How does Tejocote root help you lose weight

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A quick and safe way to purify your body and lose weight is the regular consumption of tejocote root pills. You may not be familiar with this bush also known as manzanita or Apple of the Indies, so we will explain what it is and what its benefits are below.

What is tejocote root?

The following tejocote is a natural product that can be processed in the form of pills. It is aimed at eliminating accumulated fats and increasing satiety to avoid anxiety between meals.

How is tejocote or Alipotec root made?

Tejocote root is a natural product that does not contain chemical additives or fertilizers. It goes through a delicate manufacturing process that are detailed below:

  1. The seed and root of the fruit are extracted.
  2. It is cut into smaller parts.
  3. They are baked in the oven for 20 minutes.
  4. They are packed in airtight jars.

What is tejocote root for?

Tejocote root is used to reduce excessive anxiety, which helps fight obesity. Furthermore, it is effective in controlling cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.

Tejocote root ingredients and composition

Tejocote root has 4 ingredients, which are:

  • Tejocote root extract
  • Crataegus
  • Vitamin C
  • Pectin

How does tejocote root work?

Tejocote root works in the body as a fat catcher. Its function is divided into 3 parts, each of which is explained in detail below:

Detoxifies the body

The tejocote root favors a good digestive function. That is, digestion is accelerated to allow food waste to leave the body quickly.

In this way, fewer fatty toxins are produced and you lose weight.

Eliminate fats

The Alipotec or tejocote root acts as a dilator of adipocytes containing fat.

In addition, the action of this product is continuous, because it gradually releases fat from the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks, which are excreted naturally.

Contributes to lose weight

After having been detoxified and cleansed the body of fats, the metabolism is accelerated and weight loss is promoted. The muscles are more mobile as they are free of lipids that impede their proper functioning.

Effects of tejocote root

The functions of tejocote root tablets are divided into three:

  • Detoxification of the body: this root is good for proper digestive function. Digestion is accelerated, expelling organic waste faster. Thus less toxins are generated and weight is lost.
  • Fat removal : Tejocote root acts as a dilator of fat-containing adipocytes. The action is progressive, continuously releasing fats from different areas of the body that are expelled naturally.
  • Weight loss: After all of the above, the body’s metabolism speeds up and weight loss occurs. In turn, the muscles can move more because they are free of lipids that limit their mobility.

The tablets tejocote are available in herbalists shops, pharmacies and markets. They can also be purchased online. But remember that if you want to lose weight effectively, a good diet and exercise are the most effective companions.

The following tejocote is very popular in the US but mainly in Mexico; and little by little more and more in other places of the world, for its health benefits, particularly for weight loss.

This root helps us to detoxify our body and remove the accumulated fat in our body, encapsulating it along with other wastes from the body, to disintegrate and eliminate them. Tejocote root is 100% natural, rich in Vitamin C and Pectin, the latter a very potent natural intestinal absorbent. When you consume Tejocote root, it should be taken with plenty of water so that it has a better and greater effect.

Tejocote root benefits

Some of Tejocote root health and weight loss benefits are:

  • Clean and detoxify your body preparing it for weight loss.
  • Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with arthritis and other body aches.
  • Improves bowel function naturally.
  • It disintegrates fat attached to muscle tissue to help with weight loss.
  • It helps lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Eliminates accumulated fats
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increase muscle volume
  • Firms the skin
  • Avoid sagging
  • Cellulite decreases
  • It cleanses the arteries and heart of fats
  • Reduces high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Controls blood sugar

Here are some supplements based on Tejocote root. Always remember to consult a doctor before using any health supplement.

Tejocote root properties

The following tejocote has excellent properties, then 4 of them are as follows:

  1. It has a high content of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.
  2. Thanks to pectin, body fat is quickly oxidized

  3. Strengthens bone health, thanks to calcium.
  4. It contains collagen, which allows to eliminate stretch marks, cellulite and flaccidity.

Tejocote root price

The following tejocote is a natural product of Mexican origin. Its price ranges between 600 and 800 pesos. Also, you can get it in the USA at the price of $ 34.99 with shipping included.

Where to buy tejocote root

The sale of the root of tejocote is available in herbalists shops, pharmacies and markets. You can find it in the following establishments: Mexican Dry Plants, La Flora Azteca, Engloba Food Solutions and Comercializadora Natural Products.

In addition, you can buy it online, when you place your order through amazon with the guarantee that in a short time you will have the product in your hands. Remember that its cost may be different when buying it online.

How to take tejocote root to lose weight

It is recommended to take the tejocote root after lunch with plenty of water and a piece of banana. Try not to take it on an empty stomach, as its effect is enhanced when you have food in your stomach.

How long should I take tejocote root?

Treatment with tejocote root should last 3 months. But, if you want more noticeable results you can extend the treatment for 6 months.

Ways to enhance the effect of tejocote root for weight loss

Consider these 5 recommendations to enhance the effect of tejocote root :

  1. Make 5 meals a day, to speed up metabolism.
  2. Eat foods rich in potassium, to compensate for what you lose through the urine.
  3. Take 2 liters of water daily, for the rapid mobilization of fats.
  4. Don’t skip meals.
  5. Do physical activity.

