Best Cleaning Franchises in Miami

The best cleaning franchises in Miami can be your ticket to creating a passive income – or at least as close as possible. After all, it’s not for nothing that this is one of the 40 most profitable businesses in the USA. Now, there are many franchises. How do you know which one is correct? Certainly, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration.

Next, we will tell you which are the best cleaning franchises in Miami, Florida, as well as the details in each of the cases, such as the training systems, the conditions of the territories, the obligations to acquire, the restrictions that you will have, direct financing methods and investment estimates in each case.

Best cleaning franchises in Miami
Franchise Better in or for
Anago Cleaning General
Stratus Building Solutions Janitorial Service
Merry Maids Maid service
ChemDry Carpet cleaning
MaidPro House cleaning
Coverall Learn from the business
Office Pride Office cleaning
Jan-Pro Invest with little budget
ServiceMaster Clean Floor recovery and care management

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Anago Cleaning

  • Approximate initial investment : $219,000 – $339,000
  • Royalties : 5% of gross receipts
  • Number of franchises : 1,710

Anago Cleaning began operations in 1989 and continues to this day thanks to its management skills. The Fort Lauderdale-based company offers 30-day training to its franchisors, as well as guarantees them a territory in which they can operate with a license and exclusivity.

When purchasing the Anago sub-franchise, the contract will remain in force for the first 10 years and can then be renewed for another 10, provided that the renewal requirements are met.

Regarding payment, neither the franchisor nor its agents or affiliates offer direct or indirect financing methods. Next, we will show you a table with the possible expenses that you will find to invest in Anago.

Estimated initial investment in Anago Cleaning
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
Initial Subfranchise Fee $98,000 $98,000
legal and accounting $5,000 $15,000
Marketing and publicity $50,000 $100,000
Travel expenses for training $2,000 $3,000
Rent and rental deposit $10,000 $20,000
Computerized equipment and systems $15,000 $25,000
Office supplies $1,000 $2,000
Vehicle operating expenses $3,000 $6,000
Safe $5,000 $15,000
Initial Miscellaneous Costs $10,000 $20,000
Additional Funds –

6 months

$40,000 $40,000
Total estimated $219,000 $339,000

Stratus Building Solutions

  • Approximate initial investment : $108,600 – $710,000
  • Royalties : 3% – 4% on gross income
  • Number of franchises : 2,030

SBS Franchising LLC is a franchisor that provides services related to cleaning and maintenance at commercial, industrial, institutional and residential levels. In this sense, it is in charge of providing daily, weekly or monthly plans in which it includes a variety of services, such as the following:

  • Carpet washing and cleaning
  • floor care
  • Window cleaning
  • wall washing
  • Sanitation and deodorization programs
  • Others

Through the franchise, investors can access the right to sell and license the Stratus Building Solutions franchise, as well as its system and trademark.


The franchisee or any other person with a financial interest must attend a training program, as well as the regional directors. The latter is understood as the person responsible for the daily management of the franchise and who is personally responsible for complying with the provisions of the contract.

Stratus Building Solutions will provide a four phase training program, which is 4 weeks in length – 1 week per phase. Phase 1 -week 1- takes place virtually from north of Los Angeles, California. The other 3 phases – weeks 2, 3 and 4 – take place at the franchisee’s office approximately 30, 90 and 180 days after the franchisee’s office opens.

The franchisor will provide an internship period. This focuses on sales, operations and administrative procedures. Stratus Building Solutions also provides annual and regional meetings and seminars from time to time, which the franchisee is required to attend.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

Franchisees will be licensed and permitted to operate under the franchise agreement in a specific territory, as designated in the documents. Territory is usually delineated by the borders of an area, county, or city, and they are usually large enough to encompass a specific amount of population. The territory to which the contract refers must have a minimum population of 500,000 people to start in a region.

Furthermore, franchisees must be involved in the direct operation of the business. The terms of the agreement require franchisees to be directly involved in the operations of the business, either full-time or as directors. Franchisees must also be vigilant that franchises offer full cleaning or maintenance services, as well as comply with all laws and regulations that govern the sale of franchises.

The duration of each contract is 15 years and, if it ends in good terms, it can be renewed for another 15.

