Comparison N26 vs Revolut: Which card is better?

Apparently, mobile banking, through the rise of neobank, is becoming the first choice for Spaniards and Europeans. The appeal of these digital banks It is undeniable, so in this review we have decided to make a comparison between Revolut and N26. Which card is better? We will give you our verdict at the end.

What is Revolut?

The company Revolut It is presented as an online banking service to give you more convenience than a traditional financial institution. Based in the United Kingdom, this initiative began operations in 2015 and today is one of the most quoted bank-free banks in the world. It should be noted that The long-awaited banking license to operate in Europe is yet to be received.

When you sign up with Revolut through its free app, you have several services. You get a prepaid card that you must first request, a Euro IBAN account and a UK checking account. Through these products, you can perform various operations, such as transfers, ATM withdrawals, buy cryptos and spend your money anywhere in the world.

What is N26

The story of N26 It is not very different from Revolut, since it is presented as a fintech whose beginnings date back to 2015 in Berlin, Germany. From the beginning, this company has established itself as a serious neobank, so it has deposit guarantee and the banking license regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of your country.

This implies that N26 offers its mobile banking services and other financial products, such as savings accounts (in many European countries). In fact, registering with this company’s application gives access to a checking account with IBAN and several debit cards for your daily operations. It is an innovative option to manage your money inside and outside the country.

Similarities between these banks without commissions

Before addressing the differences between N26 and Revolut, we will take a look at what these mobile banking services have in common. Since they are presented as two of the most sought-after fintechs of the moment, we must know what makes them so special in the eyes of users. Thus, we find that both offer the following benefits:

  • Alert Customization
  • Smartwatch access
  • Change of prepaid / debit card PIN
  • P2P function for shipments between family and friends
  • Real-time display of account status
  • Lock and freeze the card through the app
  • Payment execution through Face ID or with fingerprint
  • Exchange of different currencies at the interbank rate
  • Provision of statistical data on your consumption habits
  • Notification settings for spending limits, transfer and more

Now that we know their similarities, we will see their most recognized products and how they differ from each other.

N26 Mastercard vs Revolut Mastercard

When we talk about N26 vs Revolut, we have to start with those flagship products of these services of Mobile banking. Both companies offer you a MasterCard debit card that you can use for your daily operations, at the time of travel or as a backup for other cards that you have with traditional institutions.

The simplest and most practical way to establish their differences is through a comparative chart:

Revolut N26
Annuity 0 EUR 0 EUR
ATM withdrawals Up to 200 EUR per month with any currency and worldwide. Then they charge 2% for each operation. They charge 1.7% if it is not EUR. You have up to 5 withdrawals at no cost per month.
Commissions for operations in another currency From 0 to 2% with the first 6000 euros. Then 2%. Does not have
International transfers From 0 to 2% with the first 6000 euros. Then 2%. Depending on the currency: 0.35% to 2.85% (via TransferWise)
Card shipping costs 6 euros Free
IBAN Spanish * Do not Yes
Bank Direct debits * Do not Yes
Customer Support* English Spanish
Official institution Do not Yes

There are other details regarding these products, such as:

  • Both cards are linked to the free application given by these companies, facilitating their management.
  • N26 offers the option to discover for 6 thousand euros at 8.9% per year to increase your level of spending. This depends on whether or not you have debts in your credit file.
  • The Revolut card is considered a prepaid card and the N26 is a bank card itself.

Who is the winner of this comparison?

* Both cards logically have a bank account to store your funds. This is where the main difference of this first N26 vs Revolut resides. German company It has 4 advantages for its users that make it the winner:

  1. IBAN Spanish
  2. Possibility of making direct debits
  3. Customer service in Spanish
  4. Official Institution backed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD)

N26 You vs Revolut Premium

In this comparison about Revolut vs N26, we also have to mention the debit cards for which you have to pay for their use and that have additional advantages over the previous ones. Both the N26 You card As Revolut Premium, they are characterized by their personalization through their choice of color. Now, let’s go to the aspects that differentiate them.

