up to 4 capsules to catch unwanted fats .

Once you reach your desired weight, you can take a maintenance dose. This involves taking one Proactol xs capsule with each meal, especially if you are high in fat. In a time of 3 months you will see the changes of before and after on your body.

Side effects:

Proactol xs is free from significant side effects. In fact, almost no conditions are reported that can be attributed to the use of this organic supplement. This is due to the fact that the tablets allow the fats to be captured and set aside so that they are discarded naturally.

Proactol XS reviews and opinions:

Clinical studies demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of Proactol XS. It is one of the most powerful fat binders out there for weight loss. The image of actress Mischa Barton, who has used Proactol XS to win the battle against being overweight, is widely used.

Other non-famous users comment that they have managed to lose up to five sizes and another one affirms that using Proactol Xs, as indicated by their doctor, they have managed to lose 53 pounds.

12. Demograss plus

Impossible not to have heard of Demograss plus. These pickups are the new version of classic demograss or pink pickups. In fact, there is an exclusive product for the Anglo-Saxon market and another for the American public.

Demograss ingredients are natural and the tablets work to increase metabolism, detoxify the body.

Demograss plus’s mechanism of action occurs in the immune system to speed up its operation. Then detoxifies the body and as you complete your treatment, the functions of the body are normalized while you lose weight.


  • You control hunger and anxiety
  • Detoxify the body
  • Stimulates the digestive system
  • Regulates intestinal function
  • Resists parasitic formation

How to take: Take Demograss plus after breakfast with natural fruit juice, do not exceed the recommended dose

Side effects:

  • As for the unwanted effects , dizziness, headache, vomiting and nausea can occur. The manufacturer himself admits these symptoms that can be mitigated if you take the tablets with enough liquid.
  • Other more worrisome effects are menstrual delay, stomach bloating and muscle aches and even pancreatitis from prolonged use.

Demograss plus reviews and opinions

Opinions about Demograss are somewhat contradictory and there are plenty of them. On the one hand, there are the internet forums where users comment that most of them have not suffered the side effects with Demograss plus.

However, there is varied information on the internet that warns about the intake of the product and the incidence of pancreatitis.


Forskolin pills come from Forskolin, which is an ingredient in an Indian root related to mint. Currently, it is marketed as a dietary supplement for weight loss. Forskolin helps speed up cellular function to produce the lipase enzyme.


  • Constipation
  • Bronchitis
  • Relieves asthma
  • Stimulates testosterone production
  • Preserves muscle mass

How to take: Forskolin comes as a tablet, powder or extract. Forskolin is not currently FDA approved so there is no standard dosage available. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking Forskolin pills.

An acceptable dose is 12 mg. supplement daily every day. If it is well tolerated by the body, you can continue with the treatment. Otherwise you should decrease your intake.

Side effects:

  • Studies indicate that Forskolin has no known side effects on the human body. In view of this, caution is recommended if you are taking any medical treatment before taking Forskolin.

Forskolin reviews and opinions:

According to a study on the results of Forskolin to combat overweight, the following results were achieved:

Forskolin significantly decreased the body fat percentage of 30 male people

The patients manifested an increase in muscle mass

Bone mass increased

Testosterone had a significant rebound

Forskolin decreased body mass index in women.

Feeling of hunger and fatigue reduced


Terfamex based on modified Phentermine. This alteration in Phentermine makes Terfamex capsules with a long-lasting effect on the body.

This supplement is an anorectic type, which means that it calms anxiety and curbs your appetite. When taking Terfamex you feel the difference in the first days when you fill yourself with more energy.


  • It is an effective slimming
  • Its prolonged effect on the body suppresses appetite
  • Calm the constant cravings to eat
  • Its formula is based on Phentermine, a world recognized drug

How to take: You can get Terfamex in two presentations: capsules of 15 and 30 mg respectively. If you buy the 15 mg tablets. You should take them one with each meal, that is, breakfast and lunch.

The 30 mg capsules should be taken only once a day. A higher dose than this is a surplus of Phentermine.

A Terfamex treatment should never be extended beyond three months. Remember that its active phentermine, can cause addiction for being an amphetamine.