Financing and initial estimate

The initial franchise fee must be paid in full when the franchisee signs the agreement. However, to assist in the purchase of the franchise, Stratus Building Solutions may finance up to 20% of the initial fee. However, this only option is only possible on the basis of objective analysis of the credibility of the investor.

According to what the agreement establishes, neither the franchisor, nor any agent, affiliate or other can sell, sign or provide discounts to a third party, even partially.

Estimated initial investment in Stratus Building Solutions
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
initial franchise $75,000 $575,000
Property (varies according to the market) $1,500 $15,000
starting materials $500 $1,000
Teams $1,850 $4,500
Licenses, Permits, Security Deposit, etc. $750 $5,000
Safe $1,000 $3,500
Training $3,000 $6,000
Additional Funds

(3 to 6 months)

$25,000 $100,000
Total estimated $108,600 $710,000

Merry Maids

Approximate initial investment : $89,480 – $129,410

Monthly fee : 4% – 7% on gross sales

Number of franchises : 1,710

Merry Maids SPE LLC is the franchisor, but this company is part of the ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. conglomerate. This company is responsible for providing franchises for house and window cleaning services to customers who do not have time or do not want to clean regularly..

The Merry Maids system is designed for residential customers, so this is the best target audience to target. Although the Merry Maids system provides complete residential cleaning services for a single visit, it can also be hired once a week, a month or as agreed. However, the system is not designed for disaster restoration or extraordinary cleanup projects.


Before attending the initial training program, the franchisee must successfully complete a pre-operations program at their location. Franchisees or the manager in charge must complete the initial training program to the reasonable satisfaction of Merry Maids in a program of 64 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of practice.

The initial training program usually takes place in Memphis, Tennessee or any other location designated by Merry Maids – today, it can be virtual. During the first 12 weeks of operations, the franchisor will also provide coaching, through regular phone calls.

Merry Maids also usually do a 3-day seminar at a hotel or convention center in the United States. Normally, these have an annual periodicity, but it could be more frequent. The national seminar program includes a 15-hour training session for franchise owners and managers.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

The franchisee will receive a territory with a minimum of 15,000 and a maximum of 35,000 qualifying households for an entire market. In case it is a medium market, these numbers drop to 8,000 and 15,000 respectively. If it is a small market, the maximum number is 8,000.

Qualified households are those with annual income of $75,000 or more. In addition to qualifying households, Merry Maids will consider total population and relative affluence in the designated market. For this, it uses census data. While the agreement is in force, the franchisor will not establish or license another franchise in the market already provided.

On the other hand, franchisees may not advertise, unless done cooperatively with others, nor will they solicit or accept sales outside their market. Despite this, franchisees may find competition from other franchisees or from other franchises’ distribution channels.

While Merry Maids only recommends – but does not require – that the business owner oversee the business, it is always a good idea to do so. In case of not doing so, the investor must employ a manager who will be responsible for the direct supervision of the business. For this, the person in charge must complete the Merry Maids training program.

Regarding the restrictions, the franchisee must provide all the required services. In the event that a customer outside of their market wants to purchase the services, the franchisee must refer them to the nearest Merry Maids office. In addition, the franchisee must follow established processes and only use products approved by Merry Maids.

Financing and estimation of initial investment

Merry Maids does not offer direct financing. If a franchisee is purchasing a new franchise and is approved for a business loan, they have an affiliate (RWL) that offers up to 80% of the initial franchise fee to be paid over a seven year period.

Estimated initial investment in Merry Maids
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
initial fee $37,500 $51,500
Living and travel expenses during training $600 $1,500
Property and improvements $2,000 $4,000
Programs and tablet $900 $2,100
office equipment $5,250 $6,850
Expenses per pack of opening inventory $300 $600
Safe $3,400 $9,400
Employee Training $80 $160
Telephone service $50 $300
online marketing background $3,000 $3,000
Miscellaneous opening costs $1,400 $10,000
Additional Funds

(3 months)

$35,000 $35,000
Total estimated $89,480 $129,410


Approximate initial investment : $68,145 – $191,196

Monthly fee: $414.32

Number of franchises : 3,580

Jarris Research, Inc. is the franchisor that owns all rights to ChemDry. This company located in Nashville, Tennessee began its operations in 1977 and a year later it created its first franchise. This is a company that has designed and developed a method of establishing, operating, and performing carpet cleaning, stain removal, protective services, and stone and tile care services.