In the following comparative table we show you in detail the benefits of the Revolut Premium and the N26 You (added to the advantages mentioned above):

N26 You Revolut Premium
Annual cost 118.8 euros 82 euros per year or 7.99 euros per month
Cash withdrawals at no cost at ATMs N26 members have no limitations. The others can take up to 5 times Up to 400 euros per month with any currency and worldwide. Then they charge 2% for each operation
Baggage delay insurance € 100 for 4 hours and a maximum of € 400 € 80 for 4 hours and a maximum of € 372
Travel Cancellation Insurance They grant € 7,500 with a deductible between 10-20% N / A
Medical insurance abroad You can receive up to € 150,000 for any incident The coverage can amount to 15 million euros and has a deductible of € 86
Accident insurance with rented car Includes deductible reduction of up to € 750 N / A
Travel Accident Insurance You have coverage for up to € 50,000 N / A
Insurance against transport accidents The compensation can reach up to 4 million euros N / A
Theft insurance (mobile) For up to € 300 with € 50 deductible N / A
Cashier withdrawal protection For an amount of € 500 and up to 4 hours after the operation N / A
Repatriation for patients They grant at least € 2500 N / A
Dental treatment N / A Indicated for emergencies with a deductible of € 86 for an amount of € 350
Purchase Protection You get up to € 2500 N / A
Warranty extension You receive up to € 500 with € 50 deductible N / A
Other benefits N / A Access to more than one thousand airport VIP lounges with LoungePass Key

We think it is important to note that these fintechs do not offer insurance directly on their page or app. They work with intermediaries to give you some of the coverages mentioned. Regarding these online banking services, you should know:

  • The first works with Allianz Global Insurance, a company based in the Netherlands. Your travel insurance has coverage that lasts up to 90 days.
  • The second is associated with White Horse Insurance, an Irish insurance company. When it comes to travel insurance, it protects you for up to 40 days.

Who wins this duel Revolut vs N26?

In this comparison between Revolut and N26, in addition to the advantages offered by both accounts (named in the previous point), we must highlight:

  • The N26 Black card costs a little more per year than the Revolut Premium, with a difference of € 36.
  • While through the N26 card you have unlimited cash withdrawals, Revolut only allows you to withdraw € 400 per month without charging.
  • When traveling, Revolut offers coverage that extends for 40 days. This is much less than the 3 months offered by N26 in your travel insurance.
  • There is no doubt that the German neobank N26 gives more security in different categories, such as travel, retreats, purchases and healthcare. Instead, Revolut only provides a dental service and health insurance whose deductible is very high for certain consultations.

N26 Metal vs Revolut Metal

We continue to establish the differences between N26 and Revolut, so we must review another of their promotional products. We are talking about Revolut Metal and N26 Metal debit cards. In terms of added value and financial benefits, they offer a little more than the cards we reviewed in the previous section.

These products are designed for those who prefer a card made of stainless steel and with a design that is distinguished by its elegance. In the comparison of benefits, we have the following:

Revolut Metal N26 Metal
Annual cost 135 euros per year or 13.99 euros per month 202.08 euros
Extra benefits Cash back of 0.1% in the US and 1% in the rest of the world. Discounts for N26 members
ATM withdrawals Up to € 600 per month. Then they apply 2% for each transaction. Same as the N26 Black

As you can see, having the Revolut Metal has a monthly cost lower than the N26 Metal. However, with the second you get the same coverage included in the Premium and better prices in affiliated stores.

Revolut Metal or N26 Metal? None!

In this case, I would honestly not choose any. I would keep the N26 You, since its cost is lower and these two cards do not offer such great added value in relation to the other card as to pay that price difference. (Well, it depends on how fond of purchases you are 🙂

N26 Business vs Revolut Business

If you are interested in opening an account for your business, which one is better, N26 or Revolut? The main characteristics of these instruments can be summarized as follows:

The N26 Business account is a bank account designed for freelancers. Nor has maintenance cost and offers the same functionality as the N26 for private clients.

The Revolut Business account is designed for companies that operate in different countries and even with different currencies (For example Startups). That is why it has several additional functions online that are very useful for ecommerce and that allow you to scale accounting tasks and avoid headaches. The price will depend on the annual profitability of the business. The monthly fee starts at EUR 9.5 and amounts to EUR 1175.

Why is Revolut Business a good option?