Side effects:

  • Terfamex side effects correspond to Phentermine.
  • One of the most feared is addiction.
  • Tachycardia, dry mouth, blurred vision, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and increased blood pressure.

Terfamex’s opinions and reviews

It is difficult to get opinions on Terfamex. Most of the comments in favor focus on the fact that the FDA approves it as a useful supplement to help eliminate fat and suppress appetite.

On the other hand, the negative aspect has to do with the same effects of Phentermine. This drug is believed to lose its ability to act or inhibit hunger after a few months. Therefore, some patients indicate that it does not serve as a slimming beyond said effect in the body.

Root of tejocote

Tejocote is a fruit that is grown mainly as a weight loss remedy. It is very advantageous, as it removes accumulated fat, is free of toxins and is 100% natural.

Alipotec is one of the companies that markets tejocote root as a natural product. They grow the fruit without fertilizers or chemicals. Then they extract the seed and chop it into small doses. Later they are baked in jars of copper material and they are ready for the consuming public.

To lose weight with tejocote root, 3 cycles must be completed. First detoxify, second eliminate fat and third lose weight. It is also perfect for leaving skin firm and cellulite free.


  • Eliminates the fat attached to the body
  • Combat cravings for food
  • It is not necessary to make specific diets
  • Eliminates muscle fat and prevents sagging skin
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Reduces pain caused by arthritis
  • Levels triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk of heart problems
  • Relieves hemorrhoids
  • Prevents colon cancer

How to take: Each bottle of tejocote root brings 90 units and it is recommended to ingest the product for at least three consecutive months. If you want to continue losing weight you can extend the intake for 6 months along with good eating habits and physical activity.

The best way to ingest tejocote root is:

  • Take a dose of tejocote root after lunch
  • Eat 5 small meals throughout the day that are high in potassium
  • It is customary to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water to eliminate toxins

Side effects:

  • The most common are diarrhea, dizziness, and dehydration.
  • You can also feel stomach pain, muscle pain and flatulence.
  • In any case, the manufacturing company gives precise instructions to reduce these symptoms.

Tejocote root opinions and reviews:

Many opinions are obtained in forums, Facebook pages and blogs that speak of the good results of tejocote root.

The combination of prickly pear with tejocote root also has many followers. Regarding adverse effects, users indicate a greater sensation of thirst and more frequent bowel movements.

Among the not so favorable opinions some comment that they stopped the treatment for the pain in the body.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone is found in red fruits such as raspberries, grapes, blueberries, and other wild berries. This chemical compound is a strong flavoring but it also has slimming properties.

Raspberry ketone appears to be responsible for activating the hormone adiponectin. This increases the speed with which the body burns fat and is believed to inhibit appetite.


  • It is effective in reducing your body weight.
  • But it also gives you anti aging properties.
  • Allows you to level blood glucose levels.

How to drink:

To lose weight in just two weeks you should ingest the amount of 200 mg per day of Raspberry Ketone. For this you must take two capsules every day with each main meal. If you need to lose more weight, you can increase your intake to 200 mg each day.

Side effects:

  • Very few side effects are known.
  • Most of these are limited to nervousness, palpitations, and increased blood pressure.
  • Chronic disease patients should avoid this product to prevent a worsening of their current condition.

Raspberry Ketone reviews and opinions

Internet forums base their opinions in countries like Spain where one of the companies that sells the raspberry ketone asset is located.

Customers appreciate that the product is caffeine free and above all that it is based on natural extracts. These two advantages undoubtedly affect the purchase of the product by users who seek to lose weight without suffering addiction problems.


Terocaps capsules are a remedy for weight loss. They are formulated from the Asian garcinia cambogia plant. Many say that this miracle plant can do wonders for being overweight and obese.

The natural origin of Terocaps gives you the security of acquiring an herbal product and free of chemicals that affect the nervous system.

Benefits :

  • Although there are no scientific studies that support the benefits of Terocaps, the truth is that the good acceptance of the product is due to the good results obtained with the intake of Terocaps.
  • The capsules have been shown to be effective in reducing appetite and leveling out bad cholesterol levels.
  • Helps eliminate and burn fat

How to take: The way to ingest Terocaps is one capsule before each meal. A 500 mg tablet is enough to help you shed fat and discover your new body.