Over time, ChemDry has created standards and operating procedures. However, it allows the improvement, development or modification of these. Everything to place it at the service of its franchisees and customers.


Prior to opening, franchisees must complete ChemDry business operational training and train their employees. New Buyer Training is a three-week program. Two of them require home study and the remaining time is classroom training and business practice.

New buyer training takes place at the franchisor’s headquarters in Logan, Utah or at any location designated by ChemDry. Franchisees must complete at least one in-person training course per calendar year and several online training modules or seminars.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

Franchisees must operate their ChemDry businesses within a non-exclusive area identified in the franchise agreement. The number of franchises that can operate and conduct business in an area is determined by dividing the population of the area by 60,000 people.

Normally, the minimum size of a geographic area covers around 60,000 people, but in some rural or less populated areas, the region could cover around 5,000 people. Franchises must operate and conduct business in a single location, from which they can manage equipment, staff, sales and vans as desired.

As far as obligations are concerned, franchisees are not required to participate directly in the business, but ChemDry recommends that you do so. Franchisees are also responsible for successful business operations, as well as for complying with all guidelines in the franchise agreement, regardless of whether the owner is involved in day-to-day operations or not. In addition, new buyer training and all other programs considered by the franchisor must be completed.

Regarding restrictions, franchisees must not offer or sell any type of service, product or other that is not authorized by the franchisor for the ChemDry business.

Financing and estimation of initial investment

ChemDry can finance up to 40% of the initial franchise fee under specific terms and conditions. It also offers indirect financing and van packages through Aztec Financial LLC. This equipment finance company is in no way affiliated with the franchisor.

The initial franchise contract has a duration of 5 years. However, ChemDry may offer a 10-year franchise agreement when the business purposes lend themselves to a longer term. Also, if the franchisees meet the qualifications, they could renew the contract for another 5-year period.

Estimated initial investment in ChemDry
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
Initial Franchise License $23,500 $23,500
Establishment of new business $33,495 $59,995
Additional equipment $0 $22,701
Installation of equipment, optional upgrade, additional uniforms, office supplies, counters and ramps $0 $6,000
cargo van $0 $35,000
Installation costs $600 $5,000
three months rent $0 $4,000
Business license and telephone $400 $4,000
Attendance expenses for training and conventions $1,250 $3,000
Safe $600 $7,000
Additional Funds

(3 months)

$2,500 $9,000
Computerized Systems $800 $2,000
Advertising – 3 months $5,000 $10,000
Total estimated $68,145 $191,196


Approximate initial investment : $57,560 – $222,450

Royalties : 4% – 7% on gross income

Number of franchises : 260

MaidPro Franchise, LLC is the company that is responsible for selling franchises specialized in providing residential and commercial cleaning services, as well as other products in the same area. This company has been operational since 1996 and began selling franchises in 1997.


Franchisees or their principal operators must successfully complete the training program to the reasonable satisfaction of MaidPro before beginning to operate the business. The initial training consists of a pre-opening phase and a face-to-face classes phase.

The pre-opening phase is a program that can be completed at the student’s own pace, by phone or through the company’s Intranet. On the other hand, face-to -face classes are held at the franchisor’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, or at any other location considered by the seller of the franchise – including virtual or remote media. MaidPro estimates that the initial training program consists of 200 hours of instruction.

In addition, MaidPro conducts conferences or training sessions with the intention of conducting ongoing training. The franchisor also offers the “Super Support” program, which helps franchisees in a practical way at any time during the operation of the franchise.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

Franchisees may be given a territory to work in to serve customers, which is delineated by zip codes. The borders -normally streets, highways, rivers or others- are defined in a geographic area that contains a number of “qualifying households” at the time of signing the franchise.

Qualifying households are those with annual gross income greater than $75,000. The minimum number of qualifying households in any franchised market is 40,000, but if it is a multi-unit, this number increases to 80,000.