  • You save money on exchange rates and commissions on national and international transfers
  • Automation of recurring agos (for example, the payment of 100 employees)
  • Simplify the management of employee expenses: (EPIC)
    • Setting monthly limits per card user
    • Collecting payment invoices through the app (with automatic reminders if documentation is missing),
    • Organizing these costs directly in the Revolut app through categories and taxes payable
    • Enabling the export of expenses in csv to the accounting program used by the financial department.

What card do I keep for my business?

If I am a freelance N26 Business. Keep it simple! N26 Business Keep it simple! To her!
If I am a company that aspires to grow fast internationally and work with different currencies Revolut Business It is almost yours!

Which of these digital banks offers the best currency exchange?

Continuing with the comparison, we have to check which of these online banking services offers a better exchange rate. What we know is that both N26 and Revolut do not include hidden fees or additional charges for their operations. In the exchange examples, the two options give the best rate, but the final result may vary.

This is because N26 works with TransferWise, whose service includes an additional cost on the operation. With Revolut you get the amount as you can see it in the app, but this can vary if you make the transaction during the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). During these days, 0.5% is added to the conversion because stock indexes do not operate.

The most important of the two applications of these online banks is that you can check how the precise currency exchange will be before doing the operation. Unlike traditional entities, you will not see how hidden commissions bleed you little by little. Finally, when you decide to change currencies, the interbank rate is already included in the transaction.

A additional information about Revolut is that you have a monthly limit of € 6000 free of commissions. After exceeding this amount, they charge a 0.5% fee on each transaction. In total, you can exchange about 30 fiat currencies among the most important in the world. The exchange rate will depend on the day and currency:

  • For RUB, THB and UAH, they charge 1% on weekdays and 2% on weekends.
  • For USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY, SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD, DKK, PLN and MXN the rate is: 0% on weekdays and 0.5% on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • For the rest of the currencies, 0% apply on weekdays and 1% on weekends.

Frequent questions

In this comparison Revolut vs N26, there are some questions that are important for users who want to know how these mobile banking services work. We will review what solutions each company provides for these questions:

What happens if I lose my mobile?

In the case of N26, the company has a web version so you can continue to manage your account without problems. When this happens, the next step is to notify the customer service to disenroll your old smartphone from the account. Once this is done, you can proceed to synchronize your new device with the app.

With regard to Revolut, you will not lose your account nor will you have to cancel it. Simply download the application to your new phone, put your number and press where it says “I haven’t received a code yet”. As you will not be able to receive the validation code, this operation allows you to speak with a technical support assistant. Since this company does not have a web version, you need to resort to this procedure.

What would happen if the company goes bankrupt?

As for Revolut, client funds are not guaranteed by the FSCS of the United Kingdom, but it is regulated by the FCA. This means that users’ money is kept in separate accounts so that they can make a formal claim in case of financial insolvency. Only if the Barclays / Lloyd’s bank cannot pay, could you not recover your money.

In relation to N26, it is a digital bank that has an official bank license, so it has a protection of funds up to € 100,000. This applies to those who live in any of the EU countries. If you are in Britain, the amount would be the equivalent in pounds sterling.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

For both N26 and Revolut, this incidence is not a major problem. Both apps have the lock function and freezing that you can activate and deactivate at any time. If you are certain that you will not recover the card, you can always request a new one using the options that are configured in your online account.

Conclusion: Which is better n26 or revolut?

It seems fair to us to indicate that the battle N26 vs Revolut is at its peak for being excellent options such as mobile banking. After knowing its details and trying them for some time now, this time we have to tip the balance in favor of the German company by a narrow margin, since the people behind the English brand have many points in their favor.

The way that seems most appropriate to support this choice involves a more detailed look at each relevant aspect of these online banking services. The categories we have chosen are:

Banking experience

  • Revolut. Although the company is licensed by the British FCA, it is not yet an official bank. However, they offer a prepaid MasterCard, checking account, Euro IBAN (GB) account, disposable virtual cards (Premium and Metal) and savings vaults. You can opt for the personal or commercial version.
  • N26. It is considered a neobank because it has an authorized license to operate in the euro zone. It also offers a bank debit card, a checking account with basic functions and Spanish IBAN, deposit protection up to € 100,000 and 2-10 subaccounts to save. You have the personal or business version.