Alipotec Tejocote root supplement

This product is 100% natural. It is derived from the Tejocote root native to the mountains of Mexico. The plant is carefully grown without fertilizers or pesticides added. Includes 90 small pieces for a 6 month supply.

Dried Tejocote root herbs

This dried Tejocote root is used to mix it in water to make tea. It serves to regulate the heart and blood pressure, also against nerve spasms, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris and obesity.

Recommended dose

It is advisable to ingest a mini pill of the tejocote root after lunch every day.

Is there a risk of overdose with tejocote root?

Being a natural product, you do not run that risk if you take the indicated dose for each day. Otherwise, if you exceed the daily dose you can have strong bowel movements, chronic fatigue and dejection.

Who can ingest it?

Tejocote root can be ingested by men and women who want to lose extra pounds. In addition, patients with obesity can also take it, since it reduces excessive anxiety allowing them to lose weight and maintain it.

Tejocote root side effects

Treatment with tejocote root may have the following side effects :

  • Strong evacuations
  • Muscle pains
  • Headache
  • Dehydration
  • Dizziness
  • Flatulence

It should be noted that these side effects last only a few days and are not presented by everyone who takes the product. On the other hand, perhaps these adverse reactions occur because some do not follow the recommendations to take tejocote root to the letter.

Tejocote Root Contraindications

The root tejocote is contraindicated in pregnant women, mothers who are breastfeeding in children under 12 years and senior age.

Also, patients allergic to tejocote root ingredients and constipated should not take it.

Likewise, patients who are convalescing due to any disease or surgical intervention should also not take tejocote root.

Tejocote root opinions and reviews

The following tejocote has good opinions. The testimonies of users reflect how effective it is to lose weight and stay.

Also, its natural ingredients make it eye-catching, since users buy it without hesitation. This is because they know that they will not have any toxic effects on the body.

On the other hand, a negative aspect that users have pointed out is that they present dehydration after taking tejocote root. But, this is one of the unwanted effects that can appear, which can be counteracted by drinking plenty of water daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are already thinking about starting treatment with tejocote root for weight loss and want to know more, continue reading these questions and answers:

What is the treatment with Alipotec or tejocote root?

It is a slimming treatment that lasts approximately 3 months. The bottle of tejocote root contains 90 micro pills, the amount necessary for the 3 months. In those three months , tejocote root cleanses you of harmful toxins, eliminates fats and loses weight.

Should I diet with tejocote root?

It is not necessary to make a specific diet with tejocote root. You can carry your normal and balanced diet. Of course, you must moderate the exaggerated consumption of fats and sugars.

Is tejocote root a medicine?

Tejocote root is a natural product, it does not fall into the category of medications. Its action in the body is not toxic, and does not harm any vital organ.

Can tejocote root be combined with psychotropics?

Yes. Tejocote root does not interact negatively with any medication because it is completely natural. Another reason is that tejocote root is not made to prevent or treat disease, but to help reduce weight.

Is tejocote root really effective for weight loss?

If tejocote root is effective for weight loss. If you are regular with the treatment and do physical activity, you will have good results. First, you lose measurements and then you begin to lose the extra kilos, you just have to compare your weight before and after.

What is tejocote root with prickly pear?

It is another presentation of tejocote root, which helps you lose weight, reduce cholesterol, eliminate fat and retain fluid.

This food supplement owes all its benefits to the nopal, fruit from a cactus called opuntia that is characterized by being a diuretic, calorie burner and satiating.

I take contraceptives, can I take tejocote root?

There is no contraindication between tejocote root and contraceptives. Just try to take them at different times, as is the case with other slimming products.

My menstrual cycle changes when taking tejocote root, should I stop it?

No, that effect is normal, because your metabolism is in the process of changing and the hormones are altered. It is recommended that you go to the doctor for a medication to control menstruation without stopping the tejocote root treatment .

When do you notice weight loss with tejocote root?

The result varies from person to person. But, after the first week of treatment you can notice how you start reducing measures and excreting fat. Then after a month you start to lose weight steadily.

I have been taking Alipotec for a week, why do I feel muscle pain?

The reason is that the fat that was accumulated in the muscles is dissolving, lactic acid comes out of the muscles , which makes you feel pain.

You can counteract that unwanted effect by taking an analgesic.

How about the rebound effect with tejocote root?

By taking tejocote root and eating healthy you don’t have to worry about the rebound effect.

What’s more, once you reach your ideal weight you can reduce the intake of tejocote root every 3 days, so you can maintain it.

Does tejocote root cause toxicity in the body?

No. Tejocote root is a natural product, it has no toxic effects even in the long term.

Rather, its intake provides you with several health benefits. Just try to get the original tejocote root, which is available in the establishments already mentioned.

What other benefits do I get with tejocote root?

When you start to lose weight, you regain the vitality of your body, regenerate the skin and reduce constipation.

On the other hand, you get rid of fat that is difficult to eliminate in some areas of the body and you will not have pain in your legs and knees that are frequent due to excess weight.

Is the tejocote root similar to the Brazilian seed or friar’s elbow?

No. Tejocote root is natural, unlike those products that have chemical additives in their composition that are harmful to health.

Conclusion on tejocote root

But, perhaps tejocote root is not as effective as other products such as Thermofem. This allows you to burn calories progressively, without stopping to eat.

If you really want true and guaranteed results, we recommend you try Thermofem.

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