Side effects:

  • E prolonged use can lead to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and stomach upset, among others.

Terocaps opinions and reviews:

Most of the comments about Terocaps show that the pills alone do not have much effect on the body unless it is accompanied by a low calorie diet and regular physical activity.

Users say that although Terocaps does help decrease hunger and anxiety, this effect is not so powerful as to notice a before and after change in the figure.


This injectable drug and also in tablet contains two main ingredients. These amino acids are L-Carnitine and Levocarnitine.

The first is responsible for transporting body fat and creating the energy the body needs to function. For its part, Levocarnitine allows metabolizing fats and improves muscle formation.

In its injectable version Cardispan is used to mold body area such as thighs, hips and abdomen. The presentation in tablets is a slimming of the specific areas of the body.


  • It is useful to treat anemia cases
  • Fight fat more difficult to lose
  • It serves to treat kidney failure
  • Increase energy expenditure
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Helps to excrete body fat

How to take: This medicine should be used under medical supervision. The intake of the tablets should be divided into doses of 5 grams per day in a period of 24 hours. In the case of applying Cardispan injection, an intermediate ampoule will be made.

Side effects:

In general terms, it is very safe to use cardispan as side effects rarely develop. When there are, the most common are:

  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pain

These symptoms alone are not alarming. But in case of increasing the frequency and duration of the same, its use should be discontinued and the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Cardispan’s opinions and reviews

Not easy to find opinions about Cardispan as a medication to eliminate fat and lose weight. Furthermore, there is little scientific evidence to confirm its effectiveness in weight loss.

In general, the favorable comments are related to the advantages of using it as a nutritional supplement, for athletes who want to gain muscle mass.


Lipocrom tablets are a thermogenic product that allows you to burn calories. This heat effect also influences the rapid digestion of food and is an antioxidant.

The natural components of Lipocrom include cinnamon, green coffee and chromium picolinate to give a feeling of satiety.


  • Pills to speed up metabolism thanks to their thermogenic properties.
  • Its ingredients are natural.
  • Transform food into energy.
  • Designed to remove localized fat.

How to take: It is recommended to take Lipocrom twice a day. You do this one with breakfast and another tablet with lunch.

Side effects: As indicated by the manufacturer Lipocrom does not generate side effects. However, as it contains stimulating substances, some people can suffer insomnia or hypertension due to its thermogenic property.

Similarly, patients with sensitivity to any of the components may present other adverse effects.

Lipocrom’s opinions and reviews:

Positive opinions on Lipocrom lean towards the fact that it does work for weight loss due to its fat burner characteristics.

Although it is a relatively new product in the market, it has an added value since it has professional advice on a healthy diet and exercise programs.

The negative aspect of Lipocrom is in relation to the cost, since the box of pills does not even contain the complete treatment for a month.

What are diet pills?

Diet pills are supplements or medications that contain effective properties to lose weight and eliminate fat safely and continuously.

The pills weight loss have evolved along with medicine and technology. Today they sell very well around the world and are one of the means most used by people who want to lose weight quickly.

What do diet pills do?

There are basically 3 ways that diet pills can help you shape your body. Here is a simple description of what weight loss pills do in your body:

  1. Suppresses appetite: Obviously, by feeling less hungry you eat less food. This results in a decrease in the calories you eat and affects your final weight.
  2. They burn calories: When you take pills to lose weight, your metabolism slows down. This stimulates the body to burn calories faster so that you lose those extra kilos.
  3. Prevent fat absorption: They are like a fat trap. They catch them when they enter the digestive tract and do not allow them to be processed by the body. Instead, they lead directly to being eliminated in faeces or urine.

What are weight loss pills for?

The capsules for weight loss are used for people suffering from obesity or are overweight. They are designed to achieve a feeling of satiety and avoid anxiety about eating. Likewise, they seek to activate the metabolism so that energy expenditure increases.

Another feature of the tablets to lose weight is used to prevent fats are metabolized by the body. That is, once inside, the fats only go through the digestive system, but they do not adhere to the body. In this way, obesity is avoided.

How are weight loss pills classified?

In the wide world of slimming pills the medical community has classified two types. There are natural slimming pills and those that are in the medication category. The latter are sold by prescription, as they contain stimulating substances.