  • Revolut. It allows consumption in more than 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate, exchange currencies in 30 different currencies with limit (Standard) or without monthly limit (Premium and Metal), withdraw from the ATM € 200- € 600 per month without cost (2% exceeded that amount). If you exceed the amount of € 6000 per month in purchases, you must pay 2% for each transaction.
  • N26. This mobile banking service also does not have additional fees to the interbank rate that applies to purchase operations. If you want to make international transfers, you must assume the commission of 0.35-2.85% that TransferWise charges. For ATM withdrawal, you must add 1.7% for currencies that are not EUR (free plan) and allow you to withdraw up to 5 times without cost. There is no monthly spending limit.

Currency exchange

  • Revolut. With Revolut you have access to 30 fiat currencies that you can exchange at an interbank rate and without additional fees. The final price will depend on the type of currency and the day you perform the operation (there is a surcharge of 0.5% -1 or 2% on weekends).
  • N26. It is a bank without commissions, there is no charge on most operations related to currency exchange. They only charge a percentage when you make transfers, which are associated with Transferwise.

Free plans and payments

  • Revolut. This English company offers you 3 plans: the Standard (free), the Premium (€ 7.99 per month) and Metal (€ 12.99 per month). The biggest differences correspond to the design of prepaid cards, the amount of benefits, the monthly limits for currency exchange and some additional services. For example, the Metal plan provides 0.1% cashback within Europe and 1% outside the EU.
  • N26. This German firm gives the option to choose between 3 plans: N26 (free), N26 You (€ 9.90 per month) and N26 Metal (€ 16.90 per month). As with the competition, the cards change depending on the plan, the benefits increase and you can get more rewards.


  • Revolut. To get coverage with this company, you must hire the Premium or Metal account. These options guarantee international health insurance, dental emergency, lost luggage and delayed flights (from 4 h).
  • N26. The coverage with this firm is quite wide. You have protection of purchases, extension of insurance guarantee for delayed flights, for lost luggage, for theft of the mobile, for cash withdrawal and for transport accidents. You also receive travel accident coverage and international medical insurance.


  • Revolut. In this case, Revolut includes 3 main options to add funds to your account: bank transfer, other apps (Google Pay, Apple Pay and Billme) and debit / credit cards. The first option may take 3 hours (UK account), 2 business days (SEPA) or 3 business days (Swift). With the second and third alternatives, the transfer of money is almost immediate.
  • N26. With regard to the top-up of this account, you have multiple options. You can use MoneyBeam to get money instantly from other N26 members, direct deposit using an ABA, applications (Cash App, Paypal and Venmo), transfers and debit cards. Transactions through banks can take 1 to 3 business days and with the other methods you have money in the account in a few minutes.

Customer service

  • Revolut. If you are in the euro zone, you can receive personalized attention via chat from those who support this company. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the main communication languages ​​are Polish and English. Its app is available in 20 languages ​​and the 56 thousand reviews of TrustPilot give it 4.5 stars for its attention to users.
  • N26. This neobank operates primarily in the European Union and the United States to give you personalized support in different ways. In fact, you can check their online help center for frequently asked questions, send them an email or chat with them in the app. Its business hours are from 9:00 am EST to 24:00 am EST from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST on weekends. They offer attention in 5 languages ​​(German, Spanish, French, English and Italian) and their rating on TrustPilot is 4 stars out of 8 thousand reviews.

In this review on N26 vs. Revolut, we have focused on those key aspects to make an informed decision about its adoption. Which is better? We stay with N26 for being a more complete online bank. In our experience with your products, we have had no problems using the debit card, getting discounts or receiving attention. Although Revolut is gaining more followers and space in the mobile banking sector, it still has to consolidate its business model.

Comparative cards N26 vs Revolut Who has won the points?

N26 Revolut
Free MasterCard 1 0
YOU vs Premium 1 0
Metal 0 0
Business 1 (for freelancers) 1 (for companies)
Banking experience 1 (Spanish IBAN: important) 0
commissions 1 1
Currency exchange 1 1
Insurance 1 0
Reload 1 1
Customer service 1 (on back) 0