What is manpower?

Manpower is a personnel agency. Commonly known as “temporary service,” the company’s main business is to provide a bridge between skilled workers and the company that requires its services. The agency creates a co-employment relationship that gives workers the flexibility to explore various environments and programs while enjoying predictable payments and benefit plans. According to the American Personnel Association, in the second quarter of 2012, companies employed almost 3 million Americans daily through personnel agencies such as Manpower.

Clientele services

The agency cultivates two types of clients: employers in need of qualified employees and workers who already meet those needs. Manpower lends its services by ensuring that workers have the required tools and training, taking responsibility for filing federal and state papers, and managing payroll and employee benefits. Employees enjoy “try it before you buy it” exposure to employers, and also the confidence that in 2010, 80 percent of employers who used personnel agencies such as Manpower reported permanent positions regularly offered to employees who were first temporary staff .

Corporate history

The company was born from the post-World War II creation of Milwaukee, Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld lawyers. Since its creation in 1948, Manpower has grown to become one of the largest personnel agencies in the world. Since November 2012, the company has almost 4000 offices that provide jobs in 80 countries. The company, which has been publicly traded since 1967, experienced an 11 percent decline in earnings in the third quarter of 2012.

Research Center

Manpower demonstrates its commitment to the growth of its clientele and the community, in part, through its online Research Center. The company offers free access to print resources on topics such as taxes, the labor market and organizational performance. In addition, CEO Jeffrey Joerres recently launched “The Human Age.” The book analyzes the changing world of work and offers suggestions on how to adapt; the PDF version is available for free on the website of the company.


Since November 2012, neither Manpower nor its parent company, Manpower Group, are accredited by the Office of Good Commercial Practices. The company’s rating on popular labor boards, such as “Indeed,” has an average of three out of five stars; Common complaints include the high cost of health benefits and errors in paychecks. However, these figures are based on reviews of 1241 employees, a tiny percentage of Manpower’s daily workforce and, according to Glassdoor, a website that offers data on companies and work forces, 55 percent of those reported They would recommend the staff agency to a friend.