On the other hand, weight loss pills classified as natural do not require a prescription. However, this does not indicate that they can be ingested indiscriminately.

Most diet pills can have negative consequences if taken long term.

Types of weight loss pills

In addition to the above classification pills to lose weight are separated by type. Learn more about the types of tablets that you can get in the market to choose in an informed way:


They are pills that suppress appetite or reduce hunger. The goal of these weight loss tablets is to alter the function of two main brain neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and serotonin.

This last neurotransmitter is responsible for sending signals to the nervous system to give the feeling of fullness when eating. Being already satiated you eat fewer calories, which allows you to lose weight.

Anorexigens are those with the greatest side effects, since they act at the level of the nervous system and cause addiction. They are sold by prescription and are indicated for patients with a BMI greater than 30, that is, with morbid obesity.

Absorption inhibitors

They are the capsules that act on the fats that you ingest with food, to prevent them from sticking to your body. This function occurs in the digestive system and does not control the feeling of anxiety.

However, reducing fat absorption keeps calories under control. Within this type, is the active component orlistat, present in a large part of the diet pills.


These tablets for slimming are also known as fat burners and work together with metabolism. These capsules have the ability to increase body temperature.

This converts calories into energy to reduce fat. Some of the most used are L-Carnitine based.

Dietary product

They are tablets for weight loss that are made from natural plant, root or fruit extracts. These pills have not been thoroughly studied in the scientific community, but they do have effective weight loss properties.

The benefits of before and after are best seen with a healthy diet and exercise. This line is not considered a type of weight loss medication. Some of these supplements include ingredients like green tea or coffee, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange and chitosan, among others.

Who should take tablets to lose weight?

All weight loss treatments that include pills must be under medical supervision or by a certified nutritionist. In general, people with a body mass index that exceeds 30, is a candidate to eat weight loss tablets.

Still, the ideal is to first undergo a diet and exercise regimen before starting weight loss pills.

On the other hand, if you do not suffer from obesity, but you are a person with problems of overweight, you can consider taking some type of slimming pill.

In any case, the best patients to take capsules to remove fat are those people in the range of 20 to 55 who are in good health.

If your problem is not obesity or being overweight, they may not be a candidate to take weight loss pills. If you are looking to lose a few kilos to maintain a good figure, you can opt for natural plant-based dietary products. These are not addicting and you can get it over the counter from reputable online stores.

Why use diet pills?

On many occasions you may have been dieting and exercising with little or no results. If you wonder why this happens is that by maintaining an inadequate diet the body fills with toxins. In turn, toxins generate more fats and it is difficult to see the results of before and after the diet.

Precisely, diet pills help you fight this and other problems that arise with diets. Its active ingredients control nervous cravings for food and reduce the formation of new fatty deposits.

Once you start to see the results, you are more motivated to continue with your routine and meet your goals.

4 ways to choose the best weight loss pill

Avoid going for a type of pills just because it is fashionable or was the last one that came on the market. In fact, these types of pills that become the advertising boom are prone to counterfeiting.

When you want to choose a capsule to lose weight consider the following factors:

  1. Choose from the ones with the best brand reputation.
  2. Browse the web to inquire about product quality.
  3. Check health and nutrition forums and blogs about real user testimonials.
  4. Consult a doctor for advice on the pill you chose.

3 Benefits of Weight Loss Pills

In undeniable the fact that weight loss pills work effectively. If you want to find out about the most outstanding benefits of slimming pills, here are just three listed:

Reduce appetite

It is one of the most appreciated properties of diet pills. This action makes people suffering from food anxiety avoid binge eating. The immediate consequence is that fewer calories are ingested by controlling weight.

They have a diuretic effect

Fluid retention is one of the factors that can make you gain weight. The tablets to lose weight have the characteristic of reducing the amount of water in the body. If you do not accumulate liquid you are less bloated and healthier.

Contribute to burning fat

Many of the diet pills are long-acting and help you lose fat, even when you’re resting. This is known as a thermogenic action that includes heat as a means of removing fat and losing weight.

