Cheapest Way to Transport a Car

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

Did you buy a car online and want the seller to send it to you at home? Your vehicle does not work and moving is imminent? Do you need to cross the ocean with your car? There are several reasons why you could use a vehicle transport service. To help you choose the most convenient alternative, in this guide we will tell you what your options are, what preparations you can make before the transfer and what are the advantages of choosing the right company.

How much does it cost to transport your car?

Vehicle transport is part of a competitive sector. Therefore, there is no such thing as a standardization in the costs of moving cars. In addition, the price varies depending on the distance between the point of origin and the destination, the weight and dimensions of the unit you are going to transport and the truck chosen for this purpose.

What we present below is the average rate of this service, differentiated according to the destination. Although it should not be taken as conclusive information, it can serve as a parameter in the planning of your moving budget.

Destination Price
Within the national territory € 250 – € 500
France € 500 – € 680
Italy € 550 – € 700
Germany € 650 – € 750
Poland € 670 – € 800
Belgium € 640 – € 750

Determine a transport company

Determine a transport company for your vehicle. There are many options when it comes to choosing a transport company. You will need to consider which ones go to the place you need. Transport companies may be limited by the weight or size of the vehicles they can transport. Find transport companies suitable for transporting your car.

Know your options in vehicle transport

There are different forms of special transport, each with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the most used.

Car carrier truck

This model can load with several units at the same time. In this way, the expenses are divided among several. Now, if you choose this mode of transport, it will be difficult to set an exact time for the delivery and reception of your vehicle. The truck does not usually leave for its destination until it completes its maximum capacity.

In addition, it is necessary to take the vehicle to the loading point in the city of origin and go personally to the reception area in the city of destination. Keep in mind that those with an open platform generally have a lower price than closed box. However, they leave the car at the mercy of the sun, rain, wind and dirt.

Single closed truck

If you want to protect your vehicle from the elements, as well as deliver and receive it on time, then hire a closed individual truck. It is a door-to-door service, that is, the truck will pick up and deliver the car at the addresses you indicate.

Considered the best alternative to move new or luxury cars, its cost is higher than car transport trucks. This is because the total cost is not shared among several users.

Marine transport

If you are going to change the continent or one of the island territories of Europe or Asia, we recommend you to move your car by sea. It is true that, compared to air transport, it is a slower service and with somewhat uncertain departure and arrival times. However, its cost is much lower. Also, your unit travels completely protected, secured inside a metal container.

Make the appropriate preparations before your car is taken

Preparing your vehicle for transfer minimizes the risk of damage or loss. So there is nothing to regret, pay attention to the following recommendations.

Thoroughly check your vehicle

Examining your car is essential to claim any potential damage suffered during transportation and receive the corresponding compensation from the insurer. Before carrying out this inspection, wash it thoroughly. So you can clearly see any scratches or bumps on the chassis. Take several photos from different angles with the capture dates included.

It is also important that you evaluate the operation of the car. Write down all the problems detected and check that the transport company personnel do the same before taking your unit.

Remove all your belongings and valuable accessories

Collect everything you have inside your car. Do not forget to check the glove compartment and trunk. It is also very advisable to remove sound and video equipment, GPS systems and any other accessories.

By taking the mentioned precautions, you reduce the risk of theft. It is worth mentioning that none of your personal items are covered by the insurer. You also avoid paying additional charges. If the authorities discover that the vehicle transport company carries personal items, something for which they do not have a permit, will be penalized. Of course, ultimately, the expense incurred by the carrier is transferred to the user.

Maintain your vehicle

During the transportation process, it is likely that some operator should drive your car, even a few meters. That facilitates all logistics. Therefore, it is important that you deliver your unit in good condition. Preferably, go to the workshop to make sure.

To carry out the aforementioned transfer operations, the tank must have between a quarter and an eighth of fuel, and the battery must have sufficient charge. What if the car has a mechanical failure that is not possible to repair at the time of the move? Even so, you can carry out the transportation, but you must notify the company staff. You are likely to pay an extra fee.

Choosing the right company is important

There are several advantages of selecting the transport company that will take your car to its destination well. Find out what they are.

They have qualified equipment and personnel. The car is one of your most valuable and important assets. Therefore, it deserves to be transferred with the greatest care. Transportation companies have the necessary means to ensure that your car will arrive safely and safely at its destination. Letting the experts take care of this important task leaves you free to deal with other issues related to your move.

It is possible to take out transport insurance. Suppose the chassis is damaged or damaged during transport. Or worse, that a fire occurs or the carrier is the victim of a robbery. Although they are scenarios that do not occur often, it is convenient to be prevented. When you request the services of a professional company, you have the right to request insurance that covers all the aforementioned setbacks.

They provide advice with international procedures. The best transport companies have years of experience in everything related to the transfer of cars. Therefore, they will tell you what documents you need to enter your unit to another country.

They accept different forms of payment. Many vehicle transport companies allow you to finance the transportation of your car in the most convenient way for you. Payment options include bank transfer, credit card charge, payment via PayPal, among others.

Be Informed Before Choosing the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

Use the price offered by the company to determine what would be the cost of transporting your vehicle taking into account the size and weight. Of course there will be different rates if you have a larger vehicle, since the carrier will set the price based on the weight or through some other determination. Make sure the company is frank about this so you don’t have surprises at the end. Compare these costs to find the cheapest ones.

Negotiate a cheap rate with companies to transport the vehicle. Request discounts and offers they may be offering. Most of these companies are flexible enough to work with any budget you may have. Negotiate by showing the most trusted company the lowest budgets you have received. They are likely to lower the price.

How Soon Do You Need to Ship Your Car?

Establish a schedule during which you will use the transport service. You should make sure that the company can have your car, at the time of your arrival or when you need it, at the place where you will arrive. At the same time, be flexible to get the lowest possible rate. This will make it cheap to transport your car across state limits.