Company training plan: High performance

The company’s training plan is one of the tools available to HR if you want to achieve a high-performance team. A human group is defined in this way in the work environment, when it consists of people focused on objectives, with experience and complementary skills and capable of collaborating, innovating and producing consistently superior results.

The group pursues excellence in performance through shared objectives, shared leadership, collaboration, open communication, clear expectations of the group’s operational roles and rules, early conflict resolution and a strong sense of responsibility and trust among its members.

Good preparation and commitment to continuous learning is also essential, for which the support of the company formation plan will be necessary.

Reasons that make high performance work teams different

High-performance work teams are essential to the way in which most organizations carry out their work, which In results in superior performance, which, in turn, translates into a significant competitive advantage.

What distinguishes high-performance teams from other groups is that, in order to function effectively, you also need:

  1. A deep sense of purpose and commitment to team members and to the mission.
  2. Performance goals relatively more ambitious than average teams.
  3. Mutual responsibility and a clear understanding of the responsibilities of members with the team and individual obligations.
  4. A wide range of experience that complements the skills of other team members.
  5. Interdependence and trust between members.

The use of work teams is widespread in any type of organizations around the world, due to their advantages, which are evident.

High-performance work teams have members capable of offering new ideas and insights. In addition, they foreseeably execute the strategy, meet the objectives and need little supervision, since They are trained and responsible for their functional activity and performance.

Because the team’s superior performance is so highly valued, these teams do not tolerate marginal and low-performance individual contributors, One more reason to ensure that the company’s training plan covers these specific needs.

The importance of the company’s training plan

Although there is no simple measure of performance effectiveness for groups, and no team is identical, there seems to be a shared understanding of what makes an effective group work.

High-performance work teams are generally composed of a combination of purpose and objectives, talent, skills, performance ethics, incentives and motivation, effectiveness, leadership, conflict, communication, power and empowerment, and norms and standards.

The first step in forming a team with these characteristics is to recruit and retain the best talent. While in the selection process the experience and qualifications will be attended, as well as the profile of each candidate; In order to retain talent, the quality and effectiveness of the company’s training plan must be prioritized.

In addition, the role of the high-performance leader is also key. It is he who generally accompanies the high-performance work teams trying to maintain the relevant and meaningful purpose, goals and approach; build commitment and trust; manage relationships from abroad with a focus on removing obstacles that may hinder group performance; provide opportunities and ensure that team members constantly improve their skills.