Contraindications of diet pills

When choosing between diet pills, you should be well informed about contraindications. Although it is safe to take pills with slimming effect, the correct thing is that it is by medical recommendation. In this way, you avoid unnecessary risks to your health:

Some of the contraindications of diet pills include:

  • People minors.
  • Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.
  • Seniors.
  • If you have kidney problems.
  • In cases of having received an organ transplant.
  • Patients who have treatment for pathologies already diagnosed.
  • If you are an HIV positive patient.
  • People who are not overweight.
  • If you have suffered from eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Advantages of diet pills

The positives of diet pills speak for themselves. The fact that millions of people use them to lose weight explains that they do work for the purpose they were created for. The advantages of taking weight loss pills are:


In a treatment with diet pills no previous preparation is needed. Nor should you submit to invasive actions of your body or painful treatments.

You can take your dose of weight loss tablets in the comfort of your home. You just have to talk to a nutritionist to prescribe the pills they apply according to your needs.

Additional benefits

The pills to lose weight have been shown to have benefits beyond combat obesity. Some drugs are even prescribed to level insulin, control cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular problems, and avoid the risk of diabetes.

Variety of products

Although someone can affirm that it is difficult to choose among so many options, the truth is that when there are so many alternatives, there is an advantage for users. In addition, you can choose what type of pills to choose to lose weight.

If you need one to eliminate fats, there are those that generate heat or have a thermogenic effect. If your problem is anxiety, you can choose those that suppress appetite.

Even if you are not overweight but want to get rid of love handles, there are plenty of supplements or natural remedies with plant extracts that make it easier for you to lose weight.

Disadvantages of diet pills

The usefulness of capsules to eliminate fat is a proven fact. However, the FDA has also issued warnings over the years about the risks or disadvantages of slimming tablets. The most important are mentioned below:

Lack of regulation

This happens with many of the pills that do not have drug-like drugs among their components. That is, dietary supplements created from seeds, plants, and fruits generally do not have permission from the Food and Drug Administration. These are usually sold over the counter and there is a risk of acquiring an unsafe remedy.

Adverse effects

For a few years, the FDA issued a warning about the damage that can be caused by more than 60 products that were sold in the market as diet pills.

For example, tablets containing sibutramine are banned in the United States, but can be safely obtained in other countries despite the ban.

Additionally, some of the unwanted effects include kidney problems, tachycardias, seizures, and even strokes. Another risk is that some manufacturers do not declare all the components in their products.


Counterfeits in tablets to lose weight is a very real fact that has been increasing as the market grows diet pills.

Rightly so, users are advised to buy the product from reputable sites. Also, you have to be suspicious of misleading offers that can sell you a fake product.

Frequently asked questions about weight loss pills

The tablets and capsules with effects slimming are very popular in the market and there are plenty of them offering lose weight quickly and effortlessly.

Its main consumers are people of all ages with a few extra pounds, and who do not have time to establish diets or exercise routines. Athletes also sign up for these supplements, to maintain their body weight.

Being a universal product, raises many questions about the capsules for slimming. Keep reading to clear your doubts.

What function do the slimming capsules have?

The capsules for slimming perform their function in several ways. Some of these pills can decrease the fat portions that your body absorbs, such as Guar Gum, Chitosan and Alli.

There are slimming additives that can suppress appetite, among which are known are Hoodia, Ephedra and Country Mallow.

Other types of reducing capsules can burn more calories; the best known are Green Tea, Chromium and Sour Orange Extract. Something that will help you choose the most convenient is the Quality Certificate

Do diet pills have side effects?

Weight loss capsules can cause some undesirable effects, however they are easy to minimize. Some products in this line such as Orlistat, Alli and Xenical can cause unexpected evacuations, because they do not allow you to digest all the fat you consume. You can solve this problem by limiting the dose of the slimming pill, without negative consequences.

What do the diet pills contain?

The components of the slimming pills are diverse. There are those that contain combinations of several components, others have caffein or also EGCG, which is an element of green tea to speed up metabolism, burn calories quickly and lose weight. This effect is known as thermogenesis, a process that helps raise body temperature.

Thermogenic compounds are not present in all weight loss capsules. Some popular brands like Orlistat and Alli to treat obesity have active ingredients that require a prescription.

The function of these pills is to prevent certain fats from passing into the intestines and being excreted in the faeces.