Franchisees must operate from an approved location within their territory. Similarly, they must notify MaidPro before relocating or opening new offices. In this way, the franchisor will not be able to establish or license other businesses in the territory agreed in the contract, while it remains in force and the franchisee pays according to the established terms.

Franchisees or managers must supervise the franchise at all times. In addition, they must be kept open during the hours specified in the operations manual. Franchisees must also complete the training program and strive to provide the best quality possible.

In terms of restrictions, franchisees are prohibited from offering or providing any service not authorized by MaidPro. Franchisees must be limited to providing only MaidPro approved services to customers located in their territory.

Financing and estimation of initial investment

MaidPro may offer financing for franchisees who show financial credibility. In this sense, they could buy a Select Market for $5,000 and a credit line of $20,000 that can be used for future payments prescribed by the franchisor. Financing is not offered for any other establishment or operating purpose.

The contract has a duration of five years. If the franchise is in good standing and complies with the franchise agreement, it can be renewed for another 5 years.

Initial investment estimate in MaidPro
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
Initial Franchise Fee $0 $80,000
Travel and living expenses during training $3,800 $4,500
Teams $5,650 $11,300
Miscellaneous opening costs $6,160 $8,850
Initial cost of vehicle rental with advertising $5,300 $11,400
Starter Materials to Print $1,300 $2,600

(first 3 months)

$12,000 $27,000
Property $5,550 $9,300
Additional Funds

(3 months)

$17,800 $47,500
Optional additional territory $0 $20,000
Total estimated $57,560 $222,450


Approximate initial investment : $18,612 – $51,391

Royalties : 5% on gross income

Number of franchises : 8,280

Coverall North America, Inc. is the Deerfield Beach, Florida-based franchisor offering the contract. Franchises operating under their name operate commercial sanitary cleaning businesses. This company offers three types of franchises in the janitorial cleaning industry: janitorial services, services and territory franchises.


The initial training program is mandatory for those who sign the franchise agreement or who have been approved in writing. Franchise employees, upon approval by Coverall, may attend training to meet the requirement. However, the franchisee will be responsible for his training and for the franchise.

The training program is provided at one of Coverall’s support centers or any other facility designated by the franchisor. However, it is usually located within a close distance of the franchisee’s residence.

The 40-hour training program consists of classroom instruction and hands-on instruction, including cleaning techniques, customer service, and basic business management skills. For this reason, the program could last up to 8 weeks.

And although franchisee participation in additional training programs and seminars is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. In addition, the franchisee can request telephone instructions or personal consultations at no additional cost.

In addition to commercial cleaning services, franchisees may also be eligible for “special services” through a training program. If so, the franchisee may also offer roof cleaning, construction cleanup, and water damage restoration.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

Unlike other contracts, franchisees do not receive an exclusive territory. For this same reason, they may encounter competition from other franchisees, from outlets owned by the franchisor, or from other distribution channels or competitive brands.

Coverall does not state the exact number of miles the franchisee could travel for a customer. However, in the ordinary course of business, the franchisor recommends offering the services to clients who are within a radius of no more than 30 miles from the company’s location.

On the other hand, the franchisor does not require that the franchisees personally supervise the business, although it strongly recommends that they have direct participation in the tasks of management, supervision and operation.

The supervisor or operational manager -if any- is not required to own part of the equity or interests in the business, but should successfully complete the training program. In addition, franchisees must provide all services and products that Coverall considers, and not provide unauthorized products or services.


Coverall offers direct financing to be able to acquire the franchise. However, there are obligations and limitations to access it. As it depends on the contract and the individual case of each person, below we show you a table with the details.

Concept Amount financed initial Payment period
Initial franchise fee (Coverall) $11,570 – $18,063.36 $4,000 – $22,256.64 1 year to 30 months, depending on the franchise package
Purchase of equipment (Coverall) Up to 100% 0 % a 100% up to 24 months
Additional business (Coverall) Negotiable. Up to 50% Negotiable. Up to 50% up to 12 months
Offer and trading fee Up to 100% 0% a 100% up to 12 months

Initial investment estimate

The duration of the contract is 20 years. If franchisees wish to renew the contract and are satisfied with the contractual terms of the renewal, they must sign the business franchise agreement. This new agreement may have materially different terms and conditions than the first.

Estimated initial investment in Coverall
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
franchise fee $15,570 $40,320
Starter Materials and Equipment Pack $935 $2,300
Business licenses and permits, corporate introductions, opening bank accounts $175 $475
Office supplies and equipment $0 $100
Clothing $0 $100
Miscellaneous pre-opening costs $0 $200
Additional Funds

(Four months)

$314 $3,400
General liability insurance (monthly) $116 $351
Accident insurance for franchise owner 2.4% of the monthly volume for the first shareholder, plus $15 per month for each additional shareholder or member
Loyalty Bonus $ 5.95 or $ 11.95 per month
Car insurance $1,200 $3,000
workers compensation insurance $11.88 – $22.52 per $100 of payroll dollars incurred by the franchised business
Vehicle $225 $900
Total estimated $18,612.95 $51,391.95

Office Pride

Approximate initial investment : $3,920 – $72,020

Royalties : 10% on gross income

Number of franchises : 140

Office Pride’s main office is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. And although it is commonly known by this name, the franchising company is called Faith Franchising Company Inc., which has been open since 1992 and has offered the modality for investors since 1995.

Office Pride primarily focuses its efforts on providing cleaning services in office buildings, retail stores, medical centers, churches, and many other commercial facilities. In order to hire their services, it is required to sign a cleaning contract for a period of time to be determined.


Office Pride offers a training program for business owners and additional employees. The first 5 days provide all the theory in their training center, located in Tampa -or virtually, through webinars or videoconferences.

The program then teaches the practical part in an introductory format that lasts about seven days. During this time, an Office Pride representative will help franchisees with sales and operations.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

Office Pride franchises do not receive the exclusivity of a territory, so they could find competition from other locations that the franchisor has. However, the business operations are limited to a specific market. Normally, this is defined by county or metropolitan area. In this sense, franchisees cannot request or accept orders that are outside of their service area.

Furthermore, franchisees must operate their business through a legal entity. The partner or investor must make all his efforts and honestly and diligently execute all obligations stipulated in the contract, including operating methods.

Similarly, franchisees can sell all the goods and services established by Office Pride. In case of wanting to work with other brands, the franchisee must always request prior authorization from the franchisor to do so.

Financing and estimation of initial investment

Finally, those who want to start the business, but consider that the total amount is inaccessible at first, can resort to the financing capacity that this company has. Through this system, the franchisee can pay 50% of the initial amount and can receive financing for the other 50%.

Estimated initial investment in Office Pride
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
Initial Franchise Fee $35,000 $35,000
New customer attraction rate $2,500 $5,000
Venue improvements $0 $0
Companies $0 $0
Cleaning equipment, materials and ancillary goods $3,000 $7,000
Office supplies and equipment $500 $3,500
computerized system $0 $1,500
Safe $600 $2,000
Other deposits $100 $2,700
professional rates $200 $2,000
training expenses $0 $2,100
Licenses and/or bonds $100 $300
Additional Funds

(3 months)

$25,500 $51,100
Total estimated $67,500 $112,200


Approximate initial investment : $3,920 – $72,020

Royalties : 10% on gross income

Number of franchises : 10,120

Jan Pro Franchising International, Inc is the one who offers the ability to operate under its name independently for the cleaning and maintenance of businesses, industries and institutions. Of course, the contract allows these services to work under the “Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting” brand, as well as other names, trademarks, slogans and logos authorized by the franchising company.


The certification program is provided for four approved individuals at no additional charge, but an additional fee may be charged for each additional person attending the certification program. Through this, attendees will have access to videos, classroom classes and expert consultation in practice.

Franchisees must attend the initial training program, as well as management personnel. However, successfully completing the certification program is not the last step, as Jan-Pro also offers seminars, programs, consultations, advanced training modules, and others as you see fit.

Jan-Pro may provide additional personal consultations, if the franchisor can reasonably accommodate the franchisee’s request.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

Franchisees who sign with Jan-Pro do not have access to an exclusive territory. In this sense, it is possible that they get competition from other franchises, outlets, distribution channels and other brands. The franchisee will offer franchise units in an “Initial Plan” that consists of offering accounts for clients in the area for which it is in charge.