Where can you buy weight loss pills?

To make your purchase safely, go to online pharmacies or medicine counters. In many cases you need a prescription to buy the weight loss tablets.

On the other hand, non-drug weight loss pills can be found in health food stores and in stores that sell supplements for athletes.

Currently, pharmacies also sell pills to lose weight that are not sold as remedies because their components are of plants or extracts of natural fruits.

How to choose between weight loss pills?

The slimming effect of these pills is not the same in all cases. It is necessary to choose one that adapts to the need of the patient, due to the great variety on the market.

Some weight loss pills are fat burners, fat or carbohydrate blockers, appetite suppressants, and many more, which often create consumer confusion.

It is easy to choose the one that suits you, specifying your type of diet. If you consume a lot of fat in your meals, choose a fat burning pill.

In the case of eating abundant carbohydrates, the recommended thing is a blocking capsule of this element. To reduce the cravings for food, you can use tablets that are appetite suppressants.

How much is the cost of the pills

The price of diet pills is also varied. Sometimes you make the mistake of buying one of these products for the low price, and not for the profit that is required.

The high price does not exactly mean that it is a quality supplement. You can take advantage of certain discounts on products and free shipping offered by manufacturers, and thus make a profitable purchase for several months.

The cost can also depend on the time you take the tablets to lose weight. Remember that, in most cases, the treatments with these capsules do not exceed 3 months.

How many kilos can be lost by taking diet pills?

The extra kilos to be removed should be calculated based on the weight you have at the beginning of the treatment. The loss of 7 kilos is not the same if your initial weight is 80 kilos, as if it were 120 kilos.

The effectiveness of slimming pills is not the same in all people. Every body is and responds differently to weight loss treatments. Still, slimming capsules have a positive effect if you consume them as directed.

It can be exemplified as follows: in a universe of 100 people with average measurements of 90 kilos and 180 centimeters in height, 90% of them lost approximately 15% of body weight, that is, they lost between 12 and 15 kilos with the slimming pills.

Is it safe to take diet pills?

To take a safe product, you can verify the Quality Certificate, that is, that it is reliable because it has been effectively tested and has sanitary control. This guarantees that the supplement will give you fast and satisfactory results in your weight loss.

Also, weight loss tablets that are drug or drug based have FDA approval and have been clinically tested.

However, it is common for these drugs or remedies to be counterfeited. So make sure you purchase the pills from reputable buying sites.

Do weight loss tablets have a rebound effect?

The shadow of the rebound effect does not affect the result of the slimming capsules. If you choose a guaranteed product, you follow the treatment properly, you take care of your diet and lifestyle, the end result will be positive long-term results.

Should I continue taking diet pills after losing weight?

Weight loss pills are formulated to create new healthy habits. After finishing the treatment and once you have reached your ideal weight, it is not necessary to continue ingesting these capsules.

Keep in mind that eating them for a long time can affect your health. If you already lost enough kilos, continue with a healthy diet and exercise to avoid gaining more weight. Keeping control with a nutritionist can also help to stay motivated in your goal.

Finally, this information considers the most relevant aspects of diet pills, what they are for, if they really work and how to use them.

Although there are a very large number of pills to eliminate the belly, the important thing is to choose the one that suits your needs. And you, have you already chosen which pill to use to eliminate fat and say goodbye to obesity ?

So what are the best weight loss pills?

As you may have noticed, this analysis covers a lot of pills, drugs and remedies for weight loss. There are versions for all the tastes and needs of people.

However, Thermofem stands as the best alternative to get rid of excess pounds.

Whether or not many kilos need to be lost, 14 years in the slimming product market make Thermofem a safe option.

Here we list 10 other reasons that make Thermofem the best way to achieve the weight you always wanted:

  1. Thermofem aids in the burning of body fat including difficult areas.
  2. You lose weight and not energy
  3. You increase concentration, vigor and you feel more motivated
  4. You don’t have to worry about the dreaded rebound effect
  5. Speed ​​up your metabolism to promote weight loss
  6. Its price is a favorite among users
  7. It has a product return and delivery service
  8. High quality after sales service
  9. You can buy it in more than 100 countries
  10. There are more than 400 clinical studies that demonstrate its effectiveness