Among Jan-Pro’s obligations, we find that franchisees must have at least one person actively involved in the management of the franchise, who could be the owner of the entity or a selected manager.

Managers and managerial employees must sign a confidentiality and non-competition agreement. Franchisees must offer for sale all approved services and products for which they have been certified and for which they will have all the necessary equipment.

Franchisees must not deviate from the franchisor’s specifications for products and services approved in the written consent, and must not offer products or services that are disapproved in the agreement.

Financing and estimation of initial investment

Jan-Pro may finance a portion of the initial fee to qualified franchisees. Similarly, it could finance a portion of the sales and marketing fees if the franchisee accepts additional accounts in these sectors. As for the other aspects, the franchisor does not offer more financing.

To support veterans no longer in active military service, Jan-Pro offers 50% financing on the initial deductible amount for all starter plans FP 20 and above.

The Jan-Pro franchise agreement is valid for 10 years. Franchisees could renew their franchise for an additional period of one decade if they satisfy the previously agreed conditions.

Initial investment estimate in Jan-Pro
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
initial fee $2,520 $60,000
Living and travel expenses for attending the certification program $50 $300
Office and related expenses $150 $550
Vehicle $0 $500
Starter Equipment Pack $750 $1,250
Property $0 $550
Polisher $25 $1,300
carpet cleaning machine $25 $4,400
Safe $200 $620
Legal and organizational costs $50 $2,000
Additional funds for 3 months $150 $550
Total estimated $3,920 $72,020

ServiceMaster Clean

Approximate initial investment : $232,675 – $303,810

Royalties : 10% on gross income

Number of franchises : 4,950

ServiceMaster Clean/Restore SPE LLC Franchisor is a direct subsidiary of ServiceMaster Systems LLC. The franchisor offers franchises for others to perform home and business disaster cleanup and restoration services. In this sense, the ServiceMaster Clean offers the following franchises:

  • Disaster Restoration
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Recovery Management


The initial training is an intensive school that lasts between one and six weeks, depending on the license purchased. Initial training takes place at a location deemed by ServiceMaster Clean, but could also be provided through ServiceMaster Learn or another online platform.

ServiceMaster must provide other training programs as it deems appropriate. The important thing is that franchisees attend -at least- three seminars, workshops, conventions, conferences or regional meetings, according to the designations and offers of the franchisor during the year.

ServiceMaster Clean provides regional workshops, various training sessions and more during its annual convention. In addition, it offers several virtual training courses through the online system that it makes available to its members.

Territory, obligations and restrictions

ServiceMaster designates a territory to its franchisees so that they can offer their services, but these are not exclusive. For this reason, franchisees may encounter competition from other franchisees, businesses, distribution channels or brands. ServiceMaster Clean considers total population and relative affluence to determine a territory.

As for the obligations, franchisees are not required to supervise the business personally. However, if so, you must employ a manager who is responsible for the direct supervision of the business. This manager must have successfully completed the initial training program, but does not need to have any franchise interests.

Franchisees must offer and provide the services required by ServiceMaster. Additionally, they must not solicit sales from customers outside of their defined territory, unless it is for recall services and is consistent with marketing standards as defined in the operations manual.

Financing and estimation of initial investment

ServiceMaster does not offer direct financing. However, it does have an affiliate that offers financing for the initial franchise fee: RWL. Likewise, the franchisee is allowed to choose another lender or finance company.

The contract period lasts for five years. If the franchisees have substantially complied with the contract and maintain the business according to the system’s standards, they may renew the franchise for another additional period of 5 years.

Estimated initial investment in ServiceMaster Clean
Concept Lowest cost Highest cost
Initial Franchise Fee $72,500 $72,500
opening package $75,000 $120,000
Vehicles $3,975 $5,500
Travel and other training expenses $600 $1,500
Safe $8,800 $19,350
Certifications $0 $260
local advertising $500 $1,500
Miscellaneous opening and real estate expenses $1,000 $7,200
Additional funds (first three months) $70,000 $75,000
Total estimated $232,675 